Sundered Schemes

01 May 2016 Session Narrative

01 May 2016 Session Narrative

At dinner with Alabraxis at the Drunken Gypsy, we spotted sigils from different noble houses in Axion, but not Bangenstorm sitting around a large table.

It appears they are keeping very close as a bar maid drops off a platter of meats and cheeses and the staff leaves.

A representative from House Foreignhall began the discussion about the problem with the war between Redgulus and the Goblin Hold, Kurathmaul(sp).

House Winterheart has not pledged any troops, and then more of an argument than a discussion breaks out on if they should commit.

Alabraxis asks Sprocket why we are here, and over the sounds of the argument, the sounds of shudders closing and locking from the outside can be heard.

Maxon, without a sound was able to kick open the front door to find the two Blackhand soldiers’ guarding the front door had their throats slit.

Maxon notices Bangenstorm troops arriving and tells a city guard to go and get more help.

Out back, Raul, Islay and Vera notice a very large group of mercenaries approaching from the alley and the rooftops.

The Party decided to leave.

Looking back, the building is surrounded and calls for the Nobles to surrender…they said hell no. The fight was over quite quickly.

The city guard arrived but didn’t get involved.

The Party returned to the ship.

(-7000gp for having The Gambit to be hallowed with the secondary effect of protection from energy/acid.)

The next day, the city is abuzz about the attack at the Drunken Gypsy and the town Duke is asking for anyone who witnessed the attack to come to the castle and give their testimony. Maxon and Raul make their way to the castle to do so.

Lord Palthor Bangenstorm, the rightful heir to House Bangenstorm.

The next day, (-15,600gp for three (3) Aspect Mirrors) Maxon, on the back to The Gambit, was stopped by a little gypsy boy asking if he was a part of the group who killed the Paladin Eater. If he was, then Islay must to come and speak with Madam Vernna.

Raul is feeling very invigorated from spending time at the Cuthbertian temple.

At lunchtime, Vera gets 35gp for turning in a rapist and Maxon tells Islay about the meeting with Madam Vernna.

Raul and Sprocket remain on the ship while the others go off and meet with Madam Vernna.

Arriving at Madam Vernna’s tent, they notice there is something to ward off evil and the tent is from Tetrigar, but before the flood.

The kid Maxon talked to asks the group to sign in.

The group opens another tent flap. As smoke billows out, there is an old woman with a cane looks at the group and says danger is coming, coming from outside realm, seen it’s face, must fight or run. They come wearing any face. They are after Islay because his birth. They are from Tetrigar, from before the flood. The old temples have passages to other realms.

At The Gambit, the cleric finished sanctifying the ship.

The crew has shore leave until tomorrow.

In the morning, the crew returns and everyone heads to Louvdon.

Two weeks later, The Gambit drops off The Party outside the front gate and leaves to anchor in the river since there isn’t a sky-slip mooring tower.

Inside the city, the sight of soldiers and mercs having a good time was everywhere.

Maxon looking at the invitation he received about his relative wedding and asked a town guard where Trixie’s Bordello is at. Pointing into the center of town and saying that-a-way.

The place looks pretty high end. The front has magical lights flashing in a pattern.

Maxon shows the invitation to get in and he has to vouch for everyone in the party.

Once inside, there are males and females of all races walking about.

There is a loud grumbling from behind a door. One of the patrons said, dismissively, that’s Gerda.

Behind the receptionist’s desk sits and Elven woman who looks totally unimpressed goes to get Trixie.

About 10 minutes later Trixie invited The Party back into her office.

There is a bunch of liquor and food sitting on a table in the middle of the office.

After some small talk, then Trixie hand Maxon a chest that she was holding on to from his uncle. The chest has an amazing lock.

After opening the lock, the chest had a dagger wrapped in a finely crafted read cloth and three magical books. The dagger is that finely crafted it must be magical. The three books are wizard spell books from the school of abjuration, the school evocation and the school of enchantment. Sprocket notices there is a false bottom. Opening the bottom, there is ~1200gp worth of platinum bars.

The Party is staying the night at Trixie’s.

In the morning, The Party is off to get the items from Maxon’s uncle’s chest identified.

At an enchanter’s shop, the owner said the dagger is a Dragon’s bane dagger and the books are from the mage academy in Feldorm, something to do with the far realm. The owner pointed the party in the direction of an archivist staying at the Blue Mongoose Inn.

At the Blue Mongoose Inn, we find the archivist and he begins to explain the far realm is a place of madness and that some creatures use illusion to change their shape. Toscari, Nasty. Psynads, the archivist knows and Islay shows his true self. And the archivist didn’t tell us anything we didn’t know about the three books. Though, there are rumors of a brass dragon to the west, it might have something to do with the defunct Warforged in Shein.

It will be about a three day journey to Shein.

About midday on the second day a brass dragon was spotted.

On the third day, a courier class Warforged was spotted…and it seemed to be very scared of Sprocket. The book Marcinko gave Sprocket had a picture of a designate that looks like Sprocket, but the caption under states it’s designation is Husk. This unit was trying to get away from Sprocket/Husk, but not getting very far because of the rough terrain and it’s wheels were designed for smooth roads.

The courier class reluctantly agreed to tell the party where their colony is.

About 18 hours later, The Party arrives at the Warforged colony. There is one in brass/bronze with something that looks like a docent around it’s neck. There are two others with read stripes. The colony was also not happy to see Sprocket/Husk because it might return as the Overseer. The holder of the docent decided in a trade, a trade in if we defeat the witch, Fanclla, to the north in the swamps the brass/bronze courier class will give us the docent. The witch was using the life force generated by the Warforged for something and the colony want it stopped.

We agreed.

About three hours later, The Party emerged from the tree line to see a mound in the center of a pond with a thatched roofed hut on it and a brass dragon.

We attempted to convince the witch to stop harming the Warforged…she wasn’t having any on it.


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