Sundered Schemes

02 April 2017 Session Narrative.

02 April 2017 Session Narrative.

After Maxon voiced his displeasure with the inability of Lanterum’s Port Authority to prevent one skyslip, the Castlemane from departing with a person of interest in the theft from the prison, Islay was able to board the ship before it departed, be he was not able to get any further than that before he was thrown off the ship.

On the pier, as The Castlemane departs, Islay notices a figure with a large brimmed hat and a surgeon’s mask looking at us. Sprocket notices Islay noticing the figure, but lost track of him as he moved into the crowd.

Islay asked Andholm Fortroy if he knows of a good realtor because he is interested in buying a headquarters for The Party he is calling The Blades. Fortroy did not know any off the top of his head. Since Islay, Maxon and Sprocket are returning to the Camorine estate, he might know someone, or knows someone who knows someone.

A few hours out of Lanterum, Bilarro, and Vera are enjoying some nice, rum filled drinks while Raul self-flagellates himself over the wonton decadence that is this cruise to the Lazorgas islands.

When Sprocket and Company arrive at the Camorine estate, we can see Camorine at his chalkboard documenting the events up to this point. Camorine may seem to be well imbibed most of the time, but what is on the chalkboard is pretty coherent and accurate. Islay asks Percival if he knows a good realtor. Percival said he will have to get back to him in the morning on that. Sprocket is outside getting the Marauder chassis ready for transport to The Gambit for the trip to The Foundry.

A few more hours later, more rum filled drinks are served while Raul averts his gaze with all the topless women doing the serving. Rasp said that Raul has the right idea to separate himself from the others because he just wants to get home…so Rasp uses the Water stone to help the ship, the Juniper move faster. Catching almost everyone off guard…except for Bilarro, he didn’t spill a drop of his wine.

The next morning, Sprocket and Company head into town to purchase some healing potions and to look into the property in the upper common district Percival suggested looking into. The first place we stop at is Dipthoe’s shop in Lanterum. Maxon purchased a few cure serious/moderate/light wounds potions and Dipthoe threw in a handful of vials, which if you shake up; they emit a light and didn’t add on the customary mark-up. Sprocket bought, without the mark-up a flask of Lubrication Freedom of Movement and a flask of Unguent of Repair. The next is a bar/diner that serves only breakfast named The Fried Egg. We are to ask for Tamel. When we entered The Fried Egg, there were two women patrons and one human male behind the bar. Islay asks to see Tamel, and he said you are speaking with him. Then, Islay didn’t even haggle over the price and paid a year’s worth of rent. Now, that The Party…The Blades have a headquarters, Islay is happy.

On our way back to the Camorine estate, Maxon received a message arrow stating that we need to return to the estate because something has happened.

When we arrived, The Gambit is listing to port and white smoke coming out of the opening to the cargo hold. Getting onboard, noticing Tony holding his arm and it has a hole through it; Maxon fed Tony a healing potion. After drinking the potion, Tony began to convulse and his throat began to grow large and pretty big worm with a four barbed mouth came out of Tony’s mouth and died. Islay took his hammer and smashed it. Not knowing what this thing is…but we know who might know. Doctor Marcenko. Islay played message arrow tag with the Doctor and we agreed to get a sample to him when we are finished at the Foundry. Tony mentioned there was a man with a doctor’s mask and a wide brimmed hat seemingly fell out of the sky and shot him in the arm.

Also, noticing the cask of ale that didn’t burn up in the fire and it didn’t have Islay’s name on it and there, what looked like ruptured parasitic eggs on the inside of the cask.

To do it’s due diligence, that night, Sprocket went over the Marauder chassis once more, and nothing was found.

The next morning, the Marauder chassis is loaded on The Gambit and we leave for the Foundry.

As The Gambit approaches the Foundry, we notice there is a heavy layer of smog over this small city of all Warforged. There are a few humans and dwarves around, but that is it. Once The Gambit is moored, we are greeted by two Warforged who have instructions to bring us to see Nail. The smog is heavy, but Maxon and Islay are dealing with it.

Once in Nail’s office, it suggests that Maxon and Islay take the level 4 tour while Nail and Sprocket talk.

Once they leave, Nail states it is able to recreate the Warforged form, but Overseer Omega’s docent is needed to bring the dormant chassis to life. Since the war, there have been no new Warforged ‘birthed.’ The organics can replenish their gene-pool, but when a Warforged falls, there is no way to…well, the Warforged are a dying race and it needs to be stopped. Unfortunately, Sprocket’s docent is damaged, but removes it and hands it to Nail to examine. Just then, the spider-scout class leaves The Gambit and folds itself up and attaches itself to Overseer Omega’s back. Overseer Omega states to Nail that this scout’s information docent is full, and did not have access to a control console to remove the images. Nail leads Overseer Omega into the next room, and clears off some old looking equipment and turns it on. Overseer Omega hands over the docent from the scout and sees some horrific pictures of humans doing inhuman things to the native Orc population where the scout was placed. Then the images fly further in the past showing Orc families, Orc children eking out a living. Further into the past, there is a large, black scaly foot steps in front of the scout and then, what looks like a large dragon’s claw on the wing moves past the lens. Then series of images shows Overseer Omega looking at the scout just after it was turned on. What is odd is that the known history of the Warforged is about 40 years, but the Overseer Omega gets impression the images it just watched ate much older than that.

Maxon and Islay are participating in shoveling coal into the boilers activity that was designed for organic children.

After Overseer Omega finishes watching the images, Nail returns with mixed news. Overseer Omega’s cannot be used, but there is enough information that some of it can be pieced together as a starting point.

Maxon and Islay return to Nail’s office. They are covered in soot from their tour, but as a treat…reward, they are given some icecream.

Raul notices it is taking longer than it should to get to the Islands. Rasp has had it and uses the Water stone again. Catching Vera off guard and fell overboard, but Bilarro was able to catch her.

Thanks to Rasp, they made up the time that was lost by sunset.

The following morning, there is a complementary apology mint on the entire guest’s pillows.

Raul, while in the dining hall, was clipping his toenails, and the pinky toenail hits Vera in the right eye.

Capt. Doublin was making his rounds with all the guests and gets to Bilarro and comments that Raul and Rasp are the only two who are not enjoying themselves. While on desk, Raul was able to see the masthead of a ship large enough to be able to read it’s heraldry at this distance. The masthead is Cyrilian and could mean The Leviathan. Raul yells ‘Pirates!’ The Captain comes to see what all the fuss is about, and so does Rasp. They both see the heraldry and stops acting like cruise ship captain and gets serious and Rasp takes out the Water stone again and make way to Orcalon.

By the next morning, they arrive in Orcalon. Bilarro sends a message arrow to Maxon letting him know the updated situation. They will be waiting on Orcalon for us to pick them up.


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