Sundered Schemes

02 Oct 2016 Session Narrative

02 Oct 2016 Session Narrative

The crew of the Archeron and the XO need answers to what is going on with the Prince and the Captain, and Bilarro and Islay let them in on what has happened so far.

At the Prince’s cabin, there is a wall where the door opening would be. The Prince, and anyone with him can enter, otherwise, there is a wall where the opening would be.

Islay is fielding questions from the crew as Bilarro is searching the Captain’s. The room is simply decorated in a Western frontier theme.

Isaly asks the crew about the injured girl and the nun, and they said they haven’t left the Prince’s quarters since they got onboard.

In the academy, Maxon is keeping pace with the Colonel who is trying not to evade. The Colonel found out the possessed Prince was looking into some of Balkurse’s old projects. The Prince is still unconscious and the Captain is muttering something in Abissal.

Some of Balkurse’s special projects are Blood Fire at the front for the fallen, Aberrant Mist – automatons to spray liquid and a node traveling machine.

Those who stayed with the Prince received message there is a fire onboard the Gambit. Bilarro, Raul, Maxon and Islay rush to the ship…but, once getting there realizing this was a ploy to get the Prince alone. Everyone, but Islay return to the Prince finding his status hasn’t changed.

Maxon returns to the Gambit.

Both Maxon and Islay see a Goblin behind a bush, and drop down to the ground to investigate. Once down, it smelled like a locker room.

Islay meets with Cmdr. Vren and she informs Starfall Academy has about 20 minutes before it is sacked.

All are onboard the Archeron, as the crew sees the army on the ground they make preparations to attack the army from altitude.

The Party is in the hallway outside the Prince’s stateroom. There are, what looks like golems on either side of the hallway.

(If memory serves me correctly, there was another device at the door…something like a fire, or an acid defense mechanism that got pretty much everyone in the hallway. Am I correct? –Chad)

Knocking on the door to the Prince’s stateroom, it open and there is someone who looks like a Palorian nun looking out. Seeing the need to gain access into the room, Sprocket uses it’s arm to prevent the nun from closing the door as Maxon tries to force the door open by rushing it.

Once getting inside the room there is the nun who was knocked out and a very badly injured girl on the bed with her eyes bandaged over and bandages over her wrists where her hand should be.

(This is where initiative was called and note taking stopped –Chad)


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