Sundered Schemes

05 March 2017 Session Narrative.

05 March 2017 Session Narrative.

After the Chattertooth fight, on its body there was a cloak, sickle, fancy boots, an amulet and a ring.

The mask was in this chamber, and now it is missing.

We are taking the fallen to Amprex’s estate to resurrect Maxon and Islay by an old Hyronian priest.

Islay, feeling better, went to the Adamantine Tower to meet with the archivist Gambro to ask about the Divine Crucible and how to destroy it and to identify the item from Chattertooth. The short answer is no, there isn’t a way to destroy it…but, our goals might be aligned.

In order to keep our promise to Rasp, we need to get him to the Lazorgas islands.

Back at the Tower, the Archmananach(sp) was able to identify Chattertooth’s items: cloak of etherealness, Vorpal sickle, ring of invisibility, amulet of non-detection and boots of teleport and provide some answers to Islay’s question. The Divine Crucible, it’s pieces were made zealots of St. Cuthbert to bring a specific god to the material plain, make him flesh and then be destroyed…Perhaps Nerull?

At the prison, Andholm orders the safe to be opened. It is empty, and the secretary was the last one seen in it a few days ago. When bringing in the secretary, he wasn’t the one seen at the safe. Dillon, just started while the previous one, Sylvia quit for no reason. She has an apartment in the common district with her new husband of about a month.

Arriving at Sylvia’s apartment, after she opened the door we can see her husband inside he saw us and ran into the apartment and escaped out an open window. We asked Sylvia about her husband, she said he is a part of the crew of the skiff Juniper.

Sprocket waited at the Camorine estate for the rest of The Party to return when a very large crate arrived and addressed to Sprocket. When Isaly returned from the Tower, he began to tear open the crate with a crowbar. Once it’s opened, inside is a very large marauder chassis, and doing some preliminary investigation, and reading the note with the packing slip it is just an empty chassis…no personality installed, just a blank chassis.

(And that is where I left for the night. –Chad)


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