Sundered Schemes

06 August 2017 Session Narrative.

06 August 2017 Session Narrative.

The Firm Channel was returned from Dylan and the Sprocket attuned to the stone.

With the orphanage having money problems, Bilarro, Islay and Raul all decided to head off to the beach and spend some time with the Gonn.

At the Gull Skull looking for members of the Court, we met with Figgit – Red Beard who will return around dinner time with information on Brasco.

Meanwhile, we are asking for information on the Leviathan and any information on specific shipments that have gone missing. There wasn’t any.

Back at the Gull Skull, Tobin, Clarence and Latrice are the last three couriers when a message arrow from Sir Renton arrived and stated there is no information on the missing shipments.

Lunch time arrives and the children need to return to the orphanage.

Once at there, there are three small, dead bodies on a cart.

These three were out gathering supplies south of town.

We head off to investigate.

About a half hour later, we are looking around a clearing just before the jungle, we notice a path heading off into the jungle and figured out this is where the kids were killed.

We proceeded into the jungle, but Justice is reluctant to help.

About 100’ in, it looks like something merged into the path. As we continued there seems to be something out at the 100’ mark…something with antlers, large, old and artificial.


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