Sundered Schemes

07 Aug 2016 Session Narrative

07 Aug 2016 Session Narrative

The Party entering the next deck down, there is, again, a very hot blast of air rushes past as the doors are opened. In the center of the room, there is a ~20ft diameter pool filled with what looks like fire.

Entering the room further, the pool filled with fire was a kind of bed for something that looks like a fire elemental.

At the end of the fight with the fire elemental, at the center of the pool, there is the Ember Stone. Grabbing it and the other loot…a cutlass, 4 potions of cure serious wounds, potion of good hope, 110pp, 9 gems worth: 10gp, 50gp, 20gp, 1100gp, 90gp, 80gp, 1100gp, 50gp and 20gp and a chain shirt of glistening sparks (I don’t know if this is a thing or the glistening sparks is just a description – Chad).

After opening the final door on this deck, we are greeted with another hot blast of air and a short hallway. At the end, there is a room with something that looks like the outside of the boiler for the power plant and six, three on either side wall of the room, pipes with valves…and above the valves there looks like a shunt venting down at anyone at the valve.

After a fight with a group of salamanders, and figuring our the valves might be the way to overload the engines, so each member of The Party stands at a valve and, at the same time we open the valves. Upon doing this, each member is bathed in fire. Then, we decided to open the valves in sequence from one to six…and the same result happens. Then, figuring out there has to be a sequence the valves had to be closed in to prevent the fire shower and to overload the engines.

After figuring out the sequence to close the valves, Bilarro successfully closed them and almost immediately the whole ship began to shake and klaxons began to sound. The crew began to run…as did we. We needed to get off the ship, and fast and since Sprocket was the slowest of the group it was placed inside the bag-of-holding with one other (Vera, I think –Chad) to make sure everyone gets out alive.

Islay warns The Party there is an abomination onboard The Gambit.

The Party making it onto The Gambit, just to see The Apocalypse explode as its remains are pulled into the portal as it closes.


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