Sundered Schemes

13 Dec 2016 Session Narrative

13 Dec, 2016 Session Narrative.

At the Camorine estate, we fond out the Chatter Tooth is one of three, and that Daemon Fortroy could be one. The Red Queen could be the face of the movement and the Ash Weeper is the mind and born of this Earth.

Sprocket found information on where to locate the control unit for the recording crystal. It is at The Foundry and the contact’s designation is Nail.

At the Cuthbertian Temple, Raul talking to Casmeritine about state of things in Raul’s absence, Casmeritine states there is nothing new and Palor is taking his time in naming a successor. Attendance is up because of this. The Rod on the hilt of a sword with a tiefling is the Life Channel. Chatter Tooth’s incursions into the prison has left some of the prisoners mad and calling out Chatter Tooth by name. A name came up in conversation…Dolaldo. He is the next prisoner to arrive at the temple so the clerics can have a look at him. Raul wants to attend the questioning.

Vera is in the Entertainment district looking for a venue to play at since we will be in Lanterum for the next few days. Vera plans on two gigs; one at the Crooked Path and the other at the Golden Lion, where she is going to promote her gig at the Crooked Path.

Bilarro isn’t having any luck in locating Tony the Frog.

All return to the Camorine estate, except for Raul and Vera asked Camorine to help promote her gig at the Crooked Path.

Raul is outside the Temple as the prison wagon arrives. The prisoner steps out, bound and gagged with two magisters. The prisoner is taken to the interrogation room, as questioning begins, the prisoner states Chattertooth comes for you in the night. He chooses who will be the best among the ranks, a recruiter. Two Legs smells of death, grave, rot and sticks to the shadows. Every night, screams can be heard as whispers in the mind say aweful things like useless in life, better in death. Eats those who fail and is the Shepard of the end of days.

When the question was finished, Raul was outside the Temple when he noticed a hooded figure with black scales on it’s hands and long talons run into the temple across the street. Rauls followed with two Justicars to investigate. When they entered the temple, the Justicars split, one down each of the outside isles and Raul up the middle. Raul is calling for it to come out of hiding. The Chattertooth shows itself as a undead half-dragon.

As Raul returns to the Camorine estate by a magister, the stink from the Chattertooth is still strong on him. Raul tells The Party the Chattertooth is a gast, half dragon spellcaster.

Maxon, Sprocket, Bilarro and Raul are taking Camorine’s carriage to talk to the Chief Justice. As we make our way to a warded area of the prison, the prisoners are quietly watching us. Something else will come and get the prisoners, or Chattertooth will. The Assistant Chief Justice can commute this prisoner’s sentence and put him under Maxon’s control.

In the Entertainment district, Vera, Islay and Rasp are handing out flyers for Vera’s show tonight.

Assistant Chief Justice isn’t very happy the mob she is causing while she is promoting her show.

We make our way to the Fortroy estate, and it is way more opulent than the Camorine estate. Andholm exits the stable and we head to the keep for lunch as his mother arrived. We are asked to wait in Camorine’s carriage.

In Angel Spire’s Keep…(this is where my notes end. – Chad)


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