Sundered Schemes

13 Nov 2016 Session Narrative

13 Nov 2016 Session Narrative

The Party contacted Andholm, through the mirror, to inform him about Rasp and the reason why he took the Water Stone. The Fortroy archivist spoke about the Water Stone, but he wasn’t telling the truth. Just then, the mirror fell over and broke, but just before the mirror broke, we could hear the sounds of Chattertooth coming through it.

We sent a message arrow to Brasco telling him we need to meet.

The fourth night, we theorized Chattertooth might have created Carnalsous.

As we theorized, The Gambit sailed southwest over the Goblin Hold, over the remains of farming villages.

Over the night, nothing happened.

At sunrise, the following morning, a signal flare was fired from the remains of the first Goblin city. Looking through a spyglass, there is a human female with a Redgulan war banner as both Islay and Maxon jump overboard and fly, feather-fall, respectfully to the human female.

She, Dame Vera of House Drega, was a part of a platoon, tasked to secure the southern flank, but most of the platoon has been picked off in the night, one by one. Now, they are down to a squad of 8.

They were able to capture two Orcs.

After bringing the squad and the two Orcs onboard, we continue on to Fortroy’s main camp.

On the way, Islay continued to urinate on the Orc prisoners.

Part way to Camp Fortroy, Vera’s mind-sight detects something attached to the keel of the ship.

Sprocket went over the side to attempt to communicate with it after Bilarro (I think -Chad) attempted to.

Upon further inspection, there appears to have a series of lights; blue, red, yellow, purple and green that blink from one color to the other. This blinking stopped when Sprocket approached it. It looked like a chrome sphere with claws on either side clamped into the hull.

Sprocket was able communicate with it. It is tasked with tracking/monitoring those moving through the Goblin Hold. Upon inspecting the probe, it has a docent slot with a docent slotted inside. Taking out the docent, Sprocket removes the docent out of its slot and slots in the one from the probe to find the docent seems to be a storage crystal, not a docent per se…and it is full. Sprocket went though the images stored, and it shows humans doing horrible things to the local population. This probe’s designation is X0142.

Arriving at Camp Fortroy, we brought Andholm up to speed on what has happened so far, and has elected to travel with us…without his usual security to Nefrem to meet with Brasco.

After a two week journey, The Gambit arrives in Nefrem.

At this point, The Party splits up.

Sprocket, with the probe, finds a Gnome shop and asks the probe. The clerk states the control unit is needed to retrieve the images off the storage crystal. Then the Gnome pulls a cable out of Sprocket’s right shoulder with a docent-like connector on the end. Slotting the end into the probe, Sprocket is able to see through the probe’s eyes. The clerk brings out his instructions on this kind of Warforged and spends some time reading it.

Raul heads to the Cuthbert Temple to ask on if there is any news from Lanterum. Raul was directed to the Palor Temple.

Maxon and Andholm head out. Andholm gets some cash while Maxon meets up with Brasco and brings him up to speed.

Vara, Islay and Bilarro get pretty drunk at a bar, so they will be sleeping pretty good tonight.

Raul arrives at the Palor Temple to see throngs of worshipers before a female leading the service with paladins in the guard positions. When the female finishes, a human male get behind the podium and begins to preach like a mad-man. This went on for about five minutes before the guards remove him from the stage.


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