Sundered Schemes

16 Oct. 2016 Session Narrative.

16 Oct. 2016 Session Narrative.

After the fight, there is a child’s doll, a broken wand, 3 gems worth about 15gp each, a pouch with 75cp and some blueprints in Gnomish for some spider-like automatons used for carrying because they lack any offensive weapons were given to Sprocket.

It took the Party a lot less time getting outside than it took to get to the Prince’s stateroom.

It is raining.

The Acheron finished it’s bombardment and returned to Starfall.

Once moored, the Party looks in on the Prince and the Captain and they are up but look very tired.

The Prince returns to the Acheron and will meet with us in a half an hour.

Bilarro, Maxon, Raul, Islay and a group of cadets search for survivors.

There were none. By the sounds of the guns while the Party was fighting in the Prince’s stateroom, there shouldn’t be any. But, seeing the carnage, the bombardment went on longer than it needed to because the army didn’t stand a chance against the weapons of the Acheron.

Sprocket and Vera stayed in the tower.

The wounded child was a powerful demon lord by the name of Zelmcalor. This child was responsible for the creation of Nighthide.

Yanti was trying to summon another demon lord, Cirtris, to spread more chaos.

This demon lord and Deamon Fortroy were in the same company, but had different goals.

The Red Mist.

There are three statues of the founders of Starfall, Daskon Jax, Agrenna and Flint.

Maxon’s spell tomes are staying at Starfall.

Since Daemon Fortroy is involved in this, somehow, we need to find him.

Just then, a fish-bone message arrow arrives. It is from Rasp stating he is being chased down by Fortroy troops.

Then a message arrow arrives from Andholm Fortroy stating we need to look for a deserter by the name of Rasp. He is to be captured and returned because he has taken a war asset.

We are heading after Rasp.

The night before arriving at the frontier, Sprocket notices over the mountains about dusk time there are about a dozen dragon/wyverns. Sprocket informs the crew and Party in the morning.

We arrive at Rasp’s location…and there is a United Merchant Guild’s ship in distress. The helm and hull appear to be damaged and there is one humanoid on deck. As we attempt to rescue the Guild’s crew member, hobgoblins riding wyverns attack.

A message arrow was sent to Rasp asking his location. A few moments later the arrow returns stating he is about 2 miles away.

We leave to get him.

On our way there, Maxon hears in his head to give up the Water and Ember Stones and we will die if we don’t.

A few minutes later, the same voice in Maxon’s head repeated the order, but Maxon said no, we will not give up the stones.

Then, there is a demonstration coming.

Just then, 12 balefire rain from above the clouds as three hit The Gambit and four hit the Guild’s ship…destroying it.

We make our way to Fortroy, but taking out time getting there. We are flying casually.


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