Sundered Schemes

19 February 2017 Session Narrative

19 February 2017 Session Narrative

After the fight, a small dragon that is infused from the plane of shadows was sent to Vera for safe keeping before an evil is unleashed and The Party was asked to meet with him at his tower, three days west from The Pit.

Sir Barnard Gorious comes over to talk with Maxon.

St. Cuthbert Magisters arrive before the town guards.

A member of the town guard, holding the Voltier banner, comes over to say something to Sir Gorious.

Cog, flanked by two other Warforged enter and asked Sprocket if area is secure. Sprocket stated it is now, looking at the dead dragon.

The eldest daughter of House Voltier, Mave enters the venue and requests Vera for a private show on the Voltier estate this evening.

The Voltier estate is very ornate…more ornate since the last time The Party was here. Cog is in charge of security. The Fortroy’s Gladia and Andholm are present. The scuttlebutt is that Redgulan women have loose morals and Iona is the whore.

Gladia take Raul away and Andholm has a wedding band…apparently to Lasheen Drega.

Tyo and Adam Kexos are also in attendance.

Kavan Amprex is talking about starting a tournament bout.

Anton Lorrac is now talking to Tyo.

Mr. Winter, from the restaurant chain is talking to Gladia Fortroy, and she seems not caring what he has to say.

There were a lot of people moving about, but Anton Lorrac was spotted leaving and Tyo was seen leaving with a whore.

A few minutes later, the whore Tyo was with was taking another client to her room, but Tyo has yet to be seen.

(From here, my notes are incomplete, so I’m going from memory. –Chad)

A search was started to look for Tyo, Sprocket entered the women’s lounge to request Vera’s aid in looking for Tyo, he was found but his gear was missing when checked.

Then there was a high-speed carriage run where Sprocket’s carriage fell into the river, wheels up and Sprocket used it’s arm cannon to blast a hole through the bottom of the carriage so no one would drown.


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