Sundered Schemes

21 Aug 2016 Session Narrative

21 Aug 2016 Session Narrative

After the destruction of the Apocalypse, we are resting on the side of the mountain where the anchor was anchored waiting for The Gambit as she is 15 minutes out.

While waiting, Bilarro climbs up, about 75 feet and has a look through is spyglass and sees to the south some scrub, to the southwest and west, nomad camps.

The rest of the party notices there is something moving within 60 to 100 feet of the camp as the ship approaches.

As the ship ascends, the aberration gets closer.

Vera contacts the aberration to ask what it wants. It has a message to deliver when we reach our destination and the message isn’t for her.

The next morning, we, as a group, discuss the pros and the cons of joining House Fortroy.

Two days later, The Gambit sets down in a lake close to camp Fortroy and the aberration, a small beholder looking thing, comes up over the side of the ship and begins to look at everyone on deck. It focuses on Sprocket and states “it’s inevitable destruction has been foretold by the Creator,” and then went away.

This was a bit startling to Sprocket and the crew.

At Camp Fortroy, just south of Louvdon, there has been a massive surge in troops…and to show our support, The Party performed a “hero landing” to the delight of the troops. But the Captain is unimpressed.

At the Captain’s tent, with the contract fulfilled, the chest of 10,000gp and the decline on being on House Fortroy’s payroll. We stated we prefer to be independent. The Captain accepted our answer.

He made a request of us though. There was a delayed message that the Duke has a job for us. We agreed to it, but after we finish our current task.

On our way back to our ship, there is a familiar drum beat. It was Rasp. We asked him if he wanted to come with on a very important mission, he declined because there is a war going on…battle and glory is what he seeks.

Once back on the ship, we head to Feldorm to meet Fikal.

Two days and nights later, we are met by two small, two man sky-slips escorted us to a berth at the sky-slip tower.

Once moored, three warforged stand watch.
The next morning, a Gnome, dressed in fine clothes instructs us to follow him.

We follow him to a large bench seat. Once seated, a lap-bar deploys to secure us in the seat and then began a spiral decent down the tower with Islay getting sick over everyone.

At the bottom, there is carriage being pulled by a clockwork horse waiting for us. Islay elects to ride on top of the carriage and the others ride inside.

About 10 minutes later, we arrive at a very fancy estate with a large adamantine wrench adorning the façade.

After about 45 minutes of wandering around the estate, we meet Fikal in a back ally and he asks what we want after he determines, and calling for his warforged guards to stand down that Sprocket isn’t a threat. Sprocket hands over the docent it received from the courier-class and that Sprocket has the ‘coup de grace’ that worries the organics of The Party. Fikal then asks us to follow him down to his lab.

In his lab, there is a table built inside a gyroscope. Fikal asks Sprocket to lie on the table. After being strapped in, Fikal turns on the machine. As Sprocket begins to spin faster and faster, the noise outside is almost deafening with the sound of metal grinding on metal…and then a shard of Sprocket’s original docent comes flying out, almost hitting Maxon.

Then to find out what his docent does. Upon inspection, it would appear this docent is damaged and belonged to Revenge. Sprocket also informs Fikal about the small beholder-like thing relaying the message about inevitable destruction. This message, according to Fikal, can only come from Mechanis…but there is no time like now to find out what this docent does. Fikal locks Sprocket into a pillory, grabs a step on a stepstool, finds Sprocket docent slot and slots the docent. Things become more focused (there is a +4 attack, +1 will/ref saves and +3 fort save). Vera joked about mounting a cannon on one of Sprocket’s arms, and Fikal stated it has one. There is a button on the inside of Sprocket’s forearm, Fikal presses it and Sprocket’s hand flips out of the way and there is a cannon barrel.

After meeting with Fikal, The Party relaxes at a tavern named the Stale Sausage.

The next day, we depart on the 2 ½ week trip to Castle Fortroy’s ramparts.

At the castle’s main tower, we are greeted by the Duke’s chamberlain and escorted through the family’s tomes in the catacombs under the castle…under the river.

At an intersection, we follow the left fork as the chamberlain leaves stating he cannot go any further. Vera’s mindsight is able to see a life form that is smart enough just before we met the Duke.

The Duke has a job for us. He wants us to bring his son back, alive. The Duke hands us a warrant for his arrest. The Duke also asks us to prove to him that his son is alive. We stated we clearly saw him through a mirror in the office of a brothel’s manager. Though the Duke doesn’t seem too surprised that his son has been dead before, but he asks us why his son is in league with Nerull.

After taking the job from the Duke, the party split to gather clues where the Duke’s son might be. In town, the blacksmith made an odd looking hand axe that looked like it had a religious significance and made for a stealth kill. There was a whore state the Duke’s son wanted to be strangled instead of sex.

Returning to the ship, Tony informs us the ship stores are getting low. We agree that promoting him to quartermaster would allow him to purchase what is needed for the ship and crew without one of The Party to be there.

We head out for the two day trip to Star Fall Academy.

Arriving at Star Fall Academy, moored at the next pier is Prince Karus Archidiem’s sky-slip The Acheron(sp?).

Quartermaster Tony heads out to re-supply The Gambit.

The Party disembarks and made our way down the sky-slip port tower to the courtyard when we are met by a very upset Commander Grace. She is asking how we received permission to leave our ship. We told her there was no one to stop us from leaving. As we were answering her questions, she was escorting us to our ship. Vera also noticed there were things moving in and out of her mindsight while we were in the courtyard.

Once at the top of the sky-slip tower, we noticed there was a guard with his neck broken. This made Cmdr. Grace run away stating someone has been murdered.

The Party heads back down to the courtyard to meet Cmdr. Grace with her superior in tow…the Colonel (I do not have his name. –Chad).

The Colonel requests us to wait on our ship for a couple of hours so he can figure out what is going on.

About an hour and a half later the Colonel returns to inform us the Prince Karus requests to speak with us.

When we arrive to meet with the Prince, there is something odd. He normally is with his brother, Elias, but he no where to be found. We asked the Prince a few simple questions he should have been able to answer; his answers were either uninterested or lackadaisical. This lead we to believe the Prince might be possessed. It looks like the Prince, but not acting like him.

Maxon excuses himself to use the bathroom, but followed the Colonel to his office to explain the Prince isn’t the prince. Upon hearing the evidence, the Colonel pulls a larger leaver on the wall to activate an anti-magic field over the Academy.

Back in the stateroom with the Prince…he collapsed when the field went up.

Sprocket and Raul stay with the fallen Prince while the others head for our ship to make sure all is well, and they are.

Raul examines the Prince’s body to find a familiar looking cyst. The others head to the Prince’s ship let the Captain know what has happed to the Prince. The Captain rushes off the ship and through the anti-magic field and collapses.

Upon returning to the stateroom, we examined the Captain’s body to find another familiar looking cyst.

The Colonel heads off to look into what the Prince was at Star Fall for.

Maxon, Sprocket and Islay head off to the Prince’s ship to inform the crew what has happened.

Gaining permission to search the Prince’s ship, to find Steffan Camorine tied and gagged to a pole and Raul return to the ship to help. (From here is where my notes end and incomplete. –Chad)


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