Sundered Schemes

26 June 2016 Session Narrative

26 June 2016 Session Narrative

Returning to the same table from yesterday, our proctor is with the Dean, Tolenko Dulamon. The Dean’s responsibility is to restore the credibility to the University.

Islay explained to the Dean that he is from the far realm and he is worried the Illithid have been sent to do retrieve Islay, but the Dean explained the Illithid haven’t been seen for millennia. Then the Dean suggested it might be the Toskari who are after him. The Toskari are parasitic in nature and very tough to remove once inside the host. Islay has had contact with his collective since leaving. The Dean suggested a ward or an alarm to notify The Party when there is an abomination boarding The Gambit. We agree the 5000gp is money well spent.

Sprocket’s docent, the Dean suggested slotting it into another Warforged to find out what it does. Sprocket wasn’t too thrilled with that idea.

Maxon’s spell tomes originally belonged to someone named Agrenna who left to join Starfall Military Academy and may have been a Red Guard Wizard. The reason why the tomes are willed to Maxon is unknown, but traveling to Starfall Academy might get some answers.

On the Divine Crucibles, there is mostly rumors and nothing we don’t already know.

On daybreak on the first day, soldiers from House Fortroy approach the ship and request permission to come aboard. Permission granted. Anholm Fortroy asks to speak with the killers of Carnalsous for a mission to destroy the Goblin Hold’s skyslip, the Apocalypse.

We decided to see what they have to offer for taking down the Apocalypse, so we ride the day to their camp.

On the way there, we see soldiers who have seen combat.

At sundown we arrive. The camp is far from the front. We are escorted into the camp by Captain Kelster to the main pavilion and we are asked to sit at a round table.

The contract is that if we blab about this to anyone, you will die. If the information is forcibly taken, it will be garbled, and you will die.

For the greater good, The Party signs the contract.

The dimensions of the Apocalypse is 1500’ in length and 500’ beam made out of brass, bronze and copper…with elemental fire. It has bombs and missiles, but it’s major weakness is it get weaker the longer it stays on out plain. There is a portal in a volcanic mountain range where the bow of the ship is sticking out and she only has a skeleton crew. This information is ~4 days old. They want it destroyed by overloading the boilers.

There is a chest in front of Raul. Inside there are 7 scrolls of endure elements, a wand of invisibility with 40 charges, a scroll of protection from evil, two scrolls of feather fall and 5 scrolls of fog cloud.

On the night of the 5th day, we start planning the course to the western frontier.

The night of the 8th day, we see the Apocalypse anchored to the side of the mountain and the portal appears to be making a vacuum as The Gambit gets close to one of the anchor chains.

After climbing up the chains and a fight with the deck crew, we open the door to the forecastle and a blast of hot air greets us as we go invisible.

After going through the doors, there is a set of stairs that lead down to another set of doors. Inside these doors is the anchor control room. Vera and Bilarro lead on while the rest stay in the control room.

Then, a moment later, everyone in visible…Bilarro activated a trap on the door to deck three.


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