Sundered Schemes

29 May 2016 Session Narrative

29 May 2016 Session Narrative

After the fight with the witch, Sprocket removed the witch’s head to prove to the lesser Worforges that she is indeed dead.

Inside her hut, there is a shrine to Nerull and the Red Queen posted a work order to manufacture a cauldron, like the one in the warehouse in Lanterum to open a portal.

Upon returning to the lesser Warforged village, Sprocket shows the Brass/Bronze designate the witch’s head. That designate takes the head holds it overhead and a celebration begins.

Just then, the brass dragon lands and apologizes for harming the villagers and the courier class begins to give the dragon a bath.

Since it is getting late, The Party elects to stay the night and call for the ship in the morning.

Sprocket inspects the docent, and discovers that it isn’t a gem, but more like an ore. This one seems the corners have been broken, but not from use.

Raul, with some effort, was able to locate Sprocket’s slot, and cannot find any damage. But he was able to find some water from Sprocket’s walk on the bottom of the marsh.

The next morning The Gambit is called. And about a half a day later, she arrives.

The crew informs us there are massive armies amassing to the north and west.

With Sprocket’s docent and Maxon’s dagger and spell tomes, we have a need to head for the arcane university to get them identified.

In about a day and a half, we arrive at the arcane university.

With no sky-slip berth, The Gambit has to anchor in a small lake outside the university.

On our horses, we arrive at the university. It’s gates are open and it appears there is a ward to protect from evil active.

A young female elf, with a clipboard instructs us to follow the red line, just as a red line appears and makes it’s way to a table in a room upstairs. the table has 6 chairs and human proctor.

The proctor was given the docent to identify, the fee waived for a rare item. He was also given to identify the three spell tomes. The proctor found it odd the books focus on one school because most wizards don’t do that. He was also asked about the far realm by Islay. He believes there are those who want to do him harm because they are not happy Islay left.

Fikal in Trexell in Fledorm is looking for rare docents like this, the proctor states.

The dagger appears to be a Red Band dagger from a Redgulan officer Fortroy.

The spell tomes need about another day to identify and the same for the answers to the far realm questions.

At the next table, there appears to be a group of 4 Mercs harassing one of the other proctors. Like a jock picking on the nerdy kid. Vera did something like take her top off, but the Mercs only saw penises where her breasts would have been. This caused them to bugger off.

The young elf woman gave us a token so we could bypass the line in the morning.

At the ship, that night’s first watch, nothing happened. The second watch, around 10pm, the sounds of splashing was heard. The Party was wakened to see the Mercs from the university swimming to the ship. Looking closer, there are two carving something into the side of the ship…then one was pulled under. And then another. We lowered a rope to rescue the others as we had The Gambit to rise out of the water to put some distance between us and what is ever under the water.

When we have the survivors onboard, we scolded them and let them go after the ship settles down in the water.

The third watch…nothing happens.

In the morning, we return to the room at the university to find someone with the proctor who looks very important…perhaps the Dean.


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