The Acheron

Karus Archidiem's Sky-Slip


Enchanted, Masterwork, Darkwood Armored, Caravel

Colossal vehicle; Seaworthiness + 4; Ship-Handling + 2; Speed wind x 60ft(average), or wind x 120(good) when flying; Overall AC -1; Hull sections 24 (sink 6 sections); Section hp 10(armor)/80(hull), Hardness 5(armor)/5(hull);Section AC 5; Rigging Sections 3; Rigging hp 80 Hardness 0;AC 2; Ram 4d6; Mounts 6 (special see below); Space 60ft. by 20ft.; Height 10ft. (draft 10ft.); Compliment 30; Watch 7; Cargo (special see below)

Unlike standard Caravels, The Acheron has been magically augmented and enchanted during its construction to be the first known sky-slip constructed purely without the use of off-world elements (such as ethersails). The entire vessel is crafted out of Darkwood, making it lighter than normal ships of its type and size. However, the added layer of of armor (also darkwood), give the ship the standard weight of a normal unarmored caravel.

There are four deck layers on the Acheron. The bisected upper deck, main deck, lower deck, and hold.

There are three deck masts, and a foremast on the ship’s prow.

The mast-head on the prow is an ornately carved depiction of a topless female Celestial warrior, brandishing a large, flaming sword.

Every enclosed space aboard The Acheron has been enchanted with an extra-dimensional space, and is filled with luxurious fineries, and staffed by near-transparent, mystical servants.

The ship has also been augmented with an enchantment that grants a +10 competence bonus (profession sailor) on skill checks for anyone working as her crew. Except for the most extreme circumstances, The Acheron practically sails/flies herself.

The ship’s armor has been enchanted with a mystical augmentation, granting a +2 deflection bonus to all sections of the ship. (save the rigging).

The Acheron also has six hatches built into the hull armor (2 port, 2 starboard, 2 aft), that can open on command, revealing extra-dimensional compartments, each containing a Golem Gun1.

The Acheron is able to travel by sea as well as by air. In the Water she handles the same as a standard caravel but travels at twice the speed. Out of the water, the ship is faster and more maneuverable. Doubling the speed of a water travel, and improving from Average to Good maneuverability.

While being able to land in water, the Acheron is not capable of landing on dry land without sustaining damage. The ship is capable of hovering in place at any altitude under the maximum.

Like all sky-slips, the Acheron’s maximum altitude is 10,000 feet.

Once per day, The Acheron may teleport (as the spell) but is limited to a line-of-sight location. But at 10,000 feet, that can be quite a large distance. For the purposes of determining success, treat all destinations as “Studied Carefully”.

Due to her magically augmented interior, The Acheron is capable of comfortably carrying four times the standard compliment, and one hundred times the standard cargo of a normal caravel.

1 While not true golems, in the strictest sense of the word, Golem Guns are magically enhanced firearm constructs.They are capable of aiming, firing, and reloading themselves. Configurations of Golem Guns vary. The Acheron’s Golem guns are comprised of four blaze-dust muskets, and a single light bombard.

The Acheron also carries a battery of magical ammunition. Each of the Ships’s Golem guns may fire up to five Elemental Rock-Shots. This ammunition is treated as mundane in every way, save for after making impact, the ammunition transforms into a small Earth Elemental and attacks nearby creatures for 1d6 rounds before crumbling into dust.


The Acheron

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