Sundered Schemes

30 April 2017 Session Narrative.

30 April 2017 Session Narrative.

On the island of Orcalon, Brogas Dallhelm, the only one that was even close to being an administrator for the Bard’s school died of a stroke at a celebratory BBQ.

Vera, being the most senior member of the school at the moment, she began searching Brogas’ room…and found a scroll case in a foot locker. Inside the case, there are instructions for his internment. He is to be returned to Lanterum to be buried in the Temple District.

With the news of Brogas’ passing, Islay is attempting to lighten the spirits of the school children.

In town, Sir Renton met with Bilarro to talk about the sighting of the warship.

In the event of Brogas’ passing, Gov. Lord Adalard Grast is to appoint the next school administrator. After reading this, Vera made her way to the Governor’s house…but met him while he was on his way to the school. After a short conversation in the street, they decided to meet in the school administrator’s office to discuss the plans, going forward for the school.

Islay, while started out to distract the school kids, ended up teaching the kids how to fight.

Brother Oris and Bilarro are talking to the Harbormaster about booking transport to Lazourgas Islands. The Harbormaster said nothing that is seaworthy is leaving with that warship out and about.

Meanwhile…at the school, there are faint, harmonic tones coming from the area of the beach. Maxon, Islay and Sprocket make their way to the beach just to find Raul already there. There is a sphere, large enough to block the whole horizon…which is odd that no one can see this from the school. While speaking through Raul…’we are the Representative of the Gone.’ Attempts to communicate with the Sphere were successful only through singing. The Sphere continued…’we are here to witness the Harmonies’ and ‘Just ignore us.’ When the conversation ended with the Sphere, both Maxon and Islay seem very relaxed.

When Brother Oris, Bilarro and Rasp return to the school, Sprocket escorts Brother Oris and Bilarro to the Sphere. Bilarro, at this point went ethereal to communicate with it. While there…the Sphere is very smooth and warm. When Bilarro finished his talk with the Sphere, it released both Maxon and Islay, but kept control of Raul.

The Party met up with the Governor, at his house and received the protection money for Orcalon to be paid to the Duke. Now, that both Brother Oris and Maxon are standing next to on another…there is a familial resemblance. Of course, both of them don’t see it, but the others do.

The next day, Vera made the decision to put Brother Oris in charge, temporarily of the school until The Party return from our current assignment.

One last item was given to The Blades is a lute, used by Brogas, that aids in performance.

The trip to The Beggar’s Leg, in the Lazourgas Islands took about three weeks.

Rasp is very keen to get to Ran T’yak and hire a war canoe to Rig’naal to get the Water Stone to his people.

Once near the shore, Rasp rushed off the canoe and made his way to the largest building. When the rest of The Blades caught up, Rasp was standing next to the shaman…and next to him is Trakas.

Before The Blades can continue…a trial is needed. The trial is to tame giant sloth.

Once the sloth trials have been completed, The Blades make the trip to the temple…but not without making sure the sloth are handled in a way they are encouraged to follow the rider’s instructions.

Arriving at the Temple, there’s a group of other lizard-folk…and Rasp made quick work by making them run away with his drums.


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