Sundered Schemes

21 Aug 2016 Session Narrative

21 Aug 2016 Session Narrative

After the destruction of the Apocalypse, we are resting on the side of the mountain where the anchor was anchored waiting for The Gambit as she is 15 minutes out.

While waiting, Bilarro climbs up, about 75 feet and has a look through is spyglass and sees to the south some scrub, to the southwest and west, nomad camps.

The rest of the party notices there is something moving within 60 to 100 feet of the camp as the ship approaches.

As the ship ascends, the aberration gets closer.

Vera contacts the aberration to ask what it wants. It has a message to deliver when we reach our destination and the message isn’t for her.

The next morning, we, as a group, discuss the pros and the cons of joining House Fortroy.

Two days later, The Gambit sets down in a lake close to camp Fortroy and the aberration, a small beholder looking thing, comes up over the side of the ship and begins to look at everyone on deck. It focuses on Sprocket and states “it’s inevitable destruction has been foretold by the Creator,” and then went away.

This was a bit startling to Sprocket and the crew.

At Camp Fortroy, just south of Louvdon, there has been a massive surge in troops…and to show our support, The Party performed a “hero landing” to the delight of the troops. But the Captain is unimpressed.

At the Captain’s tent, with the contract fulfilled, the chest of 10,000gp and the decline on being on House Fortroy’s payroll. We stated we prefer to be independent. The Captain accepted our answer.

He made a request of us though. There was a delayed message that the Duke has a job for us. We agreed to it, but after we finish our current task.

On our way back to our ship, there is a familiar drum beat. It was Rasp. We asked him if he wanted to come with on a very important mission, he declined because there is a war going on…battle and glory is what he seeks.

Once back on the ship, we head to Feldorm to meet Fikal.

Two days and nights later, we are met by two small, two man sky-slips escorted us to a berth at the sky-slip tower.

Once moored, three warforged stand watch.
The next morning, a Gnome, dressed in fine clothes instructs us to follow him.

We follow him to a large bench seat. Once seated, a lap-bar deploys to secure us in the seat and then began a spiral decent down the tower with Islay getting sick over everyone.

At the bottom, there is carriage being pulled by a clockwork horse waiting for us. Islay elects to ride on top of the carriage and the others ride inside.

About 10 minutes later, we arrive at a very fancy estate with a large adamantine wrench adorning the façade.

After about 45 minutes of wandering around the estate, we meet Fikal in a back ally and he asks what we want after he determines, and calling for his warforged guards to stand down that Sprocket isn’t a threat. Sprocket hands over the docent it received from the courier-class and that Sprocket has the ‘coup de grace’ that worries the organics of The Party. Fikal then asks us to follow him down to his lab.

In his lab, there is a table built inside a gyroscope. Fikal asks Sprocket to lie on the table. After being strapped in, Fikal turns on the machine. As Sprocket begins to spin faster and faster, the noise outside is almost deafening with the sound of metal grinding on metal…and then a shard of Sprocket’s original docent comes flying out, almost hitting Maxon.

Then to find out what his docent does. Upon inspection, it would appear this docent is damaged and belonged to Revenge. Sprocket also informs Fikal about the small beholder-like thing relaying the message about inevitable destruction. This message, according to Fikal, can only come from Mechanis…but there is no time like now to find out what this docent does. Fikal locks Sprocket into a pillory, grabs a step on a stepstool, finds Sprocket docent slot and slots the docent. Things become more focused (there is a +4 attack, +1 will/ref saves and +3 fort save). Vera joked about mounting a cannon on one of Sprocket’s arms, and Fikal stated it has one. There is a button on the inside of Sprocket’s forearm, Fikal presses it and Sprocket’s hand flips out of the way and there is a cannon barrel.

After meeting with Fikal, The Party relaxes at a tavern named the Stale Sausage.

The next day, we depart on the 2 ½ week trip to Castle Fortroy’s ramparts.

At the castle’s main tower, we are greeted by the Duke’s chamberlain and escorted through the family’s tomes in the catacombs under the castle…under the river.

At an intersection, we follow the left fork as the chamberlain leaves stating he cannot go any further. Vera’s mindsight is able to see a life form that is smart enough just before we met the Duke.

The Duke has a job for us. He wants us to bring his son back, alive. The Duke hands us a warrant for his arrest. The Duke also asks us to prove to him that his son is alive. We stated we clearly saw him through a mirror in the office of a brothel’s manager. Though the Duke doesn’t seem too surprised that his son has been dead before, but he asks us why his son is in league with Nerull.

After taking the job from the Duke, the party split to gather clues where the Duke’s son might be. In town, the blacksmith made an odd looking hand axe that looked like it had a religious significance and made for a stealth kill. There was a whore state the Duke’s son wanted to be strangled instead of sex.

Returning to the ship, Tony informs us the ship stores are getting low. We agree that promoting him to quartermaster would allow him to purchase what is needed for the ship and crew without one of The Party to be there.

We head out for the two day trip to Star Fall Academy.

Arriving at Star Fall Academy, moored at the next pier is Prince Karus Archidiem’s sky-slip The Acheron(sp?).

Quartermaster Tony heads out to re-supply The Gambit.

The Party disembarks and made our way down the sky-slip port tower to the courtyard when we are met by a very upset Commander Grace. She is asking how we received permission to leave our ship. We told her there was no one to stop us from leaving. As we were answering her questions, she was escorting us to our ship. Vera also noticed there were things moving in and out of her mindsight while we were in the courtyard.

Once at the top of the sky-slip tower, we noticed there was a guard with his neck broken. This made Cmdr. Grace run away stating someone has been murdered.

The Party heads back down to the courtyard to meet Cmdr. Grace with her superior in tow…the Colonel (I do not have his name. –Chad).

The Colonel requests us to wait on our ship for a couple of hours so he can figure out what is going on.

About an hour and a half later the Colonel returns to inform us the Prince Karus requests to speak with us.

When we arrive to meet with the Prince, there is something odd. He normally is with his brother, Elias, but he no where to be found. We asked the Prince a few simple questions he should have been able to answer; his answers were either uninterested or lackadaisical. This lead we to believe the Prince might be possessed. It looks like the Prince, but not acting like him.

Maxon excuses himself to use the bathroom, but followed the Colonel to his office to explain the Prince isn’t the prince. Upon hearing the evidence, the Colonel pulls a larger leaver on the wall to activate an anti-magic field over the Academy.

Back in the stateroom with the Prince…he collapsed when the field went up.

Sprocket and Raul stay with the fallen Prince while the others head for our ship to make sure all is well, and they are.

Raul examines the Prince’s body to find a familiar looking cyst. The others head to the Prince’s ship let the Captain know what has happed to the Prince. The Captain rushes off the ship and through the anti-magic field and collapses.

Upon returning to the stateroom, we examined the Captain’s body to find another familiar looking cyst.

The Colonel heads off to look into what the Prince was at Star Fall for.

Maxon, Sprocket and Islay head off to the Prince’s ship to inform the crew what has happened.

Gaining permission to search the Prince’s ship, to find Steffan Camorine tied and gagged to a pole and Raul return to the ship to help. (From here is where my notes end and incomplete. –Chad)

07 Aug 2016 Session Narrative

07 Aug 2016 Session Narrative

The Party entering the next deck down, there is, again, a very hot blast of air rushes past as the doors are opened. In the center of the room, there is a ~20ft diameter pool filled with what looks like fire.

Entering the room further, the pool filled with fire was a kind of bed for something that looks like a fire elemental.

At the end of the fight with the fire elemental, at the center of the pool, there is the Ember Stone. Grabbing it and the other loot…a cutlass, 4 potions of cure serious wounds, potion of good hope, 110pp, 9 gems worth: 10gp, 50gp, 20gp, 1100gp, 90gp, 80gp, 1100gp, 50gp and 20gp and a chain shirt of glistening sparks (I don’t know if this is a thing or the glistening sparks is just a description – Chad).

After opening the final door on this deck, we are greeted with another hot blast of air and a short hallway. At the end, there is a room with something that looks like the outside of the boiler for the power plant and six, three on either side wall of the room, pipes with valves…and above the valves there looks like a shunt venting down at anyone at the valve.

After a fight with a group of salamanders, and figuring our the valves might be the way to overload the engines, so each member of The Party stands at a valve and, at the same time we open the valves. Upon doing this, each member is bathed in fire. Then, we decided to open the valves in sequence from one to six…and the same result happens. Then, figuring out there has to be a sequence the valves had to be closed in to prevent the fire shower and to overload the engines.

After figuring out the sequence to close the valves, Bilarro successfully closed them and almost immediately the whole ship began to shake and klaxons began to sound. The crew began to run…as did we. We needed to get off the ship, and fast and since Sprocket was the slowest of the group it was placed inside the bag-of-holding with one other (Vera, I think –Chad) to make sure everyone gets out alive.

Islay warns The Party there is an abomination onboard The Gambit.

The Party making it onto The Gambit, just to see The Apocalypse explode as its remains are pulled into the portal as it closes.

26 June 2016 Session Narrative

26 June 2016 Session Narrative

Returning to the same table from yesterday, our proctor is with the Dean, Tolenko Dulamon. The Dean’s responsibility is to restore the credibility to the University.

Islay explained to the Dean that he is from the far realm and he is worried the Illithid have been sent to do retrieve Islay, but the Dean explained the Illithid haven’t been seen for millennia. Then the Dean suggested it might be the Toskari who are after him. The Toskari are parasitic in nature and very tough to remove once inside the host. Islay has had contact with his collective since leaving. The Dean suggested a ward or an alarm to notify The Party when there is an abomination boarding The Gambit. We agree the 5000gp is money well spent.

Sprocket’s docent, the Dean suggested slotting it into another Warforged to find out what it does. Sprocket wasn’t too thrilled with that idea.

Maxon’s spell tomes originally belonged to someone named Agrenna who left to join Starfall Military Academy and may have been a Red Guard Wizard. The reason why the tomes are willed to Maxon is unknown, but traveling to Starfall Academy might get some answers.

On the Divine Crucibles, there is mostly rumors and nothing we don’t already know.

On daybreak on the first day, soldiers from House Fortroy approach the ship and request permission to come aboard. Permission granted. Anholm Fortroy asks to speak with the killers of Carnalsous for a mission to destroy the Goblin Hold’s skyslip, the Apocalypse.

We decided to see what they have to offer for taking down the Apocalypse, so we ride the day to their camp.

On the way there, we see soldiers who have seen combat.

At sundown we arrive. The camp is far from the front. We are escorted into the camp by Captain Kelster to the main pavilion and we are asked to sit at a round table.

The contract is that if we blab about this to anyone, you will die. If the information is forcibly taken, it will be garbled, and you will die.

For the greater good, The Party signs the contract.

The dimensions of the Apocalypse is 1500’ in length and 500’ beam made out of brass, bronze and copper…with elemental fire. It has bombs and missiles, but it’s major weakness is it get weaker the longer it stays on out plain. There is a portal in a volcanic mountain range where the bow of the ship is sticking out and she only has a skeleton crew. This information is ~4 days old. They want it destroyed by overloading the boilers.

There is a chest in front of Raul. Inside there are 7 scrolls of endure elements, a wand of invisibility with 40 charges, a scroll of protection from evil, two scrolls of feather fall and 5 scrolls of fog cloud.

On the night of the 5th day, we start planning the course to the western frontier.

The night of the 8th day, we see the Apocalypse anchored to the side of the mountain and the portal appears to be making a vacuum as The Gambit gets close to one of the anchor chains.

After climbing up the chains and a fight with the deck crew, we open the door to the forecastle and a blast of hot air greets us as we go invisible.

After going through the doors, there is a set of stairs that lead down to another set of doors. Inside these doors is the anchor control room. Vera and Bilarro lead on while the rest stay in the control room.

Then, a moment later, everyone in visible…Bilarro activated a trap on the door to deck three.

29 May 2016 Session Narrative

29 May 2016 Session Narrative

After the fight with the witch, Sprocket removed the witch’s head to prove to the lesser Worforges that she is indeed dead.

Inside her hut, there is a shrine to Nerull and the Red Queen posted a work order to manufacture a cauldron, like the one in the warehouse in Lanterum to open a portal.

Upon returning to the lesser Warforged village, Sprocket shows the Brass/Bronze designate the witch’s head. That designate takes the head holds it overhead and a celebration begins.

Just then, the brass dragon lands and apologizes for harming the villagers and the courier class begins to give the dragon a bath.

Since it is getting late, The Party elects to stay the night and call for the ship in the morning.

Sprocket inspects the docent, and discovers that it isn’t a gem, but more like an ore. This one seems the corners have been broken, but not from use.

Raul, with some effort, was able to locate Sprocket’s slot, and cannot find any damage. But he was able to find some water from Sprocket’s walk on the bottom of the marsh.

The next morning The Gambit is called. And about a half a day later, she arrives.

The crew informs us there are massive armies amassing to the north and west.

With Sprocket’s docent and Maxon’s dagger and spell tomes, we have a need to head for the arcane university to get them identified.

In about a day and a half, we arrive at the arcane university.

With no sky-slip berth, The Gambit has to anchor in a small lake outside the university.

On our horses, we arrive at the university. It’s gates are open and it appears there is a ward to protect from evil active.

A young female elf, with a clipboard instructs us to follow the red line, just as a red line appears and makes it’s way to a table in a room upstairs. the table has 6 chairs and human proctor.

The proctor was given the docent to identify, the fee waived for a rare item. He was also given to identify the three spell tomes. The proctor found it odd the books focus on one school because most wizards don’t do that. He was also asked about the far realm by Islay. He believes there are those who want to do him harm because they are not happy Islay left.

Fikal in Trexell in Fledorm is looking for rare docents like this, the proctor states.

The dagger appears to be a Red Band dagger from a Redgulan officer Fortroy.

The spell tomes need about another day to identify and the same for the answers to the far realm questions.

At the next table, there appears to be a group of 4 Mercs harassing one of the other proctors. Like a jock picking on the nerdy kid. Vera did something like take her top off, but the Mercs only saw penises where her breasts would have been. This caused them to bugger off.

The young elf woman gave us a token so we could bypass the line in the morning.

At the ship, that night’s first watch, nothing happened. The second watch, around 10pm, the sounds of splashing was heard. The Party was wakened to see the Mercs from the university swimming to the ship. Looking closer, there are two carving something into the side of the ship…then one was pulled under. And then another. We lowered a rope to rescue the others as we had The Gambit to rise out of the water to put some distance between us and what is ever under the water.

When we have the survivors onboard, we scolded them and let them go after the ship settles down in the water.

The third watch…nothing happens.

In the morning, we return to the room at the university to find someone with the proctor who looks very important…perhaps the Dean.

01 May 2016 Session Narrative

01 May 2016 Session Narrative

At dinner with Alabraxis at the Drunken Gypsy, we spotted sigils from different noble houses in Axion, but not Bangenstorm sitting around a large table.

It appears they are keeping very close as a bar maid drops off a platter of meats and cheeses and the staff leaves.

A representative from House Foreignhall began the discussion about the problem with the war between Redgulus and the Goblin Hold, Kurathmaul(sp).

House Winterheart has not pledged any troops, and then more of an argument than a discussion breaks out on if they should commit.

Alabraxis asks Sprocket why we are here, and over the sounds of the argument, the sounds of shudders closing and locking from the outside can be heard.

Maxon, without a sound was able to kick open the front door to find the two Blackhand soldiers’ guarding the front door had their throats slit.

Maxon notices Bangenstorm troops arriving and tells a city guard to go and get more help.

Out back, Raul, Islay and Vera notice a very large group of mercenaries approaching from the alley and the rooftops.

The Party decided to leave.

Looking back, the building is surrounded and calls for the Nobles to surrender…they said hell no. The fight was over quite quickly.

The city guard arrived but didn’t get involved.

The Party returned to the ship.

(-7000gp for having The Gambit to be hallowed with the secondary effect of protection from energy/acid.)

The next day, the city is abuzz about the attack at the Drunken Gypsy and the town Duke is asking for anyone who witnessed the attack to come to the castle and give their testimony. Maxon and Raul make their way to the castle to do so.

Lord Palthor Bangenstorm, the rightful heir to House Bangenstorm.

The next day, (-15,600gp for three (3) Aspect Mirrors) Maxon, on the back to The Gambit, was stopped by a little gypsy boy asking if he was a part of the group who killed the Paladin Eater. If he was, then Islay must to come and speak with Madam Vernna.

Raul is feeling very invigorated from spending time at the Cuthbertian temple.

At lunchtime, Vera gets 35gp for turning in a rapist and Maxon tells Islay about the meeting with Madam Vernna.

Raul and Sprocket remain on the ship while the others go off and meet with Madam Vernna.

Arriving at Madam Vernna’s tent, they notice there is something to ward off evil and the tent is from Tetrigar, but before the flood.

The kid Maxon talked to asks the group to sign in.

The group opens another tent flap. As smoke billows out, there is an old woman with a cane looks at the group and says danger is coming, coming from outside realm, seen it’s face, must fight or run. They come wearing any face. They are after Islay because his birth. They are from Tetrigar, from before the flood. The old temples have passages to other realms.

At The Gambit, the cleric finished sanctifying the ship.

The crew has shore leave until tomorrow.

In the morning, the crew returns and everyone heads to Louvdon.

Two weeks later, The Gambit drops off The Party outside the front gate and leaves to anchor in the river since there isn’t a sky-slip mooring tower.

Inside the city, the sight of soldiers and mercs having a good time was everywhere.

Maxon looking at the invitation he received about his relative wedding and asked a town guard where Trixie’s Bordello is at. Pointing into the center of town and saying that-a-way.

The place looks pretty high end. The front has magical lights flashing in a pattern.

Maxon shows the invitation to get in and he has to vouch for everyone in the party.

Once inside, there are males and females of all races walking about.

There is a loud grumbling from behind a door. One of the patrons said, dismissively, that’s Gerda.

Behind the receptionist’s desk sits and Elven woman who looks totally unimpressed goes to get Trixie.

About 10 minutes later Trixie invited The Party back into her office.

There is a bunch of liquor and food sitting on a table in the middle of the office.

After some small talk, then Trixie hand Maxon a chest that she was holding on to from his uncle. The chest has an amazing lock.

After opening the lock, the chest had a dagger wrapped in a finely crafted read cloth and three magical books. The dagger is that finely crafted it must be magical. The three books are wizard spell books from the school of abjuration, the school evocation and the school of enchantment. Sprocket notices there is a false bottom. Opening the bottom, there is ~1200gp worth of platinum bars.

The Party is staying the night at Trixie’s.

In the morning, The Party is off to get the items from Maxon’s uncle’s chest identified.

At an enchanter’s shop, the owner said the dagger is a Dragon’s bane dagger and the books are from the mage academy in Feldorm, something to do with the far realm. The owner pointed the party in the direction of an archivist staying at the Blue Mongoose Inn.

At the Blue Mongoose Inn, we find the archivist and he begins to explain the far realm is a place of madness and that some creatures use illusion to change their shape. Toscari, Nasty. Psynads, the archivist knows and Islay shows his true self. And the archivist didn’t tell us anything we didn’t know about the three books. Though, there are rumors of a brass dragon to the west, it might have something to do with the defunct Warforged in Shein.

It will be about a three day journey to Shein.

About midday on the second day a brass dragon was spotted.

On the third day, a courier class Warforged was spotted…and it seemed to be very scared of Sprocket. The book Marcinko gave Sprocket had a picture of a designate that looks like Sprocket, but the caption under states it’s designation is Husk. This unit was trying to get away from Sprocket/Husk, but not getting very far because of the rough terrain and it’s wheels were designed for smooth roads.

The courier class reluctantly agreed to tell the party where their colony is.

About 18 hours later, The Party arrives at the Warforged colony. There is one in brass/bronze with something that looks like a docent around it’s neck. There are two others with read stripes. The colony was also not happy to see Sprocket/Husk because it might return as the Overseer. The holder of the docent decided in a trade, a trade in if we defeat the witch, Fanclla, to the north in the swamps the brass/bronze courier class will give us the docent. The witch was using the life force generated by the Warforged for something and the colony want it stopped.

We agreed.

About three hours later, The Party emerged from the tree line to see a mound in the center of a pond with a thatched roofed hut on it and a brass dragon.

We attempted to convince the witch to stop harming the Warforged…she wasn’t having any on it.

20 March 2016 Session Narrative

20 March 2016 Session Narrative

The Party came up with a plan to get the cannons, shot and powder. Bilarro is going to head off to the prison, with the bag of holding, and gather the 2 light cannons, 8 shot and 20 shots of powder since he is the one in the Party who has the best chance of not being spotted. After making multiple trips, he was able to gather everything and we departed the island.

Raul is looking much better, but the crew isn’t happy with having the slaughter king onboard…and the same goes for Maxon’s dog.

After ~16 weeks, the trip to Marcinko’s was uneventful.

Marcinko is looking more upgraded than the last time we saw him. We show him the mind leech, but it seams to have a conscience. This proved to be problematic for Marcinko. How does he save the conscience because in order for him to study the mind leech, it needs to be destroyed?

While Marcinko decides on what to do with the mind leech, he asks The Party what we plan on doing with our time at his castle. Sprocket and Vera would like to use his Ganglion (sp) for answers to Sprocket’s run-time error, killing blow fault and docent. Vera wants to find out if there is anything new in regards to the Rods and Channels. Islay is going to be resting on the ship. Bilarro, Raul and Maxon question Marcinko about augmentation grafts.

Marcinko can do augmentation grafts from Elemental, Construct, Wyrm, Beholder, Fiendish, Illithid, Silithar (The list can be found on Marcinko’s character sheet on the Portal. –Chad)

Outside, The Party’s horses are out stretching their legs and Maxon’s dog catches himself a dear.

The night of the second day, Sprocket was given a book on the origins of the Warforged. It was written in common with gnomish footnotes. The 50,000gp was delivered for the mind leech. In Mazon’s room, two message arrows were returned. One states the Princess was recovered and Fortroy was not caught.

Sprocket, reading through the book it was given; it sees some illustrations of, according to the caption under the picture of an Overseer class with the designation of Husk. The picture looks like Sprocket. The book goes on to describe other discontinued classes. One of those classes was a Courier class. This class was common in Feldorm, north of Louvdon in a town named Shein.

The next morning, Joff will take more time. Marcinko will keep us informed on his progress. Brasco is willing to forgo most of his share for the Void Stone. We inform him why we are searching down the Stones and we are going with him to search for the remaining Stones. Brasco’s contract is from Redgulus on expensive velum and from a house of worship and in legalese.

The Party makes our way to Balcorran where the crew is retained and the Void Stone was given to Brasco, as well as a message arrow.

The Party opens an account at the Bank Of Hammerstrike’s branch in Balcorran with the amount of 50,000gp +30,000gp from Islay +10,000gp from Raul +10,000gp from Maxon -11,500gp for a wand of cure serious w/50 charges (Raul) -5,000 scroll of restoration (Raul) -22,000 for 2 type4 trunks of holding for The Gambit with a total deposit of 61,500gp.

The Party making out way into town to a tavern named The Broken Foe. Inside, there is talk of the war with the Goblin Hold. The Therminians and Axonians are worried the war will spill over onto their lands. Sprocket and Vera see Alabraxis talking to a nobleman from House Banginstorm in Axion. We also hear rumors there are recruiting to attack the Idald lands from Proust and there are problems in Feldorm. This might be a starting point because Sprocket and Maxon have business in Feldorm.

With the information that was overheard about the attack on the Idald lands, we make out way to the Duke’s Voltire Keep. We meet with the Archivist, Bangor, and informed him what was overheard and he issued arrest warrants. While we are here, we asked Bangor about the Divine Crucible. We were pulled off to the side and asked how we know of the Crucible. We answered Raul’s brother’s noted makes reference to it and Bangor knows of it from the Order of the Archivists.

Back at the Broken Foe, we see the Axonians being escorted off in chains and Alabraxis walks up to us, asking how we are and inviting us to dinner.

06 March 2016 Session Narrative

06 March 2016 Session Narrative

(Beginning Session in combat with Slaughter King Kython)

Just before The Party gets into combat with the major Kython, the Kython speaks out loud in common to The Party. It says he is Cpl Joff Devis and he asked who we are and if the war with the Elves is still on. We told him who we are and the war has been over for a great number of years.

We asked how Cpl Devis came to be in control of this Slaughter King, he then began to tell how the Elves made the volcano erupt around the colony after the magical barrier went up to protect the colony. After the barrier was completely submerged by the lava the area under the barrier began to get very hot and humid. As a last stand, the remnants of the Imperial forces moved the treasure to the prison and holed up there for the end. That is the last thing Cpl Devis remembers prior to seeing The Party.

After determining that Cpl Devis isn’t a threat, as long things don’t become too drastic, the Cpl can become an ally in our current situation.

After resting The Party began searching the pile in the center of the prison, we found the treasure; 100,000gp, 150,000gp/gems and 50,000gp/art. And in the pile; 3 light bombards, 1 heavy bombard, 5 piles w/12 shots each and 200 shots of powder.

Also found was a chest with what looks like a magical lock. After breaking the lock, inside;
1. +3 Light Crossbow
2. +2 Heavy Mythril Shield
3. Net of Entanglement
4. Cone of Calling
5. Javelin of Lightning

To help Raul, he has his bed roll, blanket and silk rope in the bag of holding.

The items from the magic chest was distributed to the members of The Party who needed them the most and the treasure was added to the bag of holding, but the bombards, what’s left of the shots and powder will need to gathered later.

Getting more history out of Cpl Devis, he said the fort was built to house things from Star Fall and the first shipment was the Void Stone.

At this time, The Party is thinking of a way to get out. Knowing that we were tasked to retrieve a living mind leech for Dr. Marcinko, and we can sure use another heavy hitter in our current situation, so we decided to take Cpl Devis with us.

Cpl Devis said the Void Stone is in the lava lake near the outer edge of the dome.

Bilarro, with his excellent hide skills was able to make it to and scout out the lake, but wasn’t able to return to the prison without attracting attention to himself, but he was able to make it to and inside the prison before the lesser Kythons were on him.

Bilarro said the lake is ~100’ x ~100’ with ~2’ high berm going all the way around the lake.

The plan to get the Void Stone:
Split the Party. The members of The Party with good hide skills will take half of the powder to the barracks set a fuse so the resulting explosion can be used as a distraction for the lesser Kythons, return to the prison, rest a day, Bilarro to head off to the barracks to light the fuses and then run to the lake, Cpl Devis to place the kegs of powder into the berm and then wait for the kegs to explode and then have Brasco and the Earth Rod move the flowing lava out of the lake so we can grab the Void Stone and the we move up the lowered rope from The Gambit…but there was a problem.

The plan went off without a hitch, but the Void Stone was attached to something that looked like a Necromental. And it was heading off to the sound of the explosion at the barracks.

Seeing him having the advantage, Cpl Devis was able to take out the Necromental while Vera grabbed the Void Stone and made it up the rope to meet the rest of The Party. Cpl Devis was able to dimension hop to the surface.

Now…we need to come up with a plan to get the armaments.

24 Jan 2016 Session Narrative

24 Jan 2016 Session Narrative

(The Party is beginning the session in combat.)

After fighting a horde of Kythons and some nasty mushrooms, The Party was able to make it to the Prison and barricaded ourselves inside.

Inside the prison, it is basically a very large room with 10’ x 10’ cells on the perimeter side and back walls. In the center of the room, there is a large pile, taking up most of the center of the room, of debris consisting of tables, chairs and organic material from what looks like the same Kythons we fought outside.

Using the keys we found in the barracks, we opened one of the cell doors to find an empty holding cell. This was the same for the next four cells.

Islay decided to lie down and rest in the first cell.

Continuing along the right wall of cells, the fifth one had the cell bars pushed out.

Coming from the opposite side of the debris pile, the clicking of Abissal sounds out to The Party.

Brasco says that we shouldn’t be in here as the trinket Marcinko gave us started to glow.

Brasco replies to the voice, and it sounds like it is coming our way, and it isn’t very happy.

Islay, from his cell, says something Psyonic is going to happen.

A very large Kython appears from behind the pile.

On the Kython’s forehead, a pulsating organ appears to be of some importance.

Maxon, Raul and Sprocket are the only ones who are able to hear this…the large Kython asked us why we are here. We said we are looking for a stone. The Kython doesn’t have it, but it might be to the west, in the lake of fire. Then the Kython asked us how we got here. We were not too convincing in not telling it how we got here, and it begins to advance on The Party.


10 Jan 2016 Session Narrative

10 Jan 2016 Session Narrative

Continuing inside the barracks of the military outpost, with the steam not as bad, The Party investigates the first floor which consists of a long hallway with three doors on either side and one door at the end.

Each of the doors on the side walls opened into what looked like offices, some doors were able to open easily, others were sealed shut due to the steam and had to be forced open. After getting inside the rooms, The Party was able to gather some information on the area and some gold, but not much else.

The door at the end of the hallway was a double set of doors that opened into a large office with a staircase in the far-left corner and what looks like a safe on the right wall.

Searching the desk and the area round it, Maxon was able to find what looks like a journal or a logbook. In it, most of the pages were ruined due to the steam, but the last two pages were readable.



On the wall, there was a large map of the island. After Bilarro and Islay committed the map to memory, Sprocket removed the map and put it in The Party’s bag-o-holding.

Meanwhile, Bilarro was able to gain access to the safe.

As the door opens, lights inside the safe came on. Upon inspection, there seems to be a mechanical system that removed what looks like shroud over brightly glowing stones. Seeing an opportunity to have a light source that doesn’t use a flame, each member of The Party grabbed one of the stones.

Continuing upstairs, The Party came upon a group of lizard/bird creatures without, apparently, sensory organs who appear to be fighting one another and stopped when they “saw” us. And in the middle, stands a big one of these creatures.

After a small fight, we investigated the hallway.

The hallway was laid out in the same manner as the one downstairs, except there were only two doors on either side of the hallway and one double set at the far end.

After investigating each of the rooms on the sides of the hallway, each was filled with leathery-looking eggs…inferring the little creatures and the big one were hatched from them.

Reaching the end of the hallway, it seems all of the cots and other furniture was stacked up like a barricade against the doors…like to keep whatever on the other side of the door from coming through.

After moving the furniture out of the way, we opened the doors and immediately the steam began to clear. Once inside, it looks like another large office.

With nothing worth keeping that hasn’t been ruined by the steam, The Party decides to make our way to where the loot was taken to per the logbook…the prison.

As The Party head out to the prison, we try to take the safest way, by going out to the perimeter of where the dome and the ground meet.

That was a mistake. The Party was attacked by those lizard/bird things again. And this time doing significant damage.

We retreated back to the safe in the barracks to rest.

Before entering the safe, Maxon sends a message arrow to the crew of The Gambit to raise the rope to prevent anyone else from using it.

After a night of resting, and believing there is no one outside the safe, we open the door.

Once open, we decided to make a direct run to the prison.

About half way there, we come upon a forest of very large mushrooms. Once we walked closer, one of the mushrooms began to scream very loudly and at the same time, The Party was notified there is the characteristic sound of those lizard/bird creatures approaching us from behind.

06 Dec 2015 Session Narrative

06 Dec 2015 Session Narrative

In the morning, The Party leaves for Galmill.

On the third day, we meet a group of three (3) outriders from House Voltire coming from Galmill. They did see two (2) outriders from House Idald when asked, but they didn’t show any signs of the sickness we described.

Upon arriving at Galmill, there is a heavily armored carriage with equally heavily armored horses parked outside the guard house. The carriage looks like it’s riding very low. It is harvest and tax season. There seems a harvest festival just finished. There is a bardic band packing up their equipment.

Getting closer to the guard house, Bilarro asked one of the guards in an officer’s uniform about what happened in Epeche and what happened to the outriders from their. The officer stated they were sent to Cartway.

The Party made our way to the Inn, and once inside, it looked like it was very busy. Vera talks to the Innkeeper about the woman with the red scarf, the innkeeper couldn’t recall anyone looking like that. The Innkeeper did state there was a festival going on, so it was pretty busy. Just off the bar, sitting at a table was a member of the Black Hand. As Brasco gets rooms of each member of The Party, Bilarro goes over to the Black Hand member and asks about their undead problem. The member said the undead isn’t a problem anymore. The member is here to gather information and deliver updates to the Duke. The member was asked to deliver to the Baron that the undead are being drawn to Bridgeton. Sprocket and Maxon were unsuccessful in gathering any additional information on the Red Queen, but Vera was a bit luckier. She overheard two women saying what a cunt she was. She, they said, spent most of her time wandering around the entertainment area and left either this morning or yesterday for Balcorran.

The rest of the day, Raul sells the rest of the holy water for 600gp and Maxon buys a dog.

Leaving Islay’s wagon in Galmill so The Party can get to Epeche faster.

In the morning, we leave for Epeche.

On the morning of the 9th day we arrive.

Searching the outside of the Inn, the window to the room where the family was in was broken out and a dried, bloody smear down the wall. Bilarro climbs to the roof and looks in the window, there is on one inside. We enter the room to search for the bank notes. One note, worth 27,000gp from the Bank of Hammerstrike. The mineral rights are in the goblin-hold and sold to Duke Fortroy. There is an additional 10,000gp bank note for mineral rights sold on behalf of House Drema. There is an assortment of gems worth 700gp in the room.
On our return trip to Balcorran to ship shop for our trip to the island on Brasco’s treasure map, we make a pit-stop in Galmill to gather Islay’s wagon.

After looking around, we bought a Pinnace.

The pinnace is a small, two-masted sailing vessel. It’s sturdy enough to undertake long open-water voyages and handy enough to use close to shore. A pinnace is fully decked,
but it’s sterncastle is hardly worthy of the name; it’s little more than a cramped cabin.
Pinnace: Gargantuan vehicle; Seaworthiness +2; Shiphandling +2; Speed wind × 30 ft. or oars 5 ft. (good); Overall AC 1; Hull sections 4 (sink 1 section); Section hp 50 (hardness 5); Section AC 3; Rigging Sections 2; Rigging hp 60 (hardness 0), AC 1; Ram 3d6; Mounts 2 light; Space 30 ft. by 10 ft.; Height 10 ft. (draft 5 ft.); Complement 15; Watch 3 plus 8 rowers; Cargo 30 tons (Speed wind × 20 ft. if 15 tons or more); Cost 4,500 gp.


We also picked up:
- 8 ever-lasting rations
- 30 parachutes
- Cold weather gear for high altitudes
- Flotation bags
- Extra rope (300ft)
- Extra sails
- 10t of storage for rations
- 10t of storage for horses
- 10t of storage for feed for the horses

Raul went to investigate if there was someone at the temple who can scry on the Red Queen. He was able to find someone, and elderly man not associated with the temple was unsuccessful in scrying on her.

Sprocket made a deposit of 200gp in the Balcorran branch of the Bank of Hammerstrike.

Naming our ship Gambit, we get her loaded and set sail to Fairvale to meet up with the Princes and inform them on our progress, but upon arriving and investigating the Princes left weeks ago.

After learning that, we make our way on the 16 week trip to the island of Molokore(sp).

About 2/3s of the way through our trip we notice what looks like a pirate ship. With both of us having nothing to attach the other, we continue on.

About another 4 week go by and we spot land.

After dropping anchor and disembarking, we looked for a thin spot in the volcanic-glass mound. After finding a thin spot and Sprocket breaking through, a geyser of built-up steam caused some damage.

Initially, Maxon and Sprocket were going to stay on the surface, but then decided it would be best if we all stick together.

Once at the bottom, the steam is less dense down here, but vision is still limited to a few feet…even with torches. It looks like the volcano hasn’t touched this area. Looking around we find a set of steps heading to a building. By the looks of the building, this was an Imperial outpost from the time of the war with the elves. The door to the building was picked by Bilarro and more steam vents out of the room. Investigating further inside, Sprocket picks up two (2) sets of masterwork Imperial leather armor and puts them in the bag-o-holding. Searching further into the building, there is a wooden door at the end of a hallway. Inside the room, there is a safe that Bilarro picks. Inside there is 300gp of coins and what looks like adamantine manacle keys. After some deducing, these keys were to manacles used to restrain slaved from off world.


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