Sundered Schemes

04 Jan 2015 Session Narrative.

04 Jan 2015 Session Narrative.

(Beginning fight with Gnolls)

After defeating the Gnolls, the party finds:
(2) +1 ¼ Staffs
+1 Morning Star
+1 Spear
Masterwork Club
Masterwork Morning Star

+1 Hide Armor
+1 Studded Leather Armor
(2) +1 Breast Plate
+1 Leather Armor
+1 Banded Mail Armor: Sprocket claimed this for when it gets it’s armor plates upgraded.

68 + 335/gems cp
4180/gems gp

Alabaxus gave 1500gp for the dragon head and an additional 200gp for the choice cuts.

The party rested for two days in the shit grounds for the three day trip to New Veshar..but our final destination is Castle Fortroy. We decided to follow the river south to Castle Fortroy, but the trip to the river will take three weeks from New Veshar.

About three weeks from Castle Fortroy, at dusk, something very unpleasant is about to happen.
30 zombies, 1 gast and 5 ghouls come this way…it seems we have found the undead path.

(At this point, I am unsure if we rolled initiative or not. -Chad)

14 Dec 2014 Live Session Narrative.

14 Dec 2014 Session Narrative.

@ the cotillion, the town’s people are gathering the materials needed to make a tent because there is a large storm on the horizon.

We offer assistance to someone who appears to be the Mayor’s wife…and she was making everyone’s lives a hell with her constant nagging and barking orders

We notice there is something along the lines of a tournament being set up.

Raul was selected to give the opening prayer by the the Mayor’s wife…she believing he is a Palorian (I think. -Chad) priest that was hired to do give the opening prayer.

Islay and Vera were drafted into providing the entertainment by the Mayor’s wife…again, she believing that they were the entertainment they hired. Sprocket was handed a tool box and instructed to report for stage maintenance. Sprocket declined by dropping the tool box as the Mayor’s wife turned and walked away.

At this point, Sprocket and Maxon went to the only inn for lodging.

Once inside the inn, it was a madhouse. There were people everywhere, waiting for rooms. When Maxon and Sprocket reached the front desk, the inn keeper wasn’t in the best of moods. We took advantage of the confusing situation and took the rooms that were booked for the entertainment.

Since, we had a some time to kill, Sprocket and Maxon went into the inn’s tavern. We grabbed a table and the bar maiden to ask us for our order. We gave it to her and we asked about what was happening in town today. She said, outside of the obvious cotillion, there was some trouble on the road to the south. Also, we found out that most of the town’s people are not from the town, but from miles away, conscripted into providing the labor to get the cotillion ready.

We were able to piece together that the entertainment for tonight’s event might have been attacked, and our party was mistaken for them.

Sprocket and Maxon meet up with Raul and tell him what the bar maiden told us about the trouble on the road to the south while we wait for the cotillion to start.

After Raul’s inspiration prayer about how war was coming and everyone needs to get to making babies and Islay’s and Vera’s hillbilly rendition of Thunderstruck, there was a thunder-clap that scared a bunch of people.

Maxon, through all the turmoil of the storm, was able to hear the voice of a Blue Dragon.

Outside of the tent, Bilarro climbs to the top of one of the buildings to get a better look at what is going on. While up there, he could see there was a familiar looking Black Dragon coming up from the south. It would appear that Black dragon is attacking Blue dragon because the Blue dragon is encroaching on the Black’s dragon territory.

These two beasts are very large and are getting pretty banged up and they are getting closer to the ground we needs to be concerned about collateral damage when the beasts reach the ground.

Where are the town guards?

There was a large lightning strike that vaporized the Mayor’s wife.

About ½ hour later, the rain eases and the dragons appear to have moved on.

As we leave for Balcorran to hire a tracker, and also to see what happened to the entertainment, we noticed there are a number of field fires due to the storm. To the south, he come upon some damaged wagons, no bodies just damaged wagons.

Once we arrived at Balcorran, there are a large number of outriders from the Idalad estate…though some looked familiar. Perhaps from the customs house in Lanterum.

Once inside, we head for a tavern and their jobs board and placed a want ad for a tracker.

The third applicant, a Gnome barbarian named Thurrusuck was hired.

On the morning of the seventh day, there are the remains of a large Blue dragon with the choice cuts missing: claws, scales, head, etc. Our tracker suggests that something inhuman did this. Perhaps gnolls.

In about a mile, we approach the outskirts of an inhuman camp. We were not very quiet and we didn’t hide very well.

(And at that point we stopped…just before another battle. -Chad)

02 Nov 2014 Session Narrative

02 Nov. 2014 Live Session Narrative

Arriving at Balcorran, we start negotiations to set up a meeting with Duke Voltaire to ask about the mask with the Aqua Stone.

So in the meantime, we venture into the city looking for a restful crystal so Maxon will be able to sleep in his armor…just in case.

After we get the crystal for Maxon, we return to the Voltaire House.

Outside the House’s gate, we notice the Voltaire’s house archivist, Bangor chastising the groundskeepers-to-be by using the lookout plants which have purple leaves with black ridges.

The Archivist notices us, and we request an audience with the Duke. The Archivist notifies us that the Duke has an opening after dinner…after the 6pm hour.

The Duke has accepted us, and we begin discussing the mask with the missing jewel. We informed him that the mask was in the manifest, but not the jewel. We also informed him the Ogre named Rawhead, the one who sacked Balcorran was killed by the bannerman Morast Vane.

After the meeting, we return the Cammorine estate to find out the he and Prince Archidiem have left for Jobrak.

The following morning we pack up and head for the Lodge, about 2 ½ week journey with a very experienced Tiefling guide/tracker.

When we arrive, the original lodge is gone, but there is a Keep being built. Maxon was able to notice what looks like heads on pikes along the edge of the palisades with obvious signs of battle by Orks, Elves and Humans.

Also noticed, inside the palisades, there are 8 figures hanging by their wrists over a pit.

Once we entered the tent, we did notice that this was an extra-dimensional space and there was a very attractive female devil sent to escort us to see Morast Vane.

We are now before Morast Vane in a very ornate room. Since we have taken care of the Paladin Eater, we might be able to take care of his small undead problem. The Keep seems to be in the middle of a path from the NE to the SW of undead and we are to find out where they are coming from or where they are going and stop them.

After accepting, we figure out that we need to head out for the two week journey to the Idalad Estate. Along the way Raul will bless 2 flasks of water a day…just in case.
But, before we left, we were asked if we require anything by a Tiefling named Alabaxus. Sprocket picked up a compass and a hooded lantern.

On the second day, there is a pile of dead undead. As we entered the area, the ground formed up into a humanoid form. A Grave Dirt Golem. After figuring out that slashing and piercing weapons were not getting the job done, Sprocket used it’s body to bludgeon the Golem.

After cleaning ourselves off, we continue to the Idalad Estate.

When we arrived, Lady Idalad was very contemptuous of us and was either unaware or unconcerned about the undead on her land.

So we left.

Back out on the road, we began our one week journey to Cartway.

When we arrive at Cartway, there seems to be a large, town party for girls in becoming women, a cotillion.

12 Oct 2014 Live Session

12 Oct 2014 Live Session

((This following was sent to the players via email by Andy. -Chad))

Other interesting things happened as well, but I wanted to get this documented before it faded from memory. I already forgot what was in the journal entry about the Ash Weeper that referenced Trakas.


water – was in tower under the sea where a wizard fought aboleths. then it was in a lizardman tribal mask that went to Lanterum from the Lazorgas Islands. Where it was stolen by a thief that used a terrorist bombing as a diversion to break into the customs house. Thief walked on the ceiling. Similar evidence was found in Balcorran before the Hazelton departed and was eventually involved in a plot to crash into Lanterum. “The Detective” was one of the culprits there.

fire – in a pendant around the neck of the commander of the Apocalypse.

voidstone – inside of hardened magma at Molakor Island

earth – White wizard

air – airbending supercop

light – Gabe’s eye. stolen. whereabouts unknown.


death – in our bag of holding. We should consider hiding it or giving it to someone we trust for safe keeping before we visit Morast Vane.

Firm – in Argon’s safe. Changeling stole it before Max stopped him. Looked like he was capable of walking up walls.

Light – hilt of the sword in Knight Hide’s back

air – ?

Fire – ?

Water – ?

((The following was added by Paul. -Chad))

Bilarro can make a Knowledge (Local Area) check, DC 22 about the airbending supercop.

Tales of noteworthy police are pretty well passed around in the criminal society circles. There’s a slim chance Bilarro may have heard of this guy.

((The following are from the notes I took. -Chad))

The Ash Weeper and the 6 Scepters are, in someway connected. But, more important are the 6 stones and they need to be gotten. And there is a Trakas connection to either the Ash Weeper and/or the 6 Stones.

The Doctor has asked us for help in acquiring something he calls Symbiotes. They are a kind of mind leech, and the Doctor has given us a ball-bearing looking sphere that is able to detect these Symbiotes. The Doctor would like one brought to him…alive. The Symbiote is going to be used as raw material to help with Winston or for another project he is working on.

During Sprocket’s trip through the Ganglinium (sp), it discovered that the vision it’s saw the previous night was a product of some residual energy that was being released by the Doctor’s castle. Sprocket enquired about the vision, and the Doctor stated that someone used the Ganglinium(sp) and it was that copy of that memory that caused Sprocket’s vision.

((The following are what I have on the Channels and Stones. -Chad))

-Dark Channel: The Void Stone fits into the gem setting of the Channel. It is the purest of black.
-Light Channel: It is the Sword of Power and it was made into the handle and it was found sticking out of Night Hide.
-Aqua Stone: Was last seen in a tower under the sea.

((The following is a list of what I believe to be the Stones. -Chad))


14 Sept. 2014 Live Session.

14 Sept. 2014 Live Session.

(We fast forwarded to Balcorran.)

The Party meets up with the Duke of House Voltaire.

After finishing breakfast, the Duke was very grateful for the destruction of the the Paladin Eater that each member of the Party had a their choice of horse from the stable for our trip to the Eastern Frontier to mend Winston.

The Duke also had a request that we deliver a message to Doctor Marcinko. That message is inside a large box.

After resting in Balcorran’s finest inn, we are invited to watch tonight’s Devil-Ball game from the Duke’s private box.

After securing the services of a Halfling guide, the journey was cut down to three weeks from six.

On the night of the second day of the third week the Party was attacked by 9 undead Kobold from the west.

After the fight, there were a significant number of potions/oils on them.
potion of endure element
potion of resist electricity (20pts)
oil of greater magic weapon +3
potion defend person
oil of magic weapon
potion of bark skin +4
oil of magic vestments +2
potion of neutralize poison
potion remove blindness defense
86pp, 240gp, 160sp, 350cp

The rest of the journey was uneventful.

As the Party approaches the front gate of Doctor Marcinko’s property, we noticed that the rusty gate was halfway off it’s hinges.

After walking through, it was about a 20 minute walk to a closed portcullis of the Doctor’s castle.

A flesh golem motions us in with it’s eye-stalk and we explain that we have a message for the Doctor from the Duke Voltaire and we have a patient that is in need of the Doctor’s services.

After a few moments, the Doctor meets with us.

We informed the Doctor that we have this message from Duke Voltaire and we have a member of our party that is in need of his services.

In a strange move, the Doctor extended his arm about 10ft longer than a normal arm would to grab the box with the message.

The Doctor instructed us to follow him.

As we followed, we moved through the courtyard, and it seemed his guards disappeared and reappeared a short distance away…and then there were the tapestries that seemed to recoil as in sensing something painful and a moment later relaxing.

(That is where we called game. -Chad)

10 August 2014 Live Session.
The Bloody Fight With Carnalsous

10 August 2014 Live Session.

(The fight is commencing.)

(Paul gave instructions that if any of the kids or if the woman is killed, while we are fighting, there is a 10% loss in Xp.)

At the start of the fight, two of the kids fell off Islay’s horse, and one is actively dying.

The party split up to defend the two kids that fell and to make sure the rest of the kids and the woman make it out of the battlefield.

During the course of the battle, Vera, Bilarro, Raul and Sprocket fell. But just before Sprocket deactivated, it hears a war horn.

The horn was from from another Warforged, Sir Cog on a clockwork horse, from House Voltaire.

((And the rest of what happened after the fight was communicated through email. -Chad)

06 July 2014 Session Narrative

06 July 2014 Session Narrative

The Party was able to make it off the ship, even the ones with horses before the ship was defeated by the dragon.

Our crash site was in a sparsely populated forest about 4 miles west from the ancient highway to Balcorran.

We fashioned two sleds out of the wreckage to carry Winson and Billarro.

By the time we reached the Ancient Highway, it was just after sundown.

We figured that we are about 8 days north from Fairvale.

At dusk, five Formian warriors attacked.

((At this time, most of the characters leveled. -Chad))

Just before dawn, there was a commotion coming from the Highway. We noticed there was a group of children running away from something chasing them. Behind the children is a lone woman motioning them to keep running. Further up the Highway there is a knight, perhaps a paladin, using his sword as a walking stick…and then something jumped on top of the paladin and bit his head off.

((This is where the party moved to protect the women and children and then we called it. -Chad))


07 June 2014 Session Narrative.

07 June 2014 Session Narrative.

After the meeting at Franco’s Whore House to have a talk to the whores who impersonated the “nuns” to Lanterum.

We wanted to find out the connection between who hired Sprocket and who hired the others.

Islay asked the Madam about Gertrude, and she knows who he is. He sends his girls out as couriers.

Raul was off having a chat with Casmaratine, the Cuthburtian archivist and Bilarro (Andy’s character…I think) might have a bounty out on his head because Drex is dead and Mortimer is missing.

The party was able to find a name…Rustin Jase. Rustin was last seen at the Blind Mongrel.

As we entered the Blind Mongrel, there was a strong akrid /acid smell in the air as one lone woman was sweeping. The booth partitions and tables were all missing. Tom who runs The Wine Sink stated that Rustin was at the Low Port Customs House. We looked around for a bit and found that there were a large number of scorch marks on the walls and ceiling. We figured that this is where Mortimer exploded.

The party headed off to the Low Port Customs House to book passage to Balcorran. .

We arrived in time to see Rustin book passage to the Western Continent. While in line, Rustin keeps motioning to a group of Cyrilians. As we kept an eye on the Cyrilians and what they plan on doing in line. Nothing really did happen because Rustin wants to meet us at the Cuthbertian Temple in one hour so we can talk about the job Bilarro was supposed to do.

On our way out of the customs house, we overheard a merchant sailors and their Captain, Cpt Snell from the merchant ship Buford talk about a meteor shower about 2-½ weeks out and humans falling out of the sky and burning debris. One of the items found in the debris was some jade with rubies in what looked like a dragon mascot.

The next morning we sent a message arrow to Maxon to return to the Blonde Swan. Winston is still non-responsive. We found out that House Drega does this when they want someone captured. Upon further examination, it looks like Winston was getting ready to fight or cast a spell.

We waited for another two days for our ship to depart for Balcorran.

Everything was quiet…but on the fourth day Sprocket was able to spot a Black Dragon getting ready to attack the ship just as the ship’s klaxons sounded off.

06 April 2014 Session
(Sixth Live Session)

(This narrative was written by Andy and sent to everyone via email. I figured to keep a record of our adventure, I should post it here. -Chad)


At the graveyard. Bilarro was killed by zombies. Winston was knocked out, but stabilized. And Sprocket was disabled after taking out a zombie. Presumably, Numrona regained conciousness after an hour, quaffed some healing potions and then did some very bad things to Winston and Bilarro.

When the overland team arrived in Alsay, they found a crowd around shirtless and crucified Winston and Bilarro, with Sprocket on the side. Bilarro was alive. Both WInston and Bilarro had weird growths on their sides.

After some healing, we relayed the story to the group. Then went to the Inn. Islay drew a pciture of the necromancer based upon our recollections and showed it around. The Innkeeper recognized her as Numrona, a gril who left several years ago to study at Starfall Academy. I’m not sure if the innkeeper remembered that she and Cederic Imiglio (Phil’s new character’s dead brother) were an item, or if we discovered that later when we found old letters between them beneath the floor boards of his bedroom. We also found a picture of something that the Pelorian cleric, who arrived a bit later, described as the Sunrod.

Also, the cleric doesn’t know how to remove Winston and Bilarro’s cysts, but recommended a “doctor” who lives in the Eastern Frontier. While debating about whether to work with the necromancer, kill her, kill billaro and winston removing the cysts and then resurrecting them (my idea, but Tim and Brian seemed to like it a little too much, and I’m not sure if they would have followed through with part two of the plan)… anyway, while we bickered as we tend to do, Winston was suddenly possessed by the necromancer Numrona. She basically said if we came after her, we would never leave. Then she released him. At some point in the conversation, she revealed some info relevant to the main plotline, like Rasmire Fortroy rising to fight the Black Rage in case she were to fall.

Actually now that I’m typing it out, I think that we discovered the letters after this encounter. Because then Raul (Phil) tried to get her attention again to ask her about his brother. She did not reply. So we went to the graveyard so he could visit his brothers grave, which had been disturbed. We decided to return to town and get some supplies, then take the 3-day trip to Numrona’s fmaily farm so that Raul could talk to her about his brother. When we arrived, we discovered that the place had been destroyed by acid (we guessed that it was the parent of the young black dragon that the land team encountered, but have no actual proof of that). Inside we found Numrona’s lifeless body. In her hand was an item that looked like the rod form the picture in Cederic’s house. Raul picked it up and was blasted with negative energy. So Winston used telekinesis to pick it up and put it in a sack that Billarro had. And then Billarro tossed it into the bag of holding. We searched around and found nothing else useful. We did grab some loot off of her. Bilarro took a ring of invisibility and Winston took a ring of protection and her staff. Everybody else split up her remaining healing potions. Nick and Chad should add one potion of cure cirtical wounds to each of their character sheets. Chad, note that healing potions still work on warforged, but heal half the normal damage. Then we left.

We decided to head back to Lanterum, from where, at least Winston and Bilarro, would catch an airship to Balcorran. And then head east to find Doctor Marchinko and have their cysts removed.

On the first night, while Raula nd Trakas were on watch, two skeletons came out of the darkness and attacked. Raul destroyed them with the divine power of Cuthbert before anybody else even woke up. Nick, note that you gained 100xp for this.

On the twelfth night, while BIlarro and Maxon were on watch, a poor soul named Chuck stumbled out of the dark pleading for help. He had been beat to shit and his wife and children had been killed by outriders of House Grast. We took him into the camp, patched him up and gave him food and water. He continued with us back to Lanterum, where Islay bought him a horse and gave him 100gp to get back on his feet.

Also, right before we returned to the city, we encountered a gnomish potion vendor with clockwork stuff. Not much transpired there.

We returned to Lanterum.

At the Camorine Estate we discovered that Steffan had traveled to Balcorran with Prince Elias Archidiem. We are not allowed to stay there. So we got rooms at the Blonde Swan, a mid-level boarding house in the Entertainment District.

I’m not sure which of the next two tihngs happened first. It really doesn’t matter though.

We visited the High Port Skyport and found out that the next airship to Balcorran doesn’t arrive for a week. When it departs next, it will take a week and a day to get there. We purchased tickets for ourselves, some second class (300gp each) and some third class (45sp). You need second class tickets to be able to bring cargo at all, and I think a horse costs 25sp per day. So the guys with good horses bought second class tickets. Bilarro can’t afford anything but third class, so that was an easy decision. Sprocket, Trakas, and Winston will need to decide how they want to travel. We can probably change our tickets later, but there’s a chance that they could sell out as we get closer to departure. First class would cost 7000gp, but we;d only need to buy one ticket and we’d all share a suite and first class passengers don’t have to pay for cargo. But right now that seems out of our price range. But we have a week.

There, we stashed the Rod of Darkness with Winston, Sprocket, and Trakas and went to the Archivist’s Adamantine Tower. We asked to speak with somebody about the rods. A junior archivist came down. When we showed him the letter from Numrona to Cederic that spoke of finding the rod of darkness in Agragard, the City of Tombs, he remarked something like “Agragard, I should’ve figured” or whatever he actually said. And then invited us in. Everyone except for Islay got a funny feeling about that, like he was up to something shady, so we asked to have his superior come out to meet us where we were. Somebody else came down to talk to us. He seemed on the level. We revealed that Numrona was in Alsay, and he thanked us and sent us on our way. The only new info we got out of it was that the Rod of Life (sunrod) and Rod of Darkness are two of a set of six interconnecting rods that form a sphere. The other four rods are attuned to Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.

We left from there. And I think we’re heading back to the inn for now. It’s probably approaching evening by now with all of our running around. Islay expressed an interest in gambling. Bilarro is inclined to join him. I’ve got a week to turn 50gp into 300gp or spend the following week smelling Islay’s horse’s manure while I sleep.

An in-town side quest we’re aware of include that secret sewer passage where we met Trakas that might lead to some underground pit fighting ring.

09 Feb 2014 Session
(5th Live Session)

((Well…at this point there would be a detailed narrative on the events of the last session. But, since things were happening quite rapidly and there is a long email thread relating to what happened last session, so, I will not be entering a narrative. -Chad))


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