Sundered Schemes

06 March 2016 Session Narrative

06 March 2016 Session Narrative

(Beginning Session in combat with Slaughter King Kython)

Just before The Party gets into combat with the major Kython, the Kython speaks out loud in common to The Party. It says he is Cpl Joff Devis and he asked who we are and if the war with the Elves is still on. We told him who we are and the war has been over for a great number of years.

We asked how Cpl Devis came to be in control of this Slaughter King, he then began to tell how the Elves made the volcano erupt around the colony after the magical barrier went up to protect the colony. After the barrier was completely submerged by the lava the area under the barrier began to get very hot and humid. As a last stand, the remnants of the Imperial forces moved the treasure to the prison and holed up there for the end. That is the last thing Cpl Devis remembers prior to seeing The Party.

After determining that Cpl Devis isn’t a threat, as long things don’t become too drastic, the Cpl can become an ally in our current situation.

After resting The Party began searching the pile in the center of the prison, we found the treasure; 100,000gp, 150,000gp/gems and 50,000gp/art. And in the pile; 3 light bombards, 1 heavy bombard, 5 piles w/12 shots each and 200 shots of powder.

Also found was a chest with what looks like a magical lock. After breaking the lock, inside;
1. +3 Light Crossbow
2. +2 Heavy Mythril Shield
3. Net of Entanglement
4. Cone of Calling
5. Javelin of Lightning

To help Raul, he has his bed roll, blanket and silk rope in the bag of holding.

The items from the magic chest was distributed to the members of The Party who needed them the most and the treasure was added to the bag of holding, but the bombards, what’s left of the shots and powder will need to gathered later.

Getting more history out of Cpl Devis, he said the fort was built to house things from Star Fall and the first shipment was the Void Stone.

At this time, The Party is thinking of a way to get out. Knowing that we were tasked to retrieve a living mind leech for Dr. Marcinko, and we can sure use another heavy hitter in our current situation, so we decided to take Cpl Devis with us.

Cpl Devis said the Void Stone is in the lava lake near the outer edge of the dome.

Bilarro, with his excellent hide skills was able to make it to and scout out the lake, but wasn’t able to return to the prison without attracting attention to himself, but he was able to make it to and inside the prison before the lesser Kythons were on him.

Bilarro said the lake is ~100’ x ~100’ with ~2’ high berm going all the way around the lake.

The plan to get the Void Stone:
Split the Party. The members of The Party with good hide skills will take half of the powder to the barracks set a fuse so the resulting explosion can be used as a distraction for the lesser Kythons, return to the prison, rest a day, Bilarro to head off to the barracks to light the fuses and then run to the lake, Cpl Devis to place the kegs of powder into the berm and then wait for the kegs to explode and then have Brasco and the Earth Rod move the flowing lava out of the lake so we can grab the Void Stone and the we move up the lowered rope from The Gambit…but there was a problem.

The plan went off without a hitch, but the Void Stone was attached to something that looked like a Necromental. And it was heading off to the sound of the explosion at the barracks.

Seeing him having the advantage, Cpl Devis was able to take out the Necromental while Vera grabbed the Void Stone and made it up the rope to meet the rest of The Party. Cpl Devis was able to dimension hop to the surface.

Now…we need to come up with a plan to get the armaments.

24 Jan 2016 Session Narrative

24 Jan 2016 Session Narrative

(The Party is beginning the session in combat.)

After fighting a horde of Kythons and some nasty mushrooms, The Party was able to make it to the Prison and barricaded ourselves inside.

Inside the prison, it is basically a very large room with 10’ x 10’ cells on the perimeter side and back walls. In the center of the room, there is a large pile, taking up most of the center of the room, of debris consisting of tables, chairs and organic material from what looks like the same Kythons we fought outside.

Using the keys we found in the barracks, we opened one of the cell doors to find an empty holding cell. This was the same for the next four cells.

Islay decided to lie down and rest in the first cell.

Continuing along the right wall of cells, the fifth one had the cell bars pushed out.

Coming from the opposite side of the debris pile, the clicking of Abissal sounds out to The Party.

Brasco says that we shouldn’t be in here as the trinket Marcinko gave us started to glow.

Brasco replies to the voice, and it sounds like it is coming our way, and it isn’t very happy.

Islay, from his cell, says something Psyonic is going to happen.

A very large Kython appears from behind the pile.

On the Kython’s forehead, a pulsating organ appears to be of some importance.

Maxon, Raul and Sprocket are the only ones who are able to hear this…the large Kython asked us why we are here. We said we are looking for a stone. The Kython doesn’t have it, but it might be to the west, in the lake of fire. Then the Kython asked us how we got here. We were not too convincing in not telling it how we got here, and it begins to advance on The Party.


10 Jan 2016 Session Narrative

10 Jan 2016 Session Narrative

Continuing inside the barracks of the military outpost, with the steam not as bad, The Party investigates the first floor which consists of a long hallway with three doors on either side and one door at the end.

Each of the doors on the side walls opened into what looked like offices, some doors were able to open easily, others were sealed shut due to the steam and had to be forced open. After getting inside the rooms, The Party was able to gather some information on the area and some gold, but not much else.

The door at the end of the hallway was a double set of doors that opened into a large office with a staircase in the far-left corner and what looks like a safe on the right wall.

Searching the desk and the area round it, Maxon was able to find what looks like a journal or a logbook. In it, most of the pages were ruined due to the steam, but the last two pages were readable.



On the wall, there was a large map of the island. After Bilarro and Islay committed the map to memory, Sprocket removed the map and put it in The Party’s bag-o-holding.

Meanwhile, Bilarro was able to gain access to the safe.

As the door opens, lights inside the safe came on. Upon inspection, there seems to be a mechanical system that removed what looks like shroud over brightly glowing stones. Seeing an opportunity to have a light source that doesn’t use a flame, each member of The Party grabbed one of the stones.

Continuing upstairs, The Party came upon a group of lizard/bird creatures without, apparently, sensory organs who appear to be fighting one another and stopped when they “saw” us. And in the middle, stands a big one of these creatures.

After a small fight, we investigated the hallway.

The hallway was laid out in the same manner as the one downstairs, except there were only two doors on either side of the hallway and one double set at the far end.

After investigating each of the rooms on the sides of the hallway, each was filled with leathery-looking eggs…inferring the little creatures and the big one were hatched from them.

Reaching the end of the hallway, it seems all of the cots and other furniture was stacked up like a barricade against the doors…like to keep whatever on the other side of the door from coming through.

After moving the furniture out of the way, we opened the doors and immediately the steam began to clear. Once inside, it looks like another large office.

With nothing worth keeping that hasn’t been ruined by the steam, The Party decides to make our way to where the loot was taken to per the logbook…the prison.

As The Party head out to the prison, we try to take the safest way, by going out to the perimeter of where the dome and the ground meet.

That was a mistake. The Party was attacked by those lizard/bird things again. And this time doing significant damage.

We retreated back to the safe in the barracks to rest.

Before entering the safe, Maxon sends a message arrow to the crew of The Gambit to raise the rope to prevent anyone else from using it.

After a night of resting, and believing there is no one outside the safe, we open the door.

Once open, we decided to make a direct run to the prison.

About half way there, we come upon a forest of very large mushrooms. Once we walked closer, one of the mushrooms began to scream very loudly and at the same time, The Party was notified there is the characteristic sound of those lizard/bird creatures approaching us from behind.

06 Dec 2015 Session Narrative

06 Dec 2015 Session Narrative

In the morning, The Party leaves for Galmill.

On the third day, we meet a group of three (3) outriders from House Voltire coming from Galmill. They did see two (2) outriders from House Idald when asked, but they didn’t show any signs of the sickness we described.

Upon arriving at Galmill, there is a heavily armored carriage with equally heavily armored horses parked outside the guard house. The carriage looks like it’s riding very low. It is harvest and tax season. There seems a harvest festival just finished. There is a bardic band packing up their equipment.

Getting closer to the guard house, Bilarro asked one of the guards in an officer’s uniform about what happened in Epeche and what happened to the outriders from their. The officer stated they were sent to Cartway.

The Party made our way to the Inn, and once inside, it looked like it was very busy. Vera talks to the Innkeeper about the woman with the red scarf, the innkeeper couldn’t recall anyone looking like that. The Innkeeper did state there was a festival going on, so it was pretty busy. Just off the bar, sitting at a table was a member of the Black Hand. As Brasco gets rooms of each member of The Party, Bilarro goes over to the Black Hand member and asks about their undead problem. The member said the undead isn’t a problem anymore. The member is here to gather information and deliver updates to the Duke. The member was asked to deliver to the Baron that the undead are being drawn to Bridgeton. Sprocket and Maxon were unsuccessful in gathering any additional information on the Red Queen, but Vera was a bit luckier. She overheard two women saying what a cunt she was. She, they said, spent most of her time wandering around the entertainment area and left either this morning or yesterday for Balcorran.

The rest of the day, Raul sells the rest of the holy water for 600gp and Maxon buys a dog.

Leaving Islay’s wagon in Galmill so The Party can get to Epeche faster.

In the morning, we leave for Epeche.

On the morning of the 9th day we arrive.

Searching the outside of the Inn, the window to the room where the family was in was broken out and a dried, bloody smear down the wall. Bilarro climbs to the roof and looks in the window, there is on one inside. We enter the room to search for the bank notes. One note, worth 27,000gp from the Bank of Hammerstrike. The mineral rights are in the goblin-hold and sold to Duke Fortroy. There is an additional 10,000gp bank note for mineral rights sold on behalf of House Drema. There is an assortment of gems worth 700gp in the room.
On our return trip to Balcorran to ship shop for our trip to the island on Brasco’s treasure map, we make a pit-stop in Galmill to gather Islay’s wagon.

After looking around, we bought a Pinnace.

The pinnace is a small, two-masted sailing vessel. It’s sturdy enough to undertake long open-water voyages and handy enough to use close to shore. A pinnace is fully decked,
but it’s sterncastle is hardly worthy of the name; it’s little more than a cramped cabin.
Pinnace: Gargantuan vehicle; Seaworthiness +2; Shiphandling +2; Speed wind × 30 ft. or oars 5 ft. (good); Overall AC 1; Hull sections 4 (sink 1 section); Section hp 50 (hardness 5); Section AC 3; Rigging Sections 2; Rigging hp 60 (hardness 0), AC 1; Ram 3d6; Mounts 2 light; Space 30 ft. by 10 ft.; Height 10 ft. (draft 5 ft.); Complement 15; Watch 3 plus 8 rowers; Cargo 30 tons (Speed wind × 20 ft. if 15 tons or more); Cost 4,500 gp.


We also picked up:
- 8 ever-lasting rations
- 30 parachutes
- Cold weather gear for high altitudes
- Flotation bags
- Extra rope (300ft)
- Extra sails
- 10t of storage for rations
- 10t of storage for horses
- 10t of storage for feed for the horses

Raul went to investigate if there was someone at the temple who can scry on the Red Queen. He was able to find someone, and elderly man not associated with the temple was unsuccessful in scrying on her.

Sprocket made a deposit of 200gp in the Balcorran branch of the Bank of Hammerstrike.

Naming our ship Gambit, we get her loaded and set sail to Fairvale to meet up with the Princes and inform them on our progress, but upon arriving and investigating the Princes left weeks ago.

After learning that, we make our way on the 16 week trip to the island of Molokore(sp).

About 2/3s of the way through our trip we notice what looks like a pirate ship. With both of us having nothing to attach the other, we continue on.

About another 4 week go by and we spot land.

After dropping anchor and disembarking, we looked for a thin spot in the volcanic-glass mound. After finding a thin spot and Sprocket breaking through, a geyser of built-up steam caused some damage.

Initially, Maxon and Sprocket were going to stay on the surface, but then decided it would be best if we all stick together.

Once at the bottom, the steam is less dense down here, but vision is still limited to a few feet…even with torches. It looks like the volcano hasn’t touched this area. Looking around we find a set of steps heading to a building. By the looks of the building, this was an Imperial outpost from the time of the war with the elves. The door to the building was picked by Bilarro and more steam vents out of the room. Investigating further inside, Sprocket picks up two (2) sets of masterwork Imperial leather armor and puts them in the bag-o-holding. Searching further into the building, there is a wooden door at the end of a hallway. Inside the room, there is a safe that Bilarro picks. Inside there is 300gp of coins and what looks like adamantine manacle keys. After some deducing, these keys were to manacles used to restrain slaved from off world.

15 Nov 2015 Session Narrative

15 Nov 2015 Session Narrative.

Continuing on to Balcorran, The Party arrives at sunset in the town of Epeshe. There is the town well in the center with the Inn and stables to the north and to the west is the guard shack flying House Idald colors. We are to be looking for the daughter of the Innkeeper, The Dead Man’s Hand.

At this point, The Party splits; Sprocket and Bilarro head for the Inn to secure lodging, while Islay and Maxon make their way to the stables to secure our horses and Vara and Raul to investigate.

Inside The Dead Man’s Hand, Bilarro and Sprocket notice, sitting at a large table is a group of Theriaminians(sp). Their leader, Tolar said they are celebrating their new deal on the mineral rights in the area.

In the stables, both Islay and Maxon notice there is an absence of nighttime sounds and the street lights have not yet been lit and that the stable boy has fallen seriously ill.

Vera and Raul are off to investigate who badly ill the stable boy is. When they arrived at his house, the boy’s mother invites them in to see if Raul can help her boy. After examining the boy, Raul notices he has corpuscles that look similar to the ones Bilarro had.

In the Inn, Tolar asks what is our business in town? We state we are looking for a woman who is wearing a red scarf. One of Tolar’s party states he has seen someone fitting that description at the town well.

After deducing what is affecting the boy could be spread by contaminating the town well, Raul went to the well and found out it doesn’t appear to be poisoned.

Islay forced open the door to a home north of the Inn to find a woman inside sick with the same corpuscles as the boy.

Maxon meets Vara at the stable boy’s house to question the boy’s mother about what happened. Maxon, upon inspection, the boy’s mother appears to be about 60 years old…far too old to be this boy’s mother.

Islay returned to the Inn with Sprocket and Bilarro to question the innkeeper about the woman with the red scarf when one of Tolar’s sons vomited and was, quickly taken upstairs to their room.

The group of three homes to the north-east, one has a woman who appears to be sick, one has an old man who was quite cross being woken up who doesn’t appear to be sick and the same with another woman in the last house.

Maxon, Vera and Raul are at the guard house when one of the guards attacks through one of the windows. The guard looks like a zombie and at this point, Raul starts the guard house on fire.

During the fight, Sprocket notices there is a large number of creatures heading towards us. They should be on us in about a minute or so.

After defeating the zombies, The Party retreated to inside the Inn just before the creatures arrived. Which turned out to be ~100 skeletons…and the woman with the red scarf moving through them as if she was their mother. The woman with the red scarf clearly had us surrounded and outnumbered, but yet something prevents them from getting any closer than a few feet from the Inn.

After about 10 minutes, a man entering town casts multiple, what looks like fireball spells to disperse the skeleton horde. After they are dispersed, the man was invited in for a drink. Brasco is his name. He is an adventurer heading to Balcorran, and he looks like he means business. He is wearing armor that seems to be made from a black dragon. Brasco did see some outriders on his way here, and he is also concerned that, they too, may have this sickness.

In the morning, Tolar’s family is still sick. The innkeeper made breakfast. After that, The Party and Brasco head out to Balcorran because the trip should take about a fortnight.

On the seventh day, we meet a potion vendor. Sprocket purchases three (3) Oil of Moderate Repair and on the thirteenth (13) day, we meet up with outriders from House Voltire.

After arriving at Balcorran, Vera proceeds to get a room at the Mongrel’s Cock…not the worst place The Party has stayed at, but not by much. This location was chosen because of it’s close proximity to where we can locate the woman with the red scarf. Raul heads for the local St. Cuthbertian temple to inform Brother Omigliaro on what transpired in Epeshe and get a room for the time while we are in Balcorran.

Meanwhile, the rest of The Party head off to House Idald. Once in, we explained to the Commander the events of what happened in Epeshe and that we believe the outriders from Epeshe may also be infected.

11 Oct 2015 Session Narrative.

11 Oct 2015 Session Narrative.

On the second floor of the warehouse was a disease cauldron, and the sigils/engravings on the cauldron were related to the Red Queen.

The Party headed out to the Cathedral of St. Cuthbert to ask about the cauldron. Once there, we asked Brother Samuel, the Chief Justicator what we saw and that the cauldron was tipped over. Brother Samuel raised the call to arms for his other brothers and headed out to the warehouse.

The Party returned to the warehouse to a fracas between the cops and the justicators. We avoided the fracas and headed upstairs. After some searching, we found a morhrg’s tongue under the floorboards…and it began to sizzle.

We took the tongue to the Archivist Casmeritine.

We headed to Sven’s to question him about the Red Queen, and unfortunately, he said he doesn’t know the Red Queen. Maxon arrested him. As we left Sven’s, the Royal Guard arrived and set up a perimeter as Prince Archidime’s carriage arrives. The Prince and Camorine both exit the carriage.

We explained that we were not successful on the location of the Red Queen, so the Prince orders everyone to Angel’s Spire dungeon to question Sven in a more appropriate location. Weirdly, Sven gets to ride in the carriage.

Once Sven is in the dungeon and strapped to a table we explained what happened from Maxon’s and Bilarro’s point of view while Sven has something that looks like a scarab beetle on his forehead. It appears to cause great pain if the person wearing the beetle is lying. Sven was asked for the other locations of the Red Queen’s warehouses. He answered in Aslay, Yara, Fairville, Oberdale and Village Apesh and how to get in touch. There is a weekly incantation, and the ingredients change weekly. This week’s ingredients are Coffin ash and sea water…but this has to be done from Sven’s office.

In Village Apesh, Lawdria gave Sven a bunch of gold to provide the Red Queen with a supply of young girls.

The Party returns to Sven’s office to perform the incantation. An image in the mirror behind Sven’s desk shows a startled Lord Damien Fortroy just as he pulls a mask over his face.

13 Sept 2015 Session Narrative

13 Sept 2015 Session Narrative

At Brewer’s Elbow in the Warehouse District, Bilarro successfully evaded detection while observing four guys moving a large mirror what, appears to show invisible people. He also noticed there are about 12 guards patrolling the building and there is about 60’ between the Brewer’s Elbow and the rest of the surrounding buildings.

On the East Side of Lanterum; Dampaign, Vortal, Drega, Deluc, Kalvid Houses are actively recruiting for the up for the impending war. The bridge from the Common District, there looks like a large religious procession recruiting for House Fortroy. The recruiters were asked why they are recruiting, and they said preparing for war with the Goblin Hold. The town criers were also there denouncing the recruiting.

At a nearby tavern, The Blessed Wretch, Maxon and Sprocket notice a man selling, what looks like blue dragon parts. The plan is, at The Brewer’s Elbow, Bilarro and Vara plan to infiltrate the warehouse to see shipment comings and goings invisible via the roof and the rest of The Party is to fake a broken wagon wheel outside the warehouse as a distraction…and quite possibly with the implementation of violence to gain entrance. Maxon sends a message arrow to Camorine to let him know we are planning to do something stupid.

The mirror was moved to the top of the warehouse…and this complicated the infiltration team since they planned on entry while invisible. So they changed the plan by gaining access through the employee entrance. When Bilarro and Vera tried to enter through the employee entrance guard window next to the doorway, the guard just inside the door pulled an alarm chain when he thought there was something odd going on. This alarm caused two of the four guards at the front of the warehouse to move to the employee entrance.

The remainder of The Party rushed into the warehouse with weapons drawn through the front overhead doors.

12 Aug 2015 Session Narrative

12 Aug 2015 Session Narrative

Day 5

Bilarro, Vera and Islay (The Three) return to the sewers to search for about a half a day. As they search, they are leaving markers as they make their way to Blackstone prison. By placing the markers, the three can find their way to Blackstone prison from anywhere in the city.

It is lunch-time at Blackstone, and Maxon’s cellmate is a half-orc named Jor. Jor is about a head taller, wider and better built than Maxon.

Raul is in the middle of some research with an archivist on getting a lawyer for Maxon. The lawyer is appealing to the court to get Maxon released, the Magistrate stated that Maxon is being held on the suspicion on adding in a prison-break and the hearing is being held tomorrow morning at 9am.

Day 6

Bilarro sent out word to his contacts that he wants to get in touch with Edrio that they have his money…but they really don’t.

Gitran, the gnome working on Sprocket showed it a series of pictures of docents and asked if any of these looked familiar…none did.

The Three are in their apartment waiting for Edrio as his carriage arrives. Through the door, one of Edrio’s bodyguards asks where is the money. They have it, but he needs to return to the carriage and wait for ten minutes. As the bodyguard returns to the carriage, Edrio yells at him in Elvish to get back up there. Bilarro goes invisible in an attempt to hide from the carriage, but was seen as he got within 10 feet from the carriage.

It is 9am at the courthouse, and Raul is before the same Justice. He states there is no legal reason to continue to hold Maxon, but the greater good is being served by keeping Maxon in prison. Raul is going to appeal.

Bilarro was able to follow the carriage to the same sewer entrance as before.

Noticing the cell door isn’t closed or locked, then a rhythmic pounding on the cell doors as Maxon and Jor prepare for a fight. Jor puts on his bracers made from utensils and Maxon breaks off a table leg as four inmates enter their cell.

Day 7

The Three are planning to leave Lanterum through the North Gate. Islay was able to buy a launch and hire four whores to man the oars for four days.
By the end of the day, The Three are out of the North Gate and Sprocket is finished with +1 armor enchantment.

Day 8

Assistant Chief Justice arrives with Maxon’s things and asks about the Red Queen because he believes s/he might be behind Maxon’s attack. Maxon sent Vera a message arrow telling her to meet at the Inn. She gets it.

Raul sees Maxon leaving the prison.

Sprocket returns to the Mauve Baboon.

It is mid-day and the Party is at the Mauve Baboon discussing on recent events. Nerullian worshiping? Justicators would know. The Red Queen linked to Nerull? A brothel in High Port might know. At this point, the Party split up. Maxon, Islay, Raul and Sprocket head to the sewers. Looking up into the Prison’s cafeteria and the Idald body went missing.

That evening, at Sven’s there is a half-orc and a warforged acting as guards. Bilarro enters a room invisible just as a John leaves. Bilarro notices a a flickering light when he moved a wall sconce from there was none. From the outside, he was able to unlock the window to Sven’s office. Looking around the office, he notices there is a peeping-tom space between the rooms. Bilarro returning to the office and desk. Unlocking the desk, taking all the paperwork within by stuffing them in a pillowcase and tossing the room to make it look like a common burglar did it and setting it on fire.

12 July 2015 Session Narrative

12 July 2015 Session Narrative

Bilarro, Islay and Vera are together and laying low in a safe house in Low Port.

Sprocket is still being upgraded.

After about a day, Bilarro, Islay and Vera found a flat to rent near the Low Port Customs House. It is on the third floor with one window and the front door cannot be locked.

During his process of inscribing the new runes on Sprocket’s plates, William Crane found evidence of a previously powerful enchantment that was poorly covered up.

Meanwhile…in jail, Maxon receives a chicken breast and veggie paste for lunch and Raul gets nutri-loaf. Both are not eating.

On day three, William Crane finds a small slot on Sprocket’s back in between where it’s shoulder blades would be. Sprocket was asked if it knew the slot was there, and it responded it did not. This halted the enchantment so he can consult with his colleagues.

In the Safe House, the three noticed a quite fancy carriage pull up outside. two half-elves and an elderly half-elf get out. A few minutes later there is a knock at the door. The elderly half-elf at the door had labored breathing and he asked for the woman who had him shot. A small fight ensued and the half-elf with labored breathing and one of the bodyguards left, but the other bodyguard got wounded and was left behind and questioned. He stated the labored breathing guy was named Edrio.

At the jail, more chicken/veggies and nutri-loaf for lunch, both Maxon and Raul are still not eating.

Bilarro, Islay and Vera head off for the sewers.

Back at the jail, Maxon’s cell receives a knock. The cell door opens and it is Maxon’s first boss asking why he is jail.

At this point, William Crane returns with a Gnome. It appears that this Gnome has more knowledge/experience with Warforged because he has a bandolier with many tools and a pair of multi-faceted glasses.

Meanwhile…in the sewers, Bilarro, Islay and Vera are waiting a couple of hours, presumably for nightfall.

On day four, Maxon receives pork and veggies for lunch and Raul gets nutri-loaf.

The Gnome worked all night on Sprocket and discovered a few interesting things. The previous runes were marred, broken and then covered over. But the most interesting thing is the slot in Sprocket’s back. It is a slot for a Docent. It is an augmentation by an intelligent magical item, but when this particular docent was removed it reset Sprocket back to factory settings. To know any more, the docent should be found, but with gem-dust found at the bottom of the slot is a bad sign that the it might be damaged or destroyed.

At the Camorine Estate during the breakfast hour, Bilarro, Islay and Vera ponder if Edrio is working for or knows the Red Queen and if he can send a message arrow to the Chief Justice…but the only thing Camorine says the best thing to do is to get Vera somewhere where she can do the least amount of damage.

In Raul’s cell, the Assistant Chief Justice Balmer sets down a table with two chairs and uncovered a plate with an assortment of meats and cheeses. Balmer begins questioning Raul about Vera. At the end of Raul’s questioning, Maxon sees through his open cell door walking down the hall with Balmer.

Meanwhile…in the sewer, Bilarro,Islay and Vera were arguing loud enough for Raul to hear. Vera noticed a human female noticing Raul reacting to Bilarro, Islay and Vera arguing. Islay mentions the tail and motions there are four more and they go further into the sewers.

Back in the jail, Maxon’s old boss tells him there is a witness to what Vera did, Edrio, and he has a lieutenant in the prison. The plan is to have Maxon moved to general population to give him an opportunity to get his hands on him.

A couple of hours later in the sewers, they are in the only clean area and cannot find out where they are going but they were able to find a very finely dressed corpse bearing the sigil of House Idald. The body appears to be eviscerated after a protracted battle by a light weapon, perhaps a rapier.

At this point, Maxon has been moved to General Population and he found the half-elf he was looking for, Gibbin. Gibbin was pointed out to Maxon within a group of other half-elves.

Sprocket is still being worked on and the three in the sewers are very lost after wandering around for six hours.

07 June 2015 Session Narrative

07 June 2015 Session Narrative.

At the Ballgame:
- Party informed those in the box-seats about the rods
- They already knew of the one we have.

Vera is in jail.

Sprocket is being upgraded.

Vedrious won over Lanterum.

At the party after the game:
- At the Golden Lion.

At the Jail:
- Vera is being processed and sent to Blackstone

In the morning:
- While everyone is still drunk
- Bilarro received a message from Camorine:
- Notifying that Vera has been arrested.
- Islay and Bilarro are going to try to break Vera out of jail.

At the jail:
- All went to jail
- The party feels that Vera will not survive the night
- This is unusual.

At the carriage from the jail to Blackstone:
- Bilarro detonated a thunder-stone:
- It startled the horse,
- It deafened the Captain and two guards,
- The rear door to the carriage wasn’t closed.
- Islay attempted to dimension-hop Vera out of the carriage,
- As the carriage stopped,
- Islay dimension-hopped into the carriage, grabbed Vera and dimension-hopped to a brothel’s balcony.
- Maxon went into the carriage to secure the prisoners
- One of the prisoners, Vera, was missing.
- The Captain asked Maxon where Vera went.
- Maxon stated he didn’t know.
- The Captain blew his police whistle and large number of officers arrive.
- Islay and Vera head for the sewers.

At the sewers
- Both Islay and Vera make their way in the direction the water is flowing,
- With both now at the canal
- ~¼ of a mile from the northern gate.

At the guard station:
- The Captain orders the sewers to be flushed into the canal

At the canal:
- Both Islay and Vera were washed out with the flushing of the sewers
- They float down the canal to the riverboat docks,
- Then they make their way to Low Port.
- After and hour:
- Vera and Islay lost their tail.

At Blackstone:
- Maxon
- Summoned to the Assistant Chief Justice Balmer’s office
- Balmer asked Maxon about his relationship with Vera
- Maxon informed Balmer that Vera was another adventurer on a mission for the Chief Justice.
- Balmer informed Maxon that there was a witness, and they have came forth.

At the Inn:
- Bilarro and Raul head to the Camorine estate.

At the Camorine Estate:
- They were instructed to wait in the waiting room
- Steffan Camorine was getting ready for lunch when they were summoned.
- Bilarro and Raul brought him up to speed on what happened to Vera/Maxon/Islay.
- Bilarro makes a list of contacts of people who know where to avoid the law while in Low Port.
- Tony the Frog: Half-elf
- Rayfe
- Sven
- He passes by the Camorine estate
- Bilarro states he is looking for Islay and Vera.

At the jail
- It is lunch time.

At Low Port:
- Vera and Islay are looking to a boat.
- They hire a courier:
- Take a note to the Camorine Estate:
- Telling Bilarro and Raul they are going to where Pann was lost.

At the Camorine Estate:
- A courier arrived:
- This message has Blackstone Prison’s seal.
- It states Maxon has been arrested.


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