Sundered Schemes

02 April 2017 Session Narrative.

02 April 2017 Session Narrative.

After Maxon voiced his displeasure with the inability of Lanterum’s Port Authority to prevent one skyslip, the Castlemane from departing with a person of interest in the theft from the prison, Islay was able to board the ship before it departed, be he was not able to get any further than that before he was thrown off the ship.

On the pier, as The Castlemane departs, Islay notices a figure with a large brimmed hat and a surgeon’s mask looking at us. Sprocket notices Islay noticing the figure, but lost track of him as he moved into the crowd.

Islay asked Andholm Fortroy if he knows of a good realtor because he is interested in buying a headquarters for The Party he is calling The Blades. Fortroy did not know any off the top of his head. Since Islay, Maxon and Sprocket are returning to the Camorine estate, he might know someone, or knows someone who knows someone.

A few hours out of Lanterum, Bilarro, and Vera are enjoying some nice, rum filled drinks while Raul self-flagellates himself over the wonton decadence that is this cruise to the Lazorgas islands.

When Sprocket and Company arrive at the Camorine estate, we can see Camorine at his chalkboard documenting the events up to this point. Camorine may seem to be well imbibed most of the time, but what is on the chalkboard is pretty coherent and accurate. Islay asks Percival if he knows a good realtor. Percival said he will have to get back to him in the morning on that. Sprocket is outside getting the Marauder chassis ready for transport to The Gambit for the trip to The Foundry.

A few more hours later, more rum filled drinks are served while Raul averts his gaze with all the topless women doing the serving. Rasp said that Raul has the right idea to separate himself from the others because he just wants to get home…so Rasp uses the Water stone to help the ship, the Juniper move faster. Catching almost everyone off guard…except for Bilarro, he didn’t spill a drop of his wine.

The next morning, Sprocket and Company head into town to purchase some healing potions and to look into the property in the upper common district Percival suggested looking into. The first place we stop at is Dipthoe’s shop in Lanterum. Maxon purchased a few cure serious/moderate/light wounds potions and Dipthoe threw in a handful of vials, which if you shake up; they emit a light and didn’t add on the customary mark-up. Sprocket bought, without the mark-up a flask of Lubrication Freedom of Movement and a flask of Unguent of Repair. The next is a bar/diner that serves only breakfast named The Fried Egg. We are to ask for Tamel. When we entered The Fried Egg, there were two women patrons and one human male behind the bar. Islay asks to see Tamel, and he said you are speaking with him. Then, Islay didn’t even haggle over the price and paid a year’s worth of rent. Now, that The Party…The Blades have a headquarters, Islay is happy.

On our way back to the Camorine estate, Maxon received a message arrow stating that we need to return to the estate because something has happened.

When we arrived, The Gambit is listing to port and white smoke coming out of the opening to the cargo hold. Getting onboard, noticing Tony holding his arm and it has a hole through it; Maxon fed Tony a healing potion. After drinking the potion, Tony began to convulse and his throat began to grow large and pretty big worm with a four barbed mouth came out of Tony’s mouth and died. Islay took his hammer and smashed it. Not knowing what this thing is…but we know who might know. Doctor Marcenko. Islay played message arrow tag with the Doctor and we agreed to get a sample to him when we are finished at the Foundry. Tony mentioned there was a man with a doctor’s mask and a wide brimmed hat seemingly fell out of the sky and shot him in the arm.

Also, noticing the cask of ale that didn’t burn up in the fire and it didn’t have Islay’s name on it and there, what looked like ruptured parasitic eggs on the inside of the cask.

To do it’s due diligence, that night, Sprocket went over the Marauder chassis once more, and nothing was found.

The next morning, the Marauder chassis is loaded on The Gambit and we leave for the Foundry.

As The Gambit approaches the Foundry, we notice there is a heavy layer of smog over this small city of all Warforged. There are a few humans and dwarves around, but that is it. Once The Gambit is moored, we are greeted by two Warforged who have instructions to bring us to see Nail. The smog is heavy, but Maxon and Islay are dealing with it.

Once in Nail’s office, it suggests that Maxon and Islay take the level 4 tour while Nail and Sprocket talk.

Once they leave, Nail states it is able to recreate the Warforged form, but Overseer Omega’s docent is needed to bring the dormant chassis to life. Since the war, there have been no new Warforged ‘birthed.’ The organics can replenish their gene-pool, but when a Warforged falls, there is no way to…well, the Warforged are a dying race and it needs to be stopped. Unfortunately, Sprocket’s docent is damaged, but removes it and hands it to Nail to examine. Just then, the spider-scout class leaves The Gambit and folds itself up and attaches itself to Overseer Omega’s back. Overseer Omega states to Nail that this scout’s information docent is full, and did not have access to a control console to remove the images. Nail leads Overseer Omega into the next room, and clears off some old looking equipment and turns it on. Overseer Omega hands over the docent from the scout and sees some horrific pictures of humans doing inhuman things to the native Orc population where the scout was placed. Then the images fly further in the past showing Orc families, Orc children eking out a living. Further into the past, there is a large, black scaly foot steps in front of the scout and then, what looks like a large dragon’s claw on the wing moves past the lens. Then series of images shows Overseer Omega looking at the scout just after it was turned on. What is odd is that the known history of the Warforged is about 40 years, but the Overseer Omega gets impression the images it just watched ate much older than that.

Maxon and Islay are participating in shoveling coal into the boilers activity that was designed for organic children.

After Overseer Omega finishes watching the images, Nail returns with mixed news. Overseer Omega’s cannot be used, but there is enough information that some of it can be pieced together as a starting point.

Maxon and Islay return to Nail’s office. They are covered in soot from their tour, but as a treat…reward, they are given some icecream.

Raul notices it is taking longer than it should to get to the Islands. Rasp has had it and uses the Water stone again. Catching Vera off guard and fell overboard, but Bilarro was able to catch her.

Thanks to Rasp, they made up the time that was lost by sunset.

The following morning, there is a complementary apology mint on the entire guest’s pillows.

Raul, while in the dining hall, was clipping his toenails, and the pinky toenail hits Vera in the right eye.

Capt. Doublin was making his rounds with all the guests and gets to Bilarro and comments that Raul and Rasp are the only two who are not enjoying themselves. While on desk, Raul was able to see the masthead of a ship large enough to be able to read it’s heraldry at this distance. The masthead is Cyrilian and could mean The Leviathan. Raul yells ‘Pirates!’ The Captain comes to see what all the fuss is about, and so does Rasp. They both see the heraldry and stops acting like cruise ship captain and gets serious and Rasp takes out the Water stone again and make way to Orcalon.

By the next morning, they arrive in Orcalon. Bilarro sends a message arrow to Maxon letting him know the updated situation. They will be waiting on Orcalon for us to pick them up.

05 March 2017 Session Narrative.

05 March 2017 Session Narrative.

After the Chattertooth fight, on its body there was a cloak, sickle, fancy boots, an amulet and a ring.

The mask was in this chamber, and now it is missing.

We are taking the fallen to Amprex’s estate to resurrect Maxon and Islay by an old Hyronian priest.

Islay, feeling better, went to the Adamantine Tower to meet with the archivist Gambro to ask about the Divine Crucible and how to destroy it and to identify the item from Chattertooth. The short answer is no, there isn’t a way to destroy it…but, our goals might be aligned.

In order to keep our promise to Rasp, we need to get him to the Lazorgas islands.

Back at the Tower, the Archmananach(sp) was able to identify Chattertooth’s items: cloak of etherealness, Vorpal sickle, ring of invisibility, amulet of non-detection and boots of teleport and provide some answers to Islay’s question. The Divine Crucible, it’s pieces were made zealots of St. Cuthbert to bring a specific god to the material plain, make him flesh and then be destroyed…Perhaps Nerull?

At the prison, Andholm orders the safe to be opened. It is empty, and the secretary was the last one seen in it a few days ago. When bringing in the secretary, he wasn’t the one seen at the safe. Dillon, just started while the previous one, Sylvia quit for no reason. She has an apartment in the common district with her new husband of about a month.

Arriving at Sylvia’s apartment, after she opened the door we can see her husband inside he saw us and ran into the apartment and escaped out an open window. We asked Sylvia about her husband, she said he is a part of the crew of the skiff Juniper.

Sprocket waited at the Camorine estate for the rest of The Party to return when a very large crate arrived and addressed to Sprocket. When Isaly returned from the Tower, he began to tear open the crate with a crowbar. Once it’s opened, inside is a very large marauder chassis, and doing some preliminary investigation, and reading the note with the packing slip it is just an empty chassis…no personality installed, just a blank chassis.

(And that is where I left for the night. –Chad)

19 February 2017 Session Narrative

19 February 2017 Session Narrative

After the fight, a small dragon that is infused from the plane of shadows was sent to Vera for safe keeping before an evil is unleashed and The Party was asked to meet with him at his tower, three days west from The Pit.

Sir Barnard Gorious comes over to talk with Maxon.

St. Cuthbert Magisters arrive before the town guards.

A member of the town guard, holding the Voltier banner, comes over to say something to Sir Gorious.

Cog, flanked by two other Warforged enter and asked Sprocket if area is secure. Sprocket stated it is now, looking at the dead dragon.

The eldest daughter of House Voltier, Mave enters the venue and requests Vera for a private show on the Voltier estate this evening.

The Voltier estate is very ornate…more ornate since the last time The Party was here. Cog is in charge of security. The Fortroy’s Gladia and Andholm are present. The scuttlebutt is that Redgulan women have loose morals and Iona is the whore.

Gladia take Raul away and Andholm has a wedding band…apparently to Lasheen Drega.

Tyo and Adam Kexos are also in attendance.

Kavan Amprex is talking about starting a tournament bout.

Anton Lorrac is now talking to Tyo.

Mr. Winter, from the restaurant chain is talking to Gladia Fortroy, and she seems not caring what he has to say.

There were a lot of people moving about, but Anton Lorrac was spotted leaving and Tyo was seen leaving with a whore.

A few minutes later, the whore Tyo was with was taking another client to her room, but Tyo has yet to be seen.

(From here, my notes are incomplete, so I’m going from memory. –Chad)

A search was started to look for Tyo, Sprocket entered the women’s lounge to request Vera’s aid in looking for Tyo, he was found but his gear was missing when checked.

Then there was a high-speed carriage run where Sprocket’s carriage fell into the river, wheels up and Sprocket used it’s arm cannon to blast a hole through the bottom of the carriage so no one would drown.

13 Dec 2016 Session Narrative

13 Dec, 2016 Session Narrative.

At the Camorine estate, we fond out the Chatter Tooth is one of three, and that Daemon Fortroy could be one. The Red Queen could be the face of the movement and the Ash Weeper is the mind and born of this Earth.

Sprocket found information on where to locate the control unit for the recording crystal. It is at The Foundry and the contact’s designation is Nail.

At the Cuthbertian Temple, Raul talking to Casmeritine about state of things in Raul’s absence, Casmeritine states there is nothing new and Palor is taking his time in naming a successor. Attendance is up because of this. The Rod on the hilt of a sword with a tiefling is the Life Channel. Chatter Tooth’s incursions into the prison has left some of the prisoners mad and calling out Chatter Tooth by name. A name came up in conversation…Dolaldo. He is the next prisoner to arrive at the temple so the clerics can have a look at him. Raul wants to attend the questioning.

Vera is in the Entertainment district looking for a venue to play at since we will be in Lanterum for the next few days. Vera plans on two gigs; one at the Crooked Path and the other at the Golden Lion, where she is going to promote her gig at the Crooked Path.

Bilarro isn’t having any luck in locating Tony the Frog.

All return to the Camorine estate, except for Raul and Vera asked Camorine to help promote her gig at the Crooked Path.

Raul is outside the Temple as the prison wagon arrives. The prisoner steps out, bound and gagged with two magisters. The prisoner is taken to the interrogation room, as questioning begins, the prisoner states Chattertooth comes for you in the night. He chooses who will be the best among the ranks, a recruiter. Two Legs smells of death, grave, rot and sticks to the shadows. Every night, screams can be heard as whispers in the mind say aweful things like useless in life, better in death. Eats those who fail and is the Shepard of the end of days.

When the question was finished, Raul was outside the Temple when he noticed a hooded figure with black scales on it’s hands and long talons run into the temple across the street. Rauls followed with two Justicars to investigate. When they entered the temple, the Justicars split, one down each of the outside isles and Raul up the middle. Raul is calling for it to come out of hiding. The Chattertooth shows itself as a undead half-dragon.

As Raul returns to the Camorine estate by a magister, the stink from the Chattertooth is still strong on him. Raul tells The Party the Chattertooth is a gast, half dragon spellcaster.

Maxon, Sprocket, Bilarro and Raul are taking Camorine’s carriage to talk to the Chief Justice. As we make our way to a warded area of the prison, the prisoners are quietly watching us. Something else will come and get the prisoners, or Chattertooth will. The Assistant Chief Justice can commute this prisoner’s sentence and put him under Maxon’s control.

In the Entertainment district, Vera, Islay and Rasp are handing out flyers for Vera’s show tonight.

Assistant Chief Justice isn’t very happy the mob she is causing while she is promoting her show.

We make our way to the Fortroy estate, and it is way more opulent than the Camorine estate. Andholm exits the stable and we head to the keep for lunch as his mother arrived. We are asked to wait in Camorine’s carriage.

In Angel Spire’s Keep…(this is where my notes end. – Chad)

13 Nov 2016 Session Narrative

13 Nov 2016 Session Narrative

The Party contacted Andholm, through the mirror, to inform him about Rasp and the reason why he took the Water Stone. The Fortroy archivist spoke about the Water Stone, but he wasn’t telling the truth. Just then, the mirror fell over and broke, but just before the mirror broke, we could hear the sounds of Chattertooth coming through it.

We sent a message arrow to Brasco telling him we need to meet.

The fourth night, we theorized Chattertooth might have created Carnalsous.

As we theorized, The Gambit sailed southwest over the Goblin Hold, over the remains of farming villages.

Over the night, nothing happened.

At sunrise, the following morning, a signal flare was fired from the remains of the first Goblin city. Looking through a spyglass, there is a human female with a Redgulan war banner as both Islay and Maxon jump overboard and fly, feather-fall, respectfully to the human female.

She, Dame Vera of House Drega, was a part of a platoon, tasked to secure the southern flank, but most of the platoon has been picked off in the night, one by one. Now, they are down to a squad of 8.

They were able to capture two Orcs.

After bringing the squad and the two Orcs onboard, we continue on to Fortroy’s main camp.

On the way, Islay continued to urinate on the Orc prisoners.

Part way to Camp Fortroy, Vera’s mind-sight detects something attached to the keel of the ship.

Sprocket went over the side to attempt to communicate with it after Bilarro (I think -Chad) attempted to.

Upon further inspection, there appears to have a series of lights; blue, red, yellow, purple and green that blink from one color to the other. This blinking stopped when Sprocket approached it. It looked like a chrome sphere with claws on either side clamped into the hull.

Sprocket was able communicate with it. It is tasked with tracking/monitoring those moving through the Goblin Hold. Upon inspecting the probe, it has a docent slot with a docent slotted inside. Taking out the docent, Sprocket removes the docent out of its slot and slots in the one from the probe to find the docent seems to be a storage crystal, not a docent per se…and it is full. Sprocket went though the images stored, and it shows humans doing horrible things to the local population. This probe’s designation is X0142.

Arriving at Camp Fortroy, we brought Andholm up to speed on what has happened so far, and has elected to travel with us…without his usual security to Nefrem to meet with Brasco.

After a two week journey, The Gambit arrives in Nefrem.

At this point, The Party splits up.

Sprocket, with the probe, finds a Gnome shop and asks the probe. The clerk states the control unit is needed to retrieve the images off the storage crystal. Then the Gnome pulls a cable out of Sprocket’s right shoulder with a docent-like connector on the end. Slotting the end into the probe, Sprocket is able to see through the probe’s eyes. The clerk brings out his instructions on this kind of Warforged and spends some time reading it.

Raul heads to the Cuthbert Temple to ask on if there is any news from Lanterum. Raul was directed to the Palor Temple.

Maxon and Andholm head out. Andholm gets some cash while Maxon meets up with Brasco and brings him up to speed.

Vara, Islay and Bilarro get pretty drunk at a bar, so they will be sleeping pretty good tonight.

Raul arrives at the Palor Temple to see throngs of worshipers before a female leading the service with paladins in the guard positions. When the female finishes, a human male get behind the podium and begins to preach like a mad-man. This went on for about five minutes before the guards remove him from the stage.

16 Oct. 2016 Session Narrative.

16 Oct. 2016 Session Narrative.

After the fight, there is a child’s doll, a broken wand, 3 gems worth about 15gp each, a pouch with 75cp and some blueprints in Gnomish for some spider-like automatons used for carrying because they lack any offensive weapons were given to Sprocket.

It took the Party a lot less time getting outside than it took to get to the Prince’s stateroom.

It is raining.

The Acheron finished it’s bombardment and returned to Starfall.

Once moored, the Party looks in on the Prince and the Captain and they are up but look very tired.

The Prince returns to the Acheron and will meet with us in a half an hour.

Bilarro, Maxon, Raul, Islay and a group of cadets search for survivors.

There were none. By the sounds of the guns while the Party was fighting in the Prince’s stateroom, there shouldn’t be any. But, seeing the carnage, the bombardment went on longer than it needed to because the army didn’t stand a chance against the weapons of the Acheron.

Sprocket and Vera stayed in the tower.

The wounded child was a powerful demon lord by the name of Zelmcalor. This child was responsible for the creation of Nighthide.

Yanti was trying to summon another demon lord, Cirtris, to spread more chaos.

This demon lord and Deamon Fortroy were in the same company, but had different goals.

The Red Mist.

There are three statues of the founders of Starfall, Daskon Jax, Agrenna and Flint.

Maxon’s spell tomes are staying at Starfall.

Since Daemon Fortroy is involved in this, somehow, we need to find him.

Just then, a fish-bone message arrow arrives. It is from Rasp stating he is being chased down by Fortroy troops.

Then a message arrow arrives from Andholm Fortroy stating we need to look for a deserter by the name of Rasp. He is to be captured and returned because he has taken a war asset.

We are heading after Rasp.

The night before arriving at the frontier, Sprocket notices over the mountains about dusk time there are about a dozen dragon/wyverns. Sprocket informs the crew and Party in the morning.

We arrive at Rasp’s location…and there is a United Merchant Guild’s ship in distress. The helm and hull appear to be damaged and there is one humanoid on deck. As we attempt to rescue the Guild’s crew member, hobgoblins riding wyverns attack.

A message arrow was sent to Rasp asking his location. A few moments later the arrow returns stating he is about 2 miles away.

We leave to get him.

On our way there, Maxon hears in his head to give up the Water and Ember Stones and we will die if we don’t.

A few minutes later, the same voice in Maxon’s head repeated the order, but Maxon said no, we will not give up the stones.

Then, there is a demonstration coming.

Just then, 12 balefire rain from above the clouds as three hit The Gambit and four hit the Guild’s ship…destroying it.

We make our way to Fortroy, but taking out time getting there. We are flying casually.

02 Oct 2016 Session Narrative

02 Oct 2016 Session Narrative

The crew of the Archeron and the XO need answers to what is going on with the Prince and the Captain, and Bilarro and Islay let them in on what has happened so far.

At the Prince’s cabin, there is a wall where the door opening would be. The Prince, and anyone with him can enter, otherwise, there is a wall where the opening would be.

Islay is fielding questions from the crew as Bilarro is searching the Captain’s. The room is simply decorated in a Western frontier theme.

Isaly asks the crew about the injured girl and the nun, and they said they haven’t left the Prince’s quarters since they got onboard.

In the academy, Maxon is keeping pace with the Colonel who is trying not to evade. The Colonel found out the possessed Prince was looking into some of Balkurse’s old projects. The Prince is still unconscious and the Captain is muttering something in Abissal.

Some of Balkurse’s special projects are Blood Fire at the front for the fallen, Aberrant Mist – automatons to spray liquid and a node traveling machine.

Those who stayed with the Prince received message there is a fire onboard the Gambit. Bilarro, Raul, Maxon and Islay rush to the ship…but, once getting there realizing this was a ploy to get the Prince alone. Everyone, but Islay return to the Prince finding his status hasn’t changed.

Maxon returns to the Gambit.

Both Maxon and Islay see a Goblin behind a bush, and drop down to the ground to investigate. Once down, it smelled like a locker room.

Islay meets with Cmdr. Vren and she informs Starfall Academy has about 20 minutes before it is sacked.

All are onboard the Archeron, as the crew sees the army on the ground they make preparations to attack the army from altitude.

The Party is in the hallway outside the Prince’s stateroom. There are, what looks like golems on either side of the hallway.

(If memory serves me correctly, there was another device at the door…something like a fire, or an acid defense mechanism that got pretty much everyone in the hallway. Am I correct? –Chad)

Knocking on the door to the Prince’s stateroom, it open and there is someone who looks like a Palorian nun looking out. Seeing the need to gain access into the room, Sprocket uses it’s arm to prevent the nun from closing the door as Maxon tries to force the door open by rushing it.

Once getting inside the room there is the nun who was knocked out and a very badly injured girl on the bed with her eyes bandaged over and bandages over her wrists where her hand should be.

(This is where initiative was called and note taking stopped –Chad)

21 Aug 2016 Session Narrative

21 Aug 2016 Session Narrative

After the destruction of the Apocalypse, we are resting on the side of the mountain where the anchor was anchored waiting for The Gambit as she is 15 minutes out.

While waiting, Bilarro climbs up, about 75 feet and has a look through is spyglass and sees to the south some scrub, to the southwest and west, nomad camps.

The rest of the party notices there is something moving within 60 to 100 feet of the camp as the ship approaches.

As the ship ascends, the aberration gets closer.

Vera contacts the aberration to ask what it wants. It has a message to deliver when we reach our destination and the message isn’t for her.

The next morning, we, as a group, discuss the pros and the cons of joining House Fortroy.

Two days later, The Gambit sets down in a lake close to camp Fortroy and the aberration, a small beholder looking thing, comes up over the side of the ship and begins to look at everyone on deck. It focuses on Sprocket and states “it’s inevitable destruction has been foretold by the Creator,” and then went away.

This was a bit startling to Sprocket and the crew.

At Camp Fortroy, just south of Louvdon, there has been a massive surge in troops…and to show our support, The Party performed a “hero landing” to the delight of the troops. But the Captain is unimpressed.

At the Captain’s tent, with the contract fulfilled, the chest of 10,000gp and the decline on being on House Fortroy’s payroll. We stated we prefer to be independent. The Captain accepted our answer.

He made a request of us though. There was a delayed message that the Duke has a job for us. We agreed to it, but after we finish our current task.

On our way back to our ship, there is a familiar drum beat. It was Rasp. We asked him if he wanted to come with on a very important mission, he declined because there is a war going on…battle and glory is what he seeks.

Once back on the ship, we head to Feldorm to meet Fikal.

Two days and nights later, we are met by two small, two man sky-slips escorted us to a berth at the sky-slip tower.

Once moored, three warforged stand watch.
The next morning, a Gnome, dressed in fine clothes instructs us to follow him.

We follow him to a large bench seat. Once seated, a lap-bar deploys to secure us in the seat and then began a spiral decent down the tower with Islay getting sick over everyone.

At the bottom, there is carriage being pulled by a clockwork horse waiting for us. Islay elects to ride on top of the carriage and the others ride inside.

About 10 minutes later, we arrive at a very fancy estate with a large adamantine wrench adorning the façade.

After about 45 minutes of wandering around the estate, we meet Fikal in a back ally and he asks what we want after he determines, and calling for his warforged guards to stand down that Sprocket isn’t a threat. Sprocket hands over the docent it received from the courier-class and that Sprocket has the ‘coup de grace’ that worries the organics of The Party. Fikal then asks us to follow him down to his lab.

In his lab, there is a table built inside a gyroscope. Fikal asks Sprocket to lie on the table. After being strapped in, Fikal turns on the machine. As Sprocket begins to spin faster and faster, the noise outside is almost deafening with the sound of metal grinding on metal…and then a shard of Sprocket’s original docent comes flying out, almost hitting Maxon.

Then to find out what his docent does. Upon inspection, it would appear this docent is damaged and belonged to Revenge. Sprocket also informs Fikal about the small beholder-like thing relaying the message about inevitable destruction. This message, according to Fikal, can only come from Mechanis…but there is no time like now to find out what this docent does. Fikal locks Sprocket into a pillory, grabs a step on a stepstool, finds Sprocket docent slot and slots the docent. Things become more focused (there is a +4 attack, +1 will/ref saves and +3 fort save). Vera joked about mounting a cannon on one of Sprocket’s arms, and Fikal stated it has one. There is a button on the inside of Sprocket’s forearm, Fikal presses it and Sprocket’s hand flips out of the way and there is a cannon barrel.

After meeting with Fikal, The Party relaxes at a tavern named the Stale Sausage.

The next day, we depart on the 2 ½ week trip to Castle Fortroy’s ramparts.

At the castle’s main tower, we are greeted by the Duke’s chamberlain and escorted through the family’s tomes in the catacombs under the castle…under the river.

At an intersection, we follow the left fork as the chamberlain leaves stating he cannot go any further. Vera’s mindsight is able to see a life form that is smart enough just before we met the Duke.

The Duke has a job for us. He wants us to bring his son back, alive. The Duke hands us a warrant for his arrest. The Duke also asks us to prove to him that his son is alive. We stated we clearly saw him through a mirror in the office of a brothel’s manager. Though the Duke doesn’t seem too surprised that his son has been dead before, but he asks us why his son is in league with Nerull.

After taking the job from the Duke, the party split to gather clues where the Duke’s son might be. In town, the blacksmith made an odd looking hand axe that looked like it had a religious significance and made for a stealth kill. There was a whore state the Duke’s son wanted to be strangled instead of sex.

Returning to the ship, Tony informs us the ship stores are getting low. We agree that promoting him to quartermaster would allow him to purchase what is needed for the ship and crew without one of The Party to be there.

We head out for the two day trip to Star Fall Academy.

Arriving at Star Fall Academy, moored at the next pier is Prince Karus Archidiem’s sky-slip The Acheron(sp?).

Quartermaster Tony heads out to re-supply The Gambit.

The Party disembarks and made our way down the sky-slip port tower to the courtyard when we are met by a very upset Commander Grace. She is asking how we received permission to leave our ship. We told her there was no one to stop us from leaving. As we were answering her questions, she was escorting us to our ship. Vera also noticed there were things moving in and out of her mindsight while we were in the courtyard.

Once at the top of the sky-slip tower, we noticed there was a guard with his neck broken. This made Cmdr. Grace run away stating someone has been murdered.

The Party heads back down to the courtyard to meet Cmdr. Grace with her superior in tow…the Colonel (I do not have his name. –Chad).

The Colonel requests us to wait on our ship for a couple of hours so he can figure out what is going on.

About an hour and a half later the Colonel returns to inform us the Prince Karus requests to speak with us.

When we arrive to meet with the Prince, there is something odd. He normally is with his brother, Elias, but he no where to be found. We asked the Prince a few simple questions he should have been able to answer; his answers were either uninterested or lackadaisical. This lead we to believe the Prince might be possessed. It looks like the Prince, but not acting like him.

Maxon excuses himself to use the bathroom, but followed the Colonel to his office to explain the Prince isn’t the prince. Upon hearing the evidence, the Colonel pulls a larger leaver on the wall to activate an anti-magic field over the Academy.

Back in the stateroom with the Prince…he collapsed when the field went up.

Sprocket and Raul stay with the fallen Prince while the others head for our ship to make sure all is well, and they are.

Raul examines the Prince’s body to find a familiar looking cyst. The others head to the Prince’s ship let the Captain know what has happed to the Prince. The Captain rushes off the ship and through the anti-magic field and collapses.

Upon returning to the stateroom, we examined the Captain’s body to find another familiar looking cyst.

The Colonel heads off to look into what the Prince was at Star Fall for.

Maxon, Sprocket and Islay head off to the Prince’s ship to inform the crew what has happened.

Gaining permission to search the Prince’s ship, to find Steffan Camorine tied and gagged to a pole and Raul return to the ship to help. (From here is where my notes end and incomplete. –Chad)

07 Aug 2016 Session Narrative

07 Aug 2016 Session Narrative

The Party entering the next deck down, there is, again, a very hot blast of air rushes past as the doors are opened. In the center of the room, there is a ~20ft diameter pool filled with what looks like fire.

Entering the room further, the pool filled with fire was a kind of bed for something that looks like a fire elemental.

At the end of the fight with the fire elemental, at the center of the pool, there is the Ember Stone. Grabbing it and the other loot…a cutlass, 4 potions of cure serious wounds, potion of good hope, 110pp, 9 gems worth: 10gp, 50gp, 20gp, 1100gp, 90gp, 80gp, 1100gp, 50gp and 20gp and a chain shirt of glistening sparks (I don’t know if this is a thing or the glistening sparks is just a description – Chad).

After opening the final door on this deck, we are greeted with another hot blast of air and a short hallway. At the end, there is a room with something that looks like the outside of the boiler for the power plant and six, three on either side wall of the room, pipes with valves…and above the valves there looks like a shunt venting down at anyone at the valve.

After a fight with a group of salamanders, and figuring our the valves might be the way to overload the engines, so each member of The Party stands at a valve and, at the same time we open the valves. Upon doing this, each member is bathed in fire. Then, we decided to open the valves in sequence from one to six…and the same result happens. Then, figuring out there has to be a sequence the valves had to be closed in to prevent the fire shower and to overload the engines.

After figuring out the sequence to close the valves, Bilarro successfully closed them and almost immediately the whole ship began to shake and klaxons began to sound. The crew began to run…as did we. We needed to get off the ship, and fast and since Sprocket was the slowest of the group it was placed inside the bag-of-holding with one other (Vera, I think –Chad) to make sure everyone gets out alive.

Islay warns The Party there is an abomination onboard The Gambit.

The Party making it onto The Gambit, just to see The Apocalypse explode as its remains are pulled into the portal as it closes.

26 June 2016 Session Narrative

26 June 2016 Session Narrative

Returning to the same table from yesterday, our proctor is with the Dean, Tolenko Dulamon. The Dean’s responsibility is to restore the credibility to the University.

Islay explained to the Dean that he is from the far realm and he is worried the Illithid have been sent to do retrieve Islay, but the Dean explained the Illithid haven’t been seen for millennia. Then the Dean suggested it might be the Toskari who are after him. The Toskari are parasitic in nature and very tough to remove once inside the host. Islay has had contact with his collective since leaving. The Dean suggested a ward or an alarm to notify The Party when there is an abomination boarding The Gambit. We agree the 5000gp is money well spent.

Sprocket’s docent, the Dean suggested slotting it into another Warforged to find out what it does. Sprocket wasn’t too thrilled with that idea.

Maxon’s spell tomes originally belonged to someone named Agrenna who left to join Starfall Military Academy and may have been a Red Guard Wizard. The reason why the tomes are willed to Maxon is unknown, but traveling to Starfall Academy might get some answers.

On the Divine Crucibles, there is mostly rumors and nothing we don’t already know.

On daybreak on the first day, soldiers from House Fortroy approach the ship and request permission to come aboard. Permission granted. Anholm Fortroy asks to speak with the killers of Carnalsous for a mission to destroy the Goblin Hold’s skyslip, the Apocalypse.

We decided to see what they have to offer for taking down the Apocalypse, so we ride the day to their camp.

On the way there, we see soldiers who have seen combat.

At sundown we arrive. The camp is far from the front. We are escorted into the camp by Captain Kelster to the main pavilion and we are asked to sit at a round table.

The contract is that if we blab about this to anyone, you will die. If the information is forcibly taken, it will be garbled, and you will die.

For the greater good, The Party signs the contract.

The dimensions of the Apocalypse is 1500’ in length and 500’ beam made out of brass, bronze and copper…with elemental fire. It has bombs and missiles, but it’s major weakness is it get weaker the longer it stays on out plain. There is a portal in a volcanic mountain range where the bow of the ship is sticking out and she only has a skeleton crew. This information is ~4 days old. They want it destroyed by overloading the boilers.

There is a chest in front of Raul. Inside there are 7 scrolls of endure elements, a wand of invisibility with 40 charges, a scroll of protection from evil, two scrolls of feather fall and 5 scrolls of fog cloud.

On the night of the 5th day, we start planning the course to the western frontier.

The night of the 8th day, we see the Apocalypse anchored to the side of the mountain and the portal appears to be making a vacuum as The Gambit gets close to one of the anchor chains.

After climbing up the chains and a fight with the deck crew, we open the door to the forecastle and a blast of hot air greets us as we go invisible.

After going through the doors, there is a set of stairs that lead down to another set of doors. Inside these doors is the anchor control room. Vera and Bilarro lead on while the rest stay in the control room.

Then, a moment later, everyone in visible…Bilarro activated a trap on the door to deck three.


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