Sundered Schemes

04 March 2018 Session Narrative

04 March 2018 Session Narrative

(Starting session in combat)

After fight, we opened the door behind the statue and we were greeted with a blast of the smell of rotting flesh.

At the start of the hallway, a ghoul emerges from an alcove and was quickly killed by Bilarro then, the start of a spiral stairway that goes down into the earth.

After a few minutes thousands of undead start to walk up from the bottom.

We decided to leave and close the vault door behind us.

We made it to the Fortroy castle jus to find Andholm’s mother and father dead and an elaborate shrine to Nerull.

At this point, Andholm enters and activates a steam-golem and we were notified the Gambit was stolen.

7 Jan 2018 Session Narrative

7 Jan 2018 Session Narrative

Note: The Chip re-structuring
1. White: +1
2. Blue: Advantage/Disadvantage
3. Red: Luck
4. Green: No Change

On board the Gambit, Islay by a mass of snails and the trail heads out from the body.

Goblins were witness to the blast. The blast came from large barrels of gunpowder. As the Druids were performing the rite, a human riding a wagon, ran over the Druids and detonated the barrels on the wagon.

After the blast, anther human arrives to collect the remains of the human riding the wagon.

After the two day journey to Jobrack, the party decides to split up. Raul noticed outside the St. Cuthbertian temple, there was an armed, Elf. This Elf druid recounts the events at the Druid Circle at the Cairn.

Sprocket noticed a self-driving carriage with custom carriage markings of a silvered skull mask.

At the Lousy Brothel near the city gate, both Islay and Bilarro, and eventually Raul discovered the Night Mamba has checked in. The Night Mamba is the Damon Fortroy’s alias.

Vera and Maxon entered the Golden Dawn House, and, again, Vera books the hall for a one-night-only show.

That night, at the Golden Dawn House, Vera and Maxon arrive, then Bilarro/Islay and Raul arrive and, finally, Sprocket. Islay leaves Bilarro’s body and posses the bartender’s.

A couple of hours later, a mostly fancy crowd arrive. Representatives from houses Banginstorm and Casmeritine are in attendance. During her performance, she was able to charm the night captain because he is not from the family.

The following morning, at Magical Martin the Wagon Maker, the Gnome has a half Orc as security inside his shop. He states, yes, the wagon Sprocket noticed is owned by Fortroy and has all the options installed…including the ability to track it if it is ever stolen. It will take three days to make a duplicate tracking rod for the wagon.

So, what do we do for the next three days?

The United Mercenary Guild, that does mercenary work in the kingdom, has a job posting for a flash golem that, weirdly, has by some accounts, intelligence behind it’s eyes. Also through the UMG, there are a number of cargo runs the Gambit can do; one for the Temple of Fharlanhn, one for the House Vortal and to the Adamantine Tower in Lanterum.

As Sprocket was escorting the cargo to the Gambit, at the Golden Dawn House (I presume – Chad) there was, what looked like a brother and sister pair of Drow with a large security detail consisting of two gnolls, two warforged, two half orcs and four humans. The Drow pair state they are on a mission of mercy and it is vital for the alliance between the Kingdom and their Queen.

We called Fortroy about this meeting with the Drow.

(I guess there was more that happened after I left for work. – Chad)

10 December 2017 Session Narrative.

10 December 2017 Session Narrative.

While in Lanterum, the party discusses our options going forward. We can get the Water Rod that is on the Leviathan. We can head north to follow the vampire. Since we know she is in Lanterum, we can tie up the loose end with the Green Lady. We can fulfill the final request by the lady to be buried at the Citadel on the Eastern Continent. We can go after the Wind Stone in Haymish’s possession.

We decided to follow up on the location of the Wind Stone and headed off to the Entertainment District to speak with Constable Haymish. He suggests we post a reward for any information on the location of the ‘Air Bending Cop.’ There wasn’t new information on the Wind Stone.

Islay at HQ bought the chili shop downstairs…and he now owns the whole building. He heads out to the Market District to buy some Cobra Peppers and lesser peppers for the chili and a chief for the shop as well.

At the HQ, a House Idald representative arrives with information about a sensitive venture in the free territory of Proust. This venture is to find the location of Rawhide, the creature that attacked Balcorran a couple of years ago. When we arrive at the Idald estate, we are to ask for Farragut.

The secretary to print out flyers for a chili cook-off and the top prize is to be the Head Chief of Islay’s new chili shop.

On our way the Idald estate, we passed the carriages of lesser houses as Farragut lets us in…and by the look of things, the estate was opened about a day ago. As Farragut leads us to the main hall, there is a large table with chairs around it, in no real order. The task before us is to find the origins of Rawhide. Emmit will travel with us to be head of security. We asked Farragut…but he declined.

After leaving the Idald estate, we made our way to Fortroy estate to bring him up to speed on our new mission. And after requesting, Andholm wrote a blank check to be cashed at the Bank of Hammerstrike.

Our travels to Jobrack went without incident and as we approached the Tower, there is a large amount of foot traffic in and out of the city. After paying 3gp/day for a berth the Untied Merchant’s Guild (UMG) has guides to show us around the city.

Looking for a place to stay, the guide leads us to the Grey Naga and we book most of the fourth floor.

Raul heads to the southern part of the city where the temples are, and after about an hour, he comes up to the Fharlanghn temple…which looks very well maintained. At the Cuthbertian temple, there are two justicators outside and only clerics and lay-people inside. There’s also no archivist, but there is one that is contracted to fill the role. There is a political coup in the north by Axion in the town of Madunk where there are signs of Vanderscaled returning.

Sprocket went out to investigate on it’s own and found a group of Warforged and was pointed in the direction of Vegreb, the last place that was destroyed by Rawhide.

When the rest of the party returns to the Grey Naga, we hired a local teen, Figit as guide to Vegreb.

Arriving at Vegreb, the guard at the gate, Billin, points us about a mile and a half to the northwest where the last time Rawhide was seen.

After getting to the area, the path into the woods ends at a large crater. It looks like there has been a large forest fire…perhaps due to the impact and a number of corpses on the ground. There are two amulets in a clenched fist of a skullard with a tree growing over it.

A goblin emerges from the tree line, and Islay throws a rock, killing the creature.

Arrows begin to fly.

12 November 2017 Session Narrative.

12 November 2017 Session Narrative.

In the morning, everyone arrive at the Blades headquarters just as Venchiea arrives with coffee for everyone.

About an hour later there is a knock on the front door. As the door opens, there is a guy holding an employment flyer for H.I.L.T. He introduces himself as Marcus Shelm. Islay, after a bit, recognizes him. Marcus apparently ran with Islay and someone named Darr in the past.

Once we interviewed Marcus, he accepted the job. As he left Andholm arrived and made our way to Low Port. On the way, something seems a bit off with Andholm but we couldn’t put our finger on it.

Arriving in Low Port, Sprocket, Maxon and Andholm enter the Custom’s House. The explosion onboard the ship docked might have been committed by a gang associated with the Red Queen. Looking at the Bill of Lading for the Capstan, it shows she was carrying cannon castings.

Vera and Raul make their way to the Salty Lichen, the place where the remainder of the crew of the Capstan was last seen. After asking around, the sole survivor was taken to the Fharlanghn temple.

Bilarro and Islay at the docks, Islay helped in righting the ship that was moored next to the Capstan and Bilarro was talking to a Tiefling, both ended up with no new information on what happened. But, nobles have access to custom records, but something about House Vortal and Deluc Ventures was mentioned.

At the Fharlanghn temple, the last thing the survivor remembers is Lord Hugo to out crew before the voyage and about a dozen half orcs attacking the ship.

Isaly, searching the castings, he found some burial instructions that this casting is to be buried at the Citadel. Inside the casting, there is a body that should be more decomposed than it is. We decided to have the body delivered to Entertainment District Customs House from Blackstone Prison, and tagged as ‘Case Study, Ent-Dist.’

The next day, Haymich received the delivery from Blackstone.

The party made their way to House Vortal. Asking for an audience with Lord Hugo Vortal, the Chamberlain, James Vortal greets us. James speculated the body might be of Camille Deluc.

Andholm and Islay went to a restaurant, and, come to find out the Green Lady was possessing Andholm and now is free in Lanterum.

15 Oct 2017 Session Narrative

15 Oct 2017 Session Narrative

At the pyramid, the people possessed by the Green Lady awoke confused, gathered their things and left. As the people gathered their things, we searched the room they were in and only gathered the smudges they were burning and nothing else was found.

Moving on to the top floor of the pyramid, the group came upon a room with four doors, one to the north east, south west, south east and north west.

The North East door, which was pretty sturdy, inside, had three to four dozen barrels with swampy water inside with sediment on the bottom.

The South West door was pretty rotted away, but inside the room, a birdbath-like font in the center of what looks like a ritual chamber. After searching the room, Islay found a ritual took used to remove the brain, and he gets a feeling of familiarity when holding the tool.

The South East door also was rotted away and inside the room, there were stone cabinets with water logged scrolls, golden scroll bars and a scroll written in a language none of us knew.

The North West door looks like it was repaired…and trapped. After disabling the traps, we open the door to the auto lighting of gas wall sconces. Inside the room, it appears someone from the Cuthbertian church, perhaps an Adjudicator, was, or is using this room as a lab. Also inside, there seems to be schematics of a vehicle of some sort, but inspecting it further, it is schematic of a Spirit Well…the same Spirit Well, Nail, at the Foundry, was having a difficult time in recreating. While searching the room, Sprocket found 15,000gp, smithing tools, an alchemy lab with tools and a very comfy chair for Islay.

After an uneventful night, we left the pyramid to meet Andholm Fortroy outside.

Deciding to take the schematics of the Spirit Well to Nail at the Foundry after a small debate whether or not to revive the Warforged as a race.

After a few weeks, we arrive at the Foundry. Sprocket makes it’s way to Nail’s office with Maxon and Islay in tow.

Both Maxon and Islay go on another tour and treated to some soft-serve ice cream while Sprocket gives Nail the Spirit Well schematics.

Nail, if one was Warforged would notice is visibly excited at the sight of the schematics.

After departing the Foundry, we made our way back to Lanterum.

On the way there, Sprocket attuned to the Firm Channel after Bilarro and Raul failed. 1/ day Sprocket can Stone to Flesh/Flesh to Stone. Movement to AC: sacrifice 5ft of movement to gain +1AC. Earth Mastery: +1/Attack, +1/Damage. The Elemental power: Earth Glide.

After arriving at Lanterum, the party split up. Maxon and Sprocket made their way to Maxon’s apartment, Islay headed to the Blade’s office and Raul headed off the Temple.

Raul at the Temple, he met the Archivist Casmeratine about the lab at the pyramid. Someone by the name of Arch-Magister Ducaris has been known to experiment and there is a frontrunner for the Arch-Mage, someone by the name of Filtabur.

There was nothing going on at Maxon’s apartment, so both Maxon and Sprocket made their way to Camorine’s estate.

The rest of the group at the Office will be heading out for some Shawarma after Islay replies to the correspondence by stating ‘Sorry we missed…’

Outside the Entertainment District House, Sir Barnard is enjoying a pipe when Maxon asked about a cop, some 20 years ago, was able to move like the wind.

Also outside, there seems to quite the number of Tetrigani covered wagons. This is odd to have this many in one area. Islay walks up to one of the wagons and talks to a boy who seems to be about 13 years old and the only survivor from an attack outside Cartway in Balcorran County.

Sir/Knight Dandrin Ervin, the commander of the Entertainment District House…

17 September 2017 Session Narrative

17 September 2017 Session Narrative

On the Gambit, Fortroy suggests we keep Vera in the brig due to the face she looks like she did kill the Cleric.

So, we did leave her in the brig and returned to the Temple.

As we were in the basement, looking for evidence on to what happened, we hear, what sounds like three people enter the Temple. One sounds like they are heading to the office and the other two are making their way to the basement.

When the two made their way into the basement, Maxon made the decision to up front with them…while Sprocket did a very good job in hiding, giving the two a good startle when they saw Sprocket.

We found out the three are colleagues of the Cleric that was killed, Brother Tom. They are Brothers Emmon, Jerrit and Gustov. After explaining what happened to Vera, the Clerics do have a scroll to cure her and all we need to do bring her to the Temple.

We head off to the Gambit to collect Vera when we run into Fortroy loading the ship with supplies and he asked us about our encounter with the Green Woman and said there is a 30,000pg reward for the Green Woman’s head.

After we mended Vera, we return to the pyramid where we fought the Green Woman the first time.

Bilarro enters the pyramid to find there is a door that has been used recently.

He opens it to the sounds of chanting and drums.

At the end of a hallway, there is a spiral staircase that heads down…towards the chanting and drums.

At the bottom, there is a 30’ wide and 100’ long hallway that is obscured by the smoke from a bunch of burring braziers.

As Bilarro and Vera scout ahead, there is a voice in Vera’s head that is bitching about us desecrating her temple.

The Green Woman attacks.

Near the end of the fight with her, she turns into spores and is inhaled by her thrall.

06 August 2017 Session Narrative.

06 August 2017 Session Narrative.

The Firm Channel was returned from Dylan and the Sprocket attuned to the stone.

With the orphanage having money problems, Bilarro, Islay and Raul all decided to head off to the beach and spend some time with the Gonn.

At the Gull Skull looking for members of the Court, we met with Figgit – Red Beard who will return around dinner time with information on Brasco.

Meanwhile, we are asking for information on the Leviathan and any information on specific shipments that have gone missing. There wasn’t any.

Back at the Gull Skull, Tobin, Clarence and Latrice are the last three couriers when a message arrow from Sir Renton arrived and stated there is no information on the missing shipments.

Lunch time arrives and the children need to return to the orphanage.

Once at there, there are three small, dead bodies on a cart.

These three were out gathering supplies south of town.

We head off to investigate.

About a half hour later, we are looking around a clearing just before the jungle, we notice a path heading off into the jungle and figured out this is where the kids were killed.

We proceeded into the jungle, but Justice is reluctant to help.

About 100’ in, it looks like something merged into the path. As we continued there seems to be something out at the 100’ mark…something with antlers, large, old and artificial.

25 June 2017 Session Narrative

25 June 2017 Session Narrative

After the fight with the Lizardfolk..the sphere from the beach arrives and deposits Raul. He is very calm and relaxed from his time with the sphere.

On the outside of the temple, appears to be covered in religious iconography of mostly of water elements, but some fire. There are also features that look like rain gutters, but instead of directing water away from, they look like they direct the rainwater into the temple.

At the front door to the temple, it is trapped…and locked. But the key looks like to be in the shape of the Water Stone.

After placing the Water Stone in the keyhole, the door unlocks and, slowly, began to open. As the door opens wide enough, the blast of moist, compost-smelling air come out of the temple.

Vera collapses to the ground.

To the south and west, there is the war canoe that was used by the other Lizardfolk, who looked like they were to use the canoe, but ran into the jungle to be away from Rasp’s drums.

The war canoe looks like it was designed to hide things and it was seen some action. Inside the hidie-holes there are three potions of cure light wounds, arrows and Masterwork longbow. Maxon, Islay and Bilarro have taken to disabling the canoe by removing the oars, sails and rudder.

As the group enters the temple, there are obvious pressure-plate traps in the floor. The traps, once tripped, spray a stream on acid. Bilarro attempted to wedge something in the gap between the pressure plate and the surrounding stone, and was unsuccessful due to the gap being too tight. After noticing how obvious the traps are, they were designed to keep something in, instead of keeping others out.

At the end of the hallway, there is a large cistern at the center of a ~40’ diameter shaft. The shaft looks like it runs the whole height of the center of the temple and it quite far down into the earth.

After a stone that light was cast on it was dropped and lost in the darkness, Sprocket detaches it’s quadrupedal scout to scout down the cistern.

After about a two hour round trip, the scout returned. What it recorded was mostly it’s trip down the cistern. After fast-forwarding through the recorded, it saw a large basin with sconces on the wall, unlit and passageways going east and west.

At this point, it is getting dark out and the group sets up camp.

Rasp knowing he is out of his element states he will stay back and keep an eye on the camp. He was only tasked to return the Water Stone…not partake in the trials to determine if we are worthy in holding the Stone.

Over the night, nothing happens except for another storm approaches.

Entering the temple, as the rain run into the cistern, there is a distinct sound of screech coming up front he bottom.

By dawn, the rain stops.

The plan for getting down the cistern is to have Sprocket and Raul enter the Bag Of Holding to carried by one of the others who can Feather Fall or Fly to the bottom…before Raul suffocates.

It took about seven minutes to get to the bottom of the ~1000’ cistern shaft.

Once at the bottom, for the lack of a better way to go, the group heads east.

After walking about three miles, there is another cistern shaft in the ceiling and the water is much shallower.

Another mile, another cistern shaft. This time Maxon and Vera walk up cistern walls and Islay flies to the top. Once up there, the only thing to notice there is only a large metal grate covering over the cistern opening.

It starts to rain and on the way down, Islay informs Maxon and Vera there isn’t anything up there and it started raining.

Islay, Maxon and Vera makes it to the bottom before the walls become to difficult to climb.

Without being able to go any further east, the group returns to our starting point.

After getting there, the group heads down the west passageway to the next cistern shaft and then rests.

About few hours into the rest, three Chuuls attack.

After the fight, the group walks another mile, or so to a very large cavern, ~600 yds wide. The water is very deep and has a steep drop off and it looks like this is the point of collection for the rain water.

The plan is to have everyone get into the bag Of Holding and Islay can fly to the other side where there is a platform and a door.

When everyone extracted themselves out of the Bag, the door looks similar to the one at the entrance to the temple…but the key is different. It looks like the Water Stone, but the facets are different. It does look like the gem used to detect a mind leech. After…modifying the gem, it fits and opens the door.

Inside, their are lit balefire torches and, what looks like, 6 dozen sarcophagus lining each side of the hallway ending at a balefire brazier.

30 April 2017 Session Narrative.

30 April 2017 Session Narrative.

On the island of Orcalon, Brogas Dallhelm, the only one that was even close to being an administrator for the Bard’s school died of a stroke at a celebratory BBQ.

Vera, being the most senior member of the school at the moment, she began searching Brogas’ room…and found a scroll case in a foot locker. Inside the case, there are instructions for his internment. He is to be returned to Lanterum to be buried in the Temple District.

With the news of Brogas’ passing, Islay is attempting to lighten the spirits of the school children.

In town, Sir Renton met with Bilarro to talk about the sighting of the warship.

In the event of Brogas’ passing, Gov. Lord Adalard Grast is to appoint the next school administrator. After reading this, Vera made her way to the Governor’s house…but met him while he was on his way to the school. After a short conversation in the street, they decided to meet in the school administrator’s office to discuss the plans, going forward for the school.

Islay, while started out to distract the school kids, ended up teaching the kids how to fight.

Brother Oris and Bilarro are talking to the Harbormaster about booking transport to Lazourgas Islands. The Harbormaster said nothing that is seaworthy is leaving with that warship out and about.

Meanwhile…at the school, there are faint, harmonic tones coming from the area of the beach. Maxon, Islay and Sprocket make their way to the beach just to find Raul already there. There is a sphere, large enough to block the whole horizon…which is odd that no one can see this from the school. While speaking through Raul…’we are the Representative of the Gone.’ Attempts to communicate with the Sphere were successful only through singing. The Sphere continued…’we are here to witness the Harmonies’ and ‘Just ignore us.’ When the conversation ended with the Sphere, both Maxon and Islay seem very relaxed.

When Brother Oris, Bilarro and Rasp return to the school, Sprocket escorts Brother Oris and Bilarro to the Sphere. Bilarro, at this point went ethereal to communicate with it. While there…the Sphere is very smooth and warm. When Bilarro finished his talk with the Sphere, it released both Maxon and Islay, but kept control of Raul.

The Party met up with the Governor, at his house and received the protection money for Orcalon to be paid to the Duke. Now, that both Brother Oris and Maxon are standing next to on another…there is a familial resemblance. Of course, both of them don’t see it, but the others do.

The next day, Vera made the decision to put Brother Oris in charge, temporarily of the school until The Party return from our current assignment.

One last item was given to The Blades is a lute, used by Brogas, that aids in performance.

The trip to The Beggar’s Leg, in the Lazourgas Islands took about three weeks.

Rasp is very keen to get to Ran T’yak and hire a war canoe to Rig’naal to get the Water Stone to his people.

Once near the shore, Rasp rushed off the canoe and made his way to the largest building. When the rest of The Blades caught up, Rasp was standing next to the shaman…and next to him is Trakas.

Before The Blades can continue…a trial is needed. The trial is to tame giant sloth.

Once the sloth trials have been completed, The Blades make the trip to the temple…but not without making sure the sloth are handled in a way they are encouraged to follow the rider’s instructions.

Arriving at the Temple, there’s a group of other lizard-folk…and Rasp made quick work by making them run away with his drums.

02 April 2017 Session Narrative.

02 April 2017 Session Narrative.

After Maxon voiced his displeasure with the inability of Lanterum’s Port Authority to prevent one skyslip, the Castlemane from departing with a person of interest in the theft from the prison, Islay was able to board the ship before it departed, be he was not able to get any further than that before he was thrown off the ship.

On the pier, as The Castlemane departs, Islay notices a figure with a large brimmed hat and a surgeon’s mask looking at us. Sprocket notices Islay noticing the figure, but lost track of him as he moved into the crowd.

Islay asked Andholm Fortroy if he knows of a good realtor because he is interested in buying a headquarters for The Party he is calling The Blades. Fortroy did not know any off the top of his head. Since Islay, Maxon and Sprocket are returning to the Camorine estate, he might know someone, or knows someone who knows someone.

A few hours out of Lanterum, Bilarro, and Vera are enjoying some nice, rum filled drinks while Raul self-flagellates himself over the wonton decadence that is this cruise to the Lazorgas islands.

When Sprocket and Company arrive at the Camorine estate, we can see Camorine at his chalkboard documenting the events up to this point. Camorine may seem to be well imbibed most of the time, but what is on the chalkboard is pretty coherent and accurate. Islay asks Percival if he knows a good realtor. Percival said he will have to get back to him in the morning on that. Sprocket is outside getting the Marauder chassis ready for transport to The Gambit for the trip to The Foundry.

A few more hours later, more rum filled drinks are served while Raul averts his gaze with all the topless women doing the serving. Rasp said that Raul has the right idea to separate himself from the others because he just wants to get home…so Rasp uses the Water stone to help the ship, the Juniper move faster. Catching almost everyone off guard…except for Bilarro, he didn’t spill a drop of his wine.

The next morning, Sprocket and Company head into town to purchase some healing potions and to look into the property in the upper common district Percival suggested looking into. The first place we stop at is Dipthoe’s shop in Lanterum. Maxon purchased a few cure serious/moderate/light wounds potions and Dipthoe threw in a handful of vials, which if you shake up; they emit a light and didn’t add on the customary mark-up. Sprocket bought, without the mark-up a flask of Lubrication Freedom of Movement and a flask of Unguent of Repair. The next is a bar/diner that serves only breakfast named The Fried Egg. We are to ask for Tamel. When we entered The Fried Egg, there were two women patrons and one human male behind the bar. Islay asks to see Tamel, and he said you are speaking with him. Then, Islay didn’t even haggle over the price and paid a year’s worth of rent. Now, that The Party…The Blades have a headquarters, Islay is happy.

On our way back to the Camorine estate, Maxon received a message arrow stating that we need to return to the estate because something has happened.

When we arrived, The Gambit is listing to port and white smoke coming out of the opening to the cargo hold. Getting onboard, noticing Tony holding his arm and it has a hole through it; Maxon fed Tony a healing potion. After drinking the potion, Tony began to convulse and his throat began to grow large and pretty big worm with a four barbed mouth came out of Tony’s mouth and died. Islay took his hammer and smashed it. Not knowing what this thing is…but we know who might know. Doctor Marcenko. Islay played message arrow tag with the Doctor and we agreed to get a sample to him when we are finished at the Foundry. Tony mentioned there was a man with a doctor’s mask and a wide brimmed hat seemingly fell out of the sky and shot him in the arm.

Also, noticing the cask of ale that didn’t burn up in the fire and it didn’t have Islay’s name on it and there, what looked like ruptured parasitic eggs on the inside of the cask.

To do it’s due diligence, that night, Sprocket went over the Marauder chassis once more, and nothing was found.

The next morning, the Marauder chassis is loaded on The Gambit and we leave for the Foundry.

As The Gambit approaches the Foundry, we notice there is a heavy layer of smog over this small city of all Warforged. There are a few humans and dwarves around, but that is it. Once The Gambit is moored, we are greeted by two Warforged who have instructions to bring us to see Nail. The smog is heavy, but Maxon and Islay are dealing with it.

Once in Nail’s office, it suggests that Maxon and Islay take the level 4 tour while Nail and Sprocket talk.

Once they leave, Nail states it is able to recreate the Warforged form, but Overseer Omega’s docent is needed to bring the dormant chassis to life. Since the war, there have been no new Warforged ‘birthed.’ The organics can replenish their gene-pool, but when a Warforged falls, there is no way to…well, the Warforged are a dying race and it needs to be stopped. Unfortunately, Sprocket’s docent is damaged, but removes it and hands it to Nail to examine. Just then, the spider-scout class leaves The Gambit and folds itself up and attaches itself to Overseer Omega’s back. Overseer Omega states to Nail that this scout’s information docent is full, and did not have access to a control console to remove the images. Nail leads Overseer Omega into the next room, and clears off some old looking equipment and turns it on. Overseer Omega hands over the docent from the scout and sees some horrific pictures of humans doing inhuman things to the native Orc population where the scout was placed. Then the images fly further in the past showing Orc families, Orc children eking out a living. Further into the past, there is a large, black scaly foot steps in front of the scout and then, what looks like a large dragon’s claw on the wing moves past the lens. Then series of images shows Overseer Omega looking at the scout just after it was turned on. What is odd is that the known history of the Warforged is about 40 years, but the Overseer Omega gets impression the images it just watched ate much older than that.

Maxon and Islay are participating in shoveling coal into the boilers activity that was designed for organic children.

After Overseer Omega finishes watching the images, Nail returns with mixed news. Overseer Omega’s cannot be used, but there is enough information that some of it can be pieced together as a starting point.

Maxon and Islay return to Nail’s office. They are covered in soot from their tour, but as a treat…reward, they are given some icecream.

Raul notices it is taking longer than it should to get to the Islands. Rasp has had it and uses the Water stone again. Catching Vera off guard and fell overboard, but Bilarro was able to catch her.

Thanks to Rasp, they made up the time that was lost by sunset.

The following morning, there is a complementary apology mint on the entire guest’s pillows.

Raul, while in the dining hall, was clipping his toenails, and the pinky toenail hits Vera in the right eye.

Capt. Doublin was making his rounds with all the guests and gets to Bilarro and comments that Raul and Rasp are the only two who are not enjoying themselves. While on desk, Raul was able to see the masthead of a ship large enough to be able to read it’s heraldry at this distance. The masthead is Cyrilian and could mean The Leviathan. Raul yells ‘Pirates!’ The Captain comes to see what all the fuss is about, and so does Rasp. They both see the heraldry and stops acting like cruise ship captain and gets serious and Rasp takes out the Water stone again and make way to Orcalon.

By the next morning, they arrive in Orcalon. Bilarro sends a message arrow to Maxon letting him know the updated situation. They will be waiting on Orcalon for us to pick them up.


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