Sundered Schemes

Let's try this.
Her we go...

Suppose I wanted to write about a trip to Lanterum, that’s in the Kingdom of Redgulus, which is one of the Imperial Kingdoms, on the Northern Continent?

What would happen then?

Moving on...
Almost there!

Things are coming along nicely. Made a lot of progress today. I’m fairly confident I’ve expressed the tone of the campaign. A true medieval period of tight feudalism, and religious fervor inside the kingdoms.

Outside of those borders, the rest of the world is finally starting to catch its breath. All the dust kicked up by the last few decades is finally starting to settle. But the world is bigger than it used to be, and there’s a lot out there that is up for grabs.

Basically ready to play.
Working pattern now...

With everything I have put up on this wiki, for all intents and purposes, we could start playing now. That’s quite an accomplishment, considering a week ago, I was still staring at a blank screen, tapping my fingers next to my keyboard.

I wrote some helpful background pages on the immediate setting the group will be playing in. Specifically the page on Orcalan, and the links it provides.

Fairweather friend...
Gone too soon.

Traveling to Orcalan, Bilarro Zax met a plump and personable cleric of Pelor named Brother Arnold aboard a cargo ship bound for the island. Responsible for sending the consecrated wine to Orcalan for the upcoming Festivus celebration, Brother Arnold was quite dismayed to discover that it never arrived. Determined to fulfill his duties, the good Cleric decided it was best he accompany the shipment himself in order to personally ensure the wine arrived on time for the celebrations.

With no room for passengers aboard the Fairweather, Brother Arnold refused to take “No” for an answer, and took it upon himself to go below decks. There, he shifted his mighty girth onto an oarsman’s bench next to Bilarro.

After some hilarious antics, the duo rowed the ship for hours together. Later in the day, Bilarro was called on deck to swim out to a capsized vessel in order to begin a salvage effort. Once secured, the Fairweather began to tow the upturned ship through the night.

The following morning, Bilarro was once more tasked with swimming out to the overturned ship. But, the ever curious Brother Arnold decided to swim out with his new young friend. After some more hijinks, the pair began to investigate the ship. Arnold stayed up on the hull while Bilarro dove under to see what he may find inside.

He found a cowering Teifling named Tyo, who warned Bilarro that something very large capsized his ship. The other sailor, who survived inside with Tyo, decided to try swimming out to see what was happening. That sailor never returned.

Tyo and Bilarro swam out from under the hull after Arnold insistently pounded on it while tugging on Bilarro’s safety line. Underwater, Tyo saw something that terrified him, but Bilarro saw nothing. As the three men speculated as to what it might have been, hundreds of sharks swam up, approaching from the south.

After considering their options, Bilarro joked with the fat Cleric about asking Pelor for a miracle. Arnold somberly cast a spell of Sanctuary on himself and jumped into the shark infested seas hoping his god’s protection would keep him safe.

It did not.

One of the sharks, overcome by its predatory instincts, (as well as Arnold’s strong resemblance to a sea cow) bit into the chubby man of the cloth. Shortly thereafter, more of the beasts swam in to join the feast.

Bilarro could only watch helplessly, as his friend was taken. Never to be seen again.

The Hunt Begins
First Session

Arriving aboard different ships; Maxon Stark, Pannan, Lord Steffan Camorine, Winston Reed and Sprocket, disembarked in the port of Cargo Bay on the Island of Orcalan.

Coming off the gang-plank, Maxon, and Pannan ran into Winston and Sprocket waiting in line to check in with customs officials. City guard, Lars Anders, questioned Maxon about his weaponry and his affiliation with the half-elf Pannan.

Maxon made his intentions for coming to the island known and was directed to The Merchant’s Folly in Saint Gabriel, where he could meet up with Sir Renton Hendall.

Meanwhile, Winston and Sprocket both hopped aboard a wagon bound for the town in order to find lodging.

The four players arrived at The Folly, along with Lord Camorine, moments before Sir Renton arrived with Vera, Bilarro Zax, Rico Tolmandi and Tyo, after their ill-fated attempt to hunt down the killer dire-shark believed to be haunting the waters off the island.

It was there, after being healed of her wounds by Brother Oris, that Vera realized she recognized most of the new arrivals form the visions she received by way of a strange power called “The Knowing”.

Soon, after a brief exchange of separate, yet seemingly interconnected information by the various members of this group, it was decided that the time to seek out a Goblin by the name of Grund and either capture or eliminate him.

Under the order of Brogus Dallhelm, the Lizard-man bard, Rasp joined in. As well as Rico’s wife, Guretchka Tolmandi, a second, more experienced member of the Archivist Order, Blane Remos, Lars Anders the guard, and his partner Tony the Guard.

Working with the information gleaned by the Archivist, Blane; the party found a hidden, well-like, entrance to Orcalan’s labyrinthian network of underground caves.

Making their descent, the first few members of the group quickly encountered an undead creature called a “Shadow” that sapped away much of Lars’ strength, before being overcome by the others.

Once the entire party was safely down into the caves, the exploration began in earnest. Entering into a large chamber south of the entrance, a large group of human skeletons have engaged the party.

The battle has begun.

Delving Deeper
2nd live session

The great skeleton battle was pretty interesting. Pannan learned precisely why being in the front ranks while exploring a hostile environment may not be the best idea for a worker of raw arcane magics.

Fighting bravely, he was laid low several times during the battle. Unfortunately, Brother Oris, the Pelorian Cleric, didn’t do much to advance the cause for half-elves either. He followed hotly at Pan’s heels in the race to see who could be sent into the realm of near-death the farthest.

After the excruciating battle was won, Oris, Pan, and the Tiefling Tyo were all on the verge of meeting Nerull. Tending to their wounds, the archivist Blane Remos, suggested the group leave the underground cave system and return to Saint Gabriel to regroup.

Unfortunately, the suggestion came too late for the City Guardsman Lars Anders, who intrepidly went on to explore an underwater passage that lead out to sea. He met his end floundering underwater whilst tangling with a vicious barracuda.

The bold heroes, Maxon Stark and Winston Reed quickly shed their armor and retrieved Lars’ remains so that he may receive a proper burial. In the process, Maxon felt the wrath of the carnivorous fish during a bold struggle of underwater grappling. Winston intervened with the use of Tony the Guard‘s spear. Occupying the barracuda long enough for Maxon to retrieve Lars’ body and escape the watery passage.

Bilarro Zax gathered up all the treasures left behind in the chamber where the skeletons were encountered, and the party re-surfaced in order to return to town.

Traveling back, the group passed through the port of Cargo Bay, where they met yet another half-elf holy-man named Greysen, who was literally holding up a handmade sign that bore the name “Krev Molok”. Vera recognized that as the name of the foul demon who had a part in the original creation of the beast Knight Hide.

After lending his divine powers to heal the wounded party members, the group accepted him into their ranks.

Returning to The Merchant’s Folly, the group took pause in order to rest and recuperate, as well as formulate a strategy.

Steffan Camorine opted to remain behind with Maxon, Rico Tolmandi, and Rico’s wife Guretchka Tolmandi, while Sir Renton Hendall lead the others back into the cave system. Tony also remained top-side to help maintain security in the town which was now well above capacity, due to all the visitors there the celebrate Festivus.

After resting for two days, in the early-morning hours on the dawn of Festivus, the members of the party who went back to investigate further encountered another Shadow.

Winston felt its icy, strength-sapping touch. However, thanks to the efforts of the others…the creature was destroyed.

The party is currently investigating the chamber where the shadow was destroyed. Aside from some minor loot, the only feature of note is a strange tile mosaic depicting some awful, evil goddess.

In Other News...
The Wackadoo Stories thus far.

((Tim and Andy have been playing secondary characters strictly online. Their Character’s stories are also taking place in the same continuity as the primary characters. Thus…their actions have an effect on the world as well.))

Bosric Idald

Starting off in the city of Balcorran, Lord Bosric Idald had been going about his duties as head of the city guard. He’d been summoned to the sky-port to assist in and oversee the investigation of several murders there. Several bodies of crew members from the luxury sky-galley, The Hazleton (The same Sky-Galley that Max and Pan rode to its firey doom), had been found poorly hidden amongst some discarded cargo crates in one of the tower’s docking bays.

In the midst of his investigation, Bosric received word from his aunt, Countess Greyana Idald, that he had been selected to represent their house at the upcoming Festivus Tournament hosted by Baron Barnard Deluc and sponsored by Duke Hamilcron Drega.

Leaving the investigation to his underlings, Bosric set out for the Deluc Orchard. Which lay roughly eight weeks to the west of Balcorran, in Deluc County. Bosric elected to make the journey through the wildlands of Idald County, rather than take the much longer…yet safer route along the Ancient Highway. The speed of travel turned out to be offset by the loss of life suffered at the hands of a small pack of marauding Gnolls that Bosric’s retinue encountered on the journey.

Eventually, what remained of his party reached the banks of the Vetrium River, where they boarded a ferry named The Colcast. While crossing the river, Bosric met the ferry’s other passenger of note, the Blackguard Morast Vane. He discovered that, Vane too, would be taking part in the tournament. He also determined that the rumors of Vane being a savage madman, bent on destruction, were also blown vastly out of proportion. He also learned of a strange promise made to the Blackguard by none other than Duke Drega himself. In the promise, Drega stated that if Vane took part in and won The Joust, he would receive the title of Knight as an award in addition to the champion’s purse.

Bosric’s party, and Vane’s retinue made the rest of the journey to the Deluc Orchard together. Their simultaneous arrival caused something of a stir among the gathered nobility there. Bosric then went about getting acquainted with the other noble competitors, and decided the best competition for him to take part in was The Melee.

Thus began a series of misfortunes for Lord Bosric.

First, his House Sigil Banner was vandalized. Later his charger, Thistlewind was purposely envenomed by an Axionian Mountain Viper. Quite certain the same culprit was responsible for both actions, Bosric chose to confront Lord Ivard Kazzmeritine, of the Kingdom of Axion.

To further muddle Lord Bosric’s affairs, Morast Vane made an offer of an exchange. He would provide Bosric with helpful information that may give him the edge over his competition in the Melee. In return, he asked that Bosric stand as witness should Vane win the Joust after all, and claim his knighthood.

Bosric agreed.

The next day brought even more debacles for Bosric. Having been provided with the very letter Duke Drega wrote to Vane. Bosric intended to go about verifying its authenticity. Taking the letter to the Duke’s daughter, Baroness Deluc, he showed it to her and asked if she thought it to be legitimate. She responded by dismissing it, and ripping it in half. Following that, Duke Drega himself chastised the lowly lord. Warning him to keep out of the affairs of his betters.

After a slightly unorthodox participation in the tournament’s opening ceremonies, Bosric decided to make time investigating the festival taking place in accompaniment to the competitions. While there, a magic message-arrow landed near him, bearing a message from his mother. The message brought dire news that the city of Balcorran had been attacked by a powerful creature that resembled something akin to an Ogre. Sadly, Bosric’s father fell in the attack.


Session Narratives

Can anyone post session narratives, or is that something Paul is in sole control of?

Kind of a Session Narrative...

The Death of Greysen Voltire

The blackness of his dream woke him. It was so final, a life snuffed out in front of him. It was a man he had never known, but now felt as if he knew him his whole life. Greysen, that was the name of the man who died. That wasn’t all that Islay Kentigern had seen in his… what was it, a vision? No, this was something different, he had connected minds with this Greysen and his god Heironeus. This connection to another person lead to many questions for Islay, but it also confirmed one thing he knew all along. Gods are nothing but assholes.

The vision of Islay Kentigern

It began with a trip to the heavens, and the viewing of a conversation between Heironeous and one of his generals. He saw through the eyes of the general, but had no control of the vision.

“How goes the recruitment my lord?”

“Slow… and we aren’t getting the greatest candidates. Take this one for instance.” Heironeous waved his hand over the pool to show a young Half-elf, naked save for his shield and sword. The man was defending a line of adventurers behind him from a nasty sea beast. The likes of which Islay had never seen. He could see the mans eyes close and the words of a prayer come to his lips. “This Greysen Voltire, comes from a good family, bastard though he is. Yet he can’t even fight with his clothes on. He has already wasted his gifts that I have given him. Then he has the gaul to ask for my help, in an unwinable situation. He surrounds himself with lesser beings and expects me to help them.”

“But beggers can not be choosers my lord, we need every man we can get.”

“No, not every one. I’m tired of picking the weak and outcast. Time to cull the herd General. Watch this…”

Heironeous’ eyes roll back in his head and he speaks directly to the man, this Greysen, with the authority of a god.

“Strike this foe down, with one strike my son. I will guide your blade to its heart. You will score a mighty victory for Heironeous this day!”

With that Greysen raised his blade and stood proud. Screaming Heironeous’s name in all its glory…

The vision changed, he was now seeing through the eyes of Greysen. He could hear his thoughts, and feel the salty wind upon his naked body. Islay could feel Greysens pride in his god flow through him, all fear dissappating, for his god would guide him to glory. This was the WILL OF HEIRONEOUS!!

Islay could do nothing to stop this man from something so foolish, it seemed inevitable.

Greysen jumped on the railing with cat like grace, the grace of Heironeous flowing through his veins. Dancing down the rail, with a speed and dexterity unmatched by mortal men. Then the perfect jump, sword point right at the heart of beast… Then Islay saw the hand of Heironeous guide the blade, not to the beasts heart, but to the water beside it. Disbelief flooded Greysen as he hit the water… how had he missed? He felt the very presence of his god inside of him. He should not have failed, yet here he was treading water, in danger…

“Why Heironeous, I have done as you told me!!”

A maniacal laughter flooded his mind. “You have done nothing of the sort. You have failed me at every turn, and are a disgrace to the name Heironeous!! It is time to end your stay on this mortal plane. Never again shall I give my power to one as weak as you.”

As the last word was spoke, the flood of power that comes with a gods presence left Greysen. Leaving him vulnerable to the beast in front of him. As Islay watched and felt, a tentacle lashed out, ripping a gash accross Greysen’s chest. A cut so deep you could see his heart. Yet he still lived… clinging to hope.

Islay could hear the cries of Greysens friends, calling to him. A rope splashed near, searching for him. He tried to make Greysen grab hold, but he had no power here… He floated for what seemed like an eternity. Nothing around him save for the waves. Then a splash, and one of Greysens friends grabbed hold of him and started to drag him toward salvation.

“Not so fast, no man defies Heironeous!” Heironeous’s voice called down to Greysen, it was then that Islay saw the sharks. Coming inconcievably fast, with flashing white teeth. He saw two head towards Greysens friend, tearing large chunks off, just as the third shark sank his teeth into Greysen’s throat, ripping it open. Greysen’s life flashed in front of Islay. The pain and the suffering, and the triumph with his new group. A group that he looked forward to working with. Greysen had finally found a home, after all these years. Only to die at the whim of a god.

Then all went dark….

01 Dec 2013 Session Narrative

(Third Live Session)

01 Dec 2013 Session

After completed what we were sent to do, we decided to return to The Merchant’s Folly.

Upon returning, everyone in Saint Gabriel were sad and despondent because their Patriarch and his acolytes were killed by a shark while on a raft in Shark Harbor celebrating Festivus.

Ash-weeper, as we investigated, is responsible for planning the bombing at Lanterum’s front gate but it was Grund who carried it out.

As the party looks for a way off of Orcalan, we split into two groups. One went to Shark Harbor and found the Foam Reaper…she is registered to the Princess Amara Archidiem (I think. Chad) and touted to be the fastest ship on Orcalan. The other group went to Cargo Bay and met the Halfling deck agent, Korin Gladhand of the Whispering Mellow at dock 19 who was willing to take the group for ~500gp. Before making a decision like that, the two groups returned to Merchant’s Folly and met with Steffan Camorine who had Adam Kexos, a Lanterum Devil-Ball player, suggesting that the party sail with Adam on his private yacht as he returns to Lanterum.

The party agrees.

The trip should take about 6 days.

Noon on the 6th day, an Echinoloth attacks.

During the fight, the party lost Greyson. (See previous narrative for more details. Chad)

At the Customs House in Lanterum, Steffan Camorine heads to the Noble Quarter with Bilarro going to the hospital and Sprocket heading off to the menders.

While in the Noble Quarter, Keroth Maul (I think. Chad) mentioned something about a war and there was an attack by a winged ogre on the city of Balcoran.


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