Lightning Storm Brewery


Lightning Storm Brewery (LSB) was started as an income producer for the ower Huel, who was a full time adventurer and a hero of the Archidiemian Empire, with the eventual goal of it funding his retirement from adventures. Huel scoured Lanterum for the best Brew Master he could find, his search brought him to a lowly dive inn that brewed its own ales where he found Clint Everwet. Huel recruited Clint away from his employment by using his charm and promising him good quality ingredients, something Clint hadn’t worked with before. The brewery itself was an old warehouse that was renovated and converted into a brewery, this an tasting room attached.


Expansion happened quickly for LSB as Huel was quick to implement the LSB network around the empire, employing many Humans and Halflings as teamsters and salesmen for LSB.

Huel, after establishing LSB left Clint in charge of the operation while he went of with the Heroes of Jobrak to fight the various threats to the Archidiemian Empire. During this time LSB had a solid period of establishment and stability. However, LSB’s popularity surged again when the Emperor was seen drinking LSB Special Ale during a broadcast by Sid Zurgan.

Lightning Storm Brewery

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