36 million years before Archidiem’s Imperial Ascension — World is created

30 million years P.A. — Aboleth appear in world’s primordial oceans, genesis unknown

28 million P.A. — Massive landmass formed from rampant volcanic activity, creating single super continent

22 million P.A. — Evolution of land dwelling reptiles. Dragons appear, genesis unknown

18 million P.A. — First Dragon King, Xibalbidac, is crowned. 15 years later, declares war on Aboleth

17 million P.A. — Draconic/Aboleth war comes to an end, Xibalbidac vanishes, whereabouts unknown — Aboleth cease activities involving the dry lands of the world and withdraw to the deep.

10 million P.A. — Reptilian humanoid race is created by the dragon lords. At the same time, other Humanoid races appear. Giants the most prevalent.

5 million P.A. — Power struggle begins among the Aboleth over decision to withdraw from affairs of dry land. One side led by Kcxil’xec, a powerful Savant advocated separation from the air breathing world. The other side led by Akabronox supported conquest.

3 million P.A. — The Aboleth Akabronox is victorious, Kcxil’xec and its supporters execute final plan to destroy Akabronox. They attempt contact with a powerful offworld race known as Illithids, but their attempt fails and Akabronox’s regime eliminates them.

After the destruction of Kcxil’xec, Akabronox sets out on a campaign to conquer the super continent. Enslaved members of the reptilian race act as his agents. The civilizations of the Giant races are the first to fall as a result of orchestrated and carefully engineered conflicts between Giantfolk city-states. Soon after, the entire reptilian race is enslaved. In honor of their new lord and master, they rename themselves the Xonorbaka.

Taking a strange initiative, Akabronox commands the reptilian races to construct a series of pillars at the centers of each major Xonorbaka settlement.

1 million P.A. — Cataclysmic earthquakes and volcanic erruptions rend the super continent in half. In six days, the two halves seperate far enough that the north half is no longer visible to the southern half and vice versa. Millions of the Xonorbaka perish in the catastrophy.

790k P.A. — 2nd cataclysm occurs when giant meteorite impacts the northern continent, triggering more earthquakes and volcanic activity. Huge torrents of dust clouds fill the world’s atmosphere choking out the sun. Akabronox choose to exert his powers and forces the dust down from the skies over the northern continent, but is not powerful enough to unblock the skies of the south. All traces of Xonorbaka on the southern continent are lost. Many great cities of the Xonorbaka on the northern continet are also destroyed in the calamity.

650k P.A. — Uprising among the Aboleth results in the exile of Akabronox. Akabronox escapes to an unknown location. Unnamed leader of the revolution and descendent of Kcxil’xec begins active campaign to hunt down and destroy the deposed Aboleth Tyrant.

550k P.A. — First visitation by elven colonists. Elven colony of Greyhold (Jobrak) is established. One year after founding of Greyhold, all inhabitants of colony vanished. Undeterred, the colony is repopulated.

540k-525k P.A. — World is officially named Alluria by spacefarers and becomes a safehaven for pirates, and galactic criminals. The only trace of civilization are the Elven city-states of Greyhold and the larger Starport city of Vrangelsis (Lanterum).

520k P.A. — Galactic Order of Arcanoi overrule Elven objections and classify Alluria as a designated penetentiary staus world. The first inmate marooned on world is Gorbulax: Destroyer of Worlds. Traverse travel is heavily restricted.

500k P.A. — Main star of the X’orr system supernovas creating a catostrophic celestial anomally. Five hundred thousand survivors evacuated and are temporarily forced to settle on world.

10 years pass and the temporary situation is forgotten as X’orrian nobility command underclass to build a permanent city. That city is dubbed Agragard.

25 years later, the Illithid Armada begins its galactic conquest. X’orrian transplants and Elven seperatists offer solace to displaced refugees from conquered worlds.

499,920 P.A. — Barbarian Warlord descendents of marooned Arcanoi prisoners sack the City of Greyhold. They quickly withdraw back to their lands in the wintery north.

At the same time the Arcanoi abandon Alluria in order to put all their resources against the Illithids. They leave only six Arcanoi Adepts behind.

Elves of Alluria declare war against northern Barbarians. They ask X’orrians for aid. The X’orrians refuse.

499,900 P.A. — Illithid fleet arrives.

Elven king Vorendel brokers deal with Illithids in exchange for the sparring of his people. Elves become overseers for Illithid slavers.

Major population centers are built to facillitate breeding and other methods of slave cultivation. Each center is connected to the others by an elaborte network of roads.

300K P.A. — First attack on Elven-Illithid installation by armed militants from among the slave population. Rebels are guided by enigmatic wizard named Zurin. The recognized leader of the rebel group is Bilarro, descendent of X’orrian nobility.

Over the course of the next 15 years, the rebellion, under Bilarro struck blow after blow against the Illithid and Elven regime. Culminating in the capture of Vorendel by Bilarro.

The remaining Elven Traverse vessels are commandeered by Bilarro and his men. They are used to evacuate six of the population centers but draw the ire of the Illithid ships in orbit.

Bilarro and the escaped rebels are forced from the skies over the southern continent. Contact is never re-established.

60 years after the loss of Bilarro, the entire Illithid contingient leaves Allurian space with the promise to return.

The following day, pillars of unknown origin rise from points all over the northern continent nullifying the arcane magicks the elven overseers use to keep the slaves in check.

3 days after the pillars rise, the Elves are deposed. Many of their nobility take to the seas in order to escape the vengeance of their former wards.

Remaining elves are nearly wiped out, but following a plea from the Wizard Zurin, the race is spared.

After two straight years, the pillars sink back down, and magick is restored.

Bloody conflict breaks out once again.

250K P.A. — After nearly 500 centuries of warfare instability, mankind is united under a brilliant statesman and strategist…Galedius.

250,991 P.A. — Galedius creates an army of both human and elf. He sets out on a campaign to conquer all the settled lands of the northern continent.

17 months later, Galedius is crowned Emperor. He banishes all unhumans (Orc, goblin, ogre, gnoll etc) from within the borders of his lands.

The proud Dwarves choose a self imposed banishment and establish their own seperate kingdom far to the west. Expansion east is halted out of fear of the dragons residing in the untamed lands.

250,980 P.A. — The borders of the Galedian empire are formalized. All holdings and territories are mapped. Nobility is granted and governorships are appointed. By the tide of midsummer, a complete senate is elected.

250,960-250,890 P.A. — Reign of Emperor Galedius II

250,889-250,799 P.A. — Reign of Galedius III

250,796-250,715 P.A. — Reign of Thurnabule I

250,710 P.A. — Gorbulax: Destroyer of Worlds, rises from the ocean depths. At this time the Galedian Empire is without a ruler. Thurnabule I passed without an heir. His eldest nephew Daluvius Suel begins his appeal for the throne.

250,709 P.A. — Gorbulax strikes Vrangelsis, utterly obliterating it before returning to the deep.

The Imperial Senate convene by special council in the ruins of Vrangelsis, where they crown Emperor Daluvius Suel.

Suel commands Vrangelsis be rebuilt, but renames the city Lanterum, in honor of his mother Lanteria Suel.

250,700 P.A. — Emperor Suel vanishes.

250,697 P.A. — Suel returns and founds the order of the Archanamach.

250,613-250,560 P.A. — Reign of Gorristian

250,559-250,490 P.A. — Reign of Calsision

250,490-250,300 P.A. — Reign of Vroxis the Undying…Reign ends when Vroxis abdicates. Vroxis dissapears on following summer solstice. His wherabouts remain a mystery.

250,300-250,220 P.A. — Reign of Latruxo

250,215-250,160 P.A. — Reign of Morraen

250,157-249,995 P.A. — Reign of Tolemay I

249,990-249,925 P.A. — Reign of Tolemay II

249,870-249,800 P.A. — Reign of Thurnabule II

249,791-249,700 P.A. — Reign of Beveccian

Emperor Raxil Beveccian founds the Order of the Watch. Their mission is to infiltrate any and all organized threats to the stability of the Empire.

Hundreds of dissidents, seditionists, and criminals are brought to justice by the efforts of the Watch.

249,698-249,610 P.A. — Reign of Ludrigite

249,608-249,542 P.A. — Reign of Calromian

249,540-249,480 P.A. — Reign of Hrevic

249,510 P.A. — Begining of the Unhuman Wars

249,479-249,399 P.A. — Reign of Zolthiem the Warrior

249,426 P.A. — End of the Unhuman Wars

249,391 P.A. — Struggle for Imperial throne between the House of Zolthiem and House Thurnabule leads to factionalization of Galedian Empirical lands.

249,385 P.A. — Civil War errupts. Two leading factions of Zolthiem and Thurnabule coalesce power behind them.

Zolthiem appeals to the Dragon Lords of the eastern frontier for aid. Thurnabule choose a darker route and appeal to a creature calling itself “The Undergod” for aid.

249,360-249,295 P.A. — Reign of Thurnabule III, reign ends in assassination. Chaos ensues.

249,290 P.A. — Confederation of Barbarian Warlords from the north, called The Vanderskeld, invade the northern and eastern provinces of Galedia.

249,200 P.A. — First sings of the plague known as “The Wasting” appear in Greyhold. Vanderskeld tribes are first effected.

249,190 P.A. — The Wasting spreads to Kaelinth.

249,180 P.A. — The Wasting reaches all the provinces of Galedia.

249,160 P.A. — The total count of dead from The Wasting reaches more than one million dead. More than half of the entire populace of the Galedian Empire. The last victim dies by midwinter of that year.

249,100 P.A. — Imperial Senate convenes to crown Emperor Dastrous of House Suel to the throne.

249,100-249,010 P.A. — Reign of Dastrous

249,009-248,950 P.A. — Reign of Lasitor I

248,948-248,890 P.A. — Reign of Lasitor II

248,886-248,821 P.A. — Reign of Veriddian

248,821-248,765 P.A. — Reign of Hubbartio

248,760-248,699 P.A.— Reign of Jakartian

248,694-248,610 P.A. — Reign of Blavacus

248,609-248,542 P.A. — Reign of Placidiuos

248,540-248,480 P.A. — Reign of Calzerian I

248,480-248,402 P.A. — Reign of Calzerian II

248,400-248,328 P.A. — Reign of Morogenic

248,320-248,269 P.A. — Reign of Erexalian

248,310 P.A. — Gorbulax rises once more to wreak havoc. It lays waste to Lanterum, but also travels northward away from the sea. The devastation leads all the way to the frozen north, beyond the lands under the control of the Vanderskeld.

248,281 P.A. — Erexalian leads a campaign to reclaim lands occupied by the Vanderskeld.

248,275 P.A. — Gorativux, chief warlord of the Vanderskeld surrenders to Galedian forces in the city of Jobrak…formerly Greyhold.

248,260-248,190 P.A. — Reign of Poloniac

248,188-248,121 P.A. — Reign of Tovulous

248,120-247,959 P.A. — Reign of Holstheim

247,951-247,878 P.A. — Reign of Carvikias

247,881 P.A. — Confederation of Wizards calling themselves “The Cabal of the Celestial Void” forms and declare the Imperial government illegal. They begin a guerrilla warfare campaign against the crown. They successfully assassinate emperor Carvikias three years after they begin.

247,876-247,792 P.A — Reign of Haanivalk

247,791-247,701 P.A. — Reign of Yobbicus the Noble

247,762 P.A. — Yobbicus grants noble titles to several distinguished Imperial citizens, forming a large base of lesser noble houses.

247,700-247,619 P.A. — Reign of Falverniux

247,617-247,535 P.A. — Reign of Helluvian

247,581 P.A. — Order of the Watch exposes and eliminates the leadership of the Celestial Void separatists. Remaining members go even deeper underground.

247,532-247,461 P.A. — Reign of Vasoodian

247,461-247,380 P.A. — Reign of Lorribio

247,379-247,310 P.A. — Reign of Calshar

247,309-247,247 P.A. — Reign of Gollubian

247,246-100,000 P.A. — Second Reign of Vroxis the Undying. He is finally convinced to surrender the throne by the Wizard Zurin and members of several noble houses. Once again, Vroxis steps down peacefully. His reign is marked as the most peaceful and prosperous period in Imperial history.

100,000 P.A. — Vroxis vanishes again, but his parting request is to coronate his only heir, Gavin Kelexor. Not a normally unusual occurrence. Save for the fact that Kelexor is only 13 years old.

99,997 P.A. — Gorbulax descends upon the empire once more, this time from the frozen north. Its rampage is even worse than the last. The young Emperor Kelexor, now 20, commissions a titanic construct be built. Within the year, The Adamantine Guardian is completed. Upon its dedication Kelexor demands to be left alone with the colossus.

The next morning, Kelexor is found catatonic at the feet of the massive construct. Once the chiurgeons and healers withdraw him, the colossus moves of its own accord. It sets out uncontrolled by the builders.

99,996 P.A. — The Adamantine Guardian remaining uncontrolled engages in battle with Gorbulax 2 miles south of Agragard. The battle lasts 3 full days before the Eye Tyrant is finally overcome. The colossus is irreparably damaged as well.

Once Gorbulax is brought down, the gigantic Golem ceases to function. At the same time, Kelexor awakens from his catatonia. He immediatly commands that 6 battle legions go to Agragard and completely render Gorbulax innefactive, but not to destroy it. They comply. After 2 weeks Kelexor has a private conversation with the World Destroyer.

After 3 days, Kelexor commands Gorbulax be taken to the northern-most border of the empire and be released.

From that point on, Emperor Kelexor’s sanity takes a downward spiral.

100,000-99,915 P.A. — Official Reign of Kelexor the Mad.

99,915 – 465 P.A.— Reigns of a litany of almost 2000 emperors all of the line of House Suel

Period known as the Vroxis Legacy.

10,000 P.A. — Warring descendants of Billaro, on the southern continent, turn to dark pacts to gain advantages over each other. The product of these pacts was the summoning forth of the infernal being known as Saav. Within a decade the Syrillian order dominates most of the continent.

465 P.A. — Vrikus Hortusian named emperor.

460 P.A. — Hortrusian’s Blood Purge begins.

450 P.A. — Hortrusian’s Blood Purge ends with the exile of the elven Enwrathed. Followed shortly thereafter by Hortrusian’s mysterious death.

450 P.A. — Ascension of Varinian Hortrusian. Order of Mystery captures the dreaded wizard Balkurse, and imprisons him in a demi-plane.

449 P.A. — Varinian Hortrusian is assassinated. His three younger brothers blame each other. The Galedian Empire officially separates.

449 P.A. – 5 P.A. — Bitter conflicts of petty nobles all vying for control of the former empire.

5 P.A. — Hortrusian is raised by recently returned Balkurse.

3 P.A. — Hortrusian’s Horde is defeated at The Battle of Lanterum.

0 A.E. — Ascension of Gabriel Archidiem to the throne. Reforming the old Galedian Empire into the Archidiemian Empire.

8 A.E. — Illithid invasion from the Travers. Lanterum destroyed by tidal wave.

10 A.E. — Illithids defeated, Southern and mysterious Western Continents discovered.

11 A.E. — War between the Archidiemian, and Syryllian Empires.

15 A.E. — Gabriel Archidiem vanquishes Saav. Shortly thereafter joins with ancient entity known as Hort’k Ahn, he then ascends to Godhood.

15 A.E. — Valerian Archidiem named Emperor following his father’s Apotheosis.

17 A.E. — Hundreds of thousands of spacefaring refugees, fleeing the Illithid wars come to Alluria. They settle primarily on the Northern Continent.

18 A.E. — Enwrathed Elf Mahrbrook, recently returned from Traverse, declares war on Archidiemian Empire.

18 A.E. – 30 A.E. — Conflict with the elves known as The War Among the Leaves.

15 A.E. – 30 A.E. — Also a period of Imperial exploration and colonization.

30 A.E. — The War Among the Leaves ends with surrender of Mahrbrook’s forces. However, the cost of the war, both in lives and money, is too great for the fledgling empire to withstand.

35 A.E. — Valerian Archdiem proclaims the dissolving of the empire. He appoints eleven Major Noble houses to be wardens of Imperial lands. They each in turn are given leave to appoint two minor noble houses to serve as vassals underneath them.

35 A.E. — Valerian Archidiem claims title as King of Redgulus. Ashur Valndrar claims title as King of Axion. Tinara Theriast claims title as Queen of Theriam.


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