Wiki Information

There’s a lot going up on the wiki in a relatively short amount of time. Navigating through it all can be a little confusing.

I’m trying to get as much information up about the game world as I can right now. I’ll worry about getting it organized a bit better, later on.

I’ve sifted through archived emails, message boards, and game notes that I have built up over the 8 years that this campaign world has existed/been running. Because of that, there is a great deal of canon for the world that I’m working hard at trying to get all in one place for everyone to access.

Despite everything I’ve managed to piece together, I’m sure there’s still quite a bit that I’m missing or may have forgotten about. That’s why this wiki is so useful. It allows the players to input/correct information that they may have separate from everything I have.

If you have anything you believe needs to be part of the game’s canon, feel free to make, update, or correct a page yourself. All I ask is that if you do, simply post a link to that update by going to the “Home” tab, clicking the link for News, and just typing a line containing the link, any notes about your update, and your name.

At any rate…enjoy. —Paul

Wiki Information

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