Sundered Schemes

02 Nov 2014 Session Narrative

02 Nov. 2014 Live Session Narrative

Arriving at Balcorran, we start negotiations to set up a meeting with Duke Voltaire to ask about the mask with the Aqua Stone.

So in the meantime, we venture into the city looking for a restful crystal so Maxon will be able to sleep in his armor…just in case.

After we get the crystal for Maxon, we return to the Voltaire House.

Outside the House’s gate, we notice the Voltaire’s house archivist, Bangor chastising the groundskeepers-to-be by using the lookout plants which have purple leaves with black ridges.

The Archivist notices us, and we request an audience with the Duke. The Archivist notifies us that the Duke has an opening after dinner…after the 6pm hour.

The Duke has accepted us, and we begin discussing the mask with the missing jewel. We informed him that the mask was in the manifest, but not the jewel. We also informed him the Ogre named Rawhead, the one who sacked Balcorran was killed by the bannerman Morast Vane.

After the meeting, we return the Cammorine estate to find out the he and Prince Archidiem have left for Jobrak.

The following morning we pack up and head for the Lodge, about 2 ½ week journey with a very experienced Tiefling guide/tracker.

When we arrive, the original lodge is gone, but there is a Keep being built. Maxon was able to notice what looks like heads on pikes along the edge of the palisades with obvious signs of battle by Orks, Elves and Humans.

Also noticed, inside the palisades, there are 8 figures hanging by their wrists over a pit.

Once we entered the tent, we did notice that this was an extra-dimensional space and there was a very attractive female devil sent to escort us to see Morast Vane.

We are now before Morast Vane in a very ornate room. Since we have taken care of the Paladin Eater, we might be able to take care of his small undead problem. The Keep seems to be in the middle of a path from the NE to the SW of undead and we are to find out where they are coming from or where they are going and stop them.

After accepting, we figure out that we need to head out for the two week journey to the Idalad Estate. Along the way Raul will bless 2 flasks of water a day…just in case.
But, before we left, we were asked if we require anything by a Tiefling named Alabaxus. Sprocket picked up a compass and a hooded lantern.

On the second day, there is a pile of dead undead. As we entered the area, the ground formed up into a humanoid form. A Grave Dirt Golem. After figuring out that slashing and piercing weapons were not getting the job done, Sprocket used it’s body to bludgeon the Golem.

After cleaning ourselves off, we continue to the Idalad Estate.

When we arrived, Lady Idalad was very contemptuous of us and was either unaware or unconcerned about the undead on her land.

So we left.

Back out on the road, we began our one week journey to Cartway.

When we arrive at Cartway, there seems to be a large, town party for girls in becoming women, a cotillion.


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