Sundered Schemes

10 December 2017 Session Narrative.

10 December 2017 Session Narrative.

While in Lanterum, the party discusses our options going forward. We can get the Water Rod that is on the Leviathan. We can head north to follow the vampire. Since we know she is in Lanterum, we can tie up the loose end with the Green Lady. We can fulfill the final request by the lady to be buried at the Citadel on the Eastern Continent. We can go after the Wind Stone in Haymish’s possession.

We decided to follow up on the location of the Wind Stone and headed off to the Entertainment District to speak with Constable Haymish. He suggests we post a reward for any information on the location of the ‘Air Bending Cop.’ There wasn’t new information on the Wind Stone.

Islay at HQ bought the chili shop downstairs…and he now owns the whole building. He heads out to the Market District to buy some Cobra Peppers and lesser peppers for the chili and a chief for the shop as well.

At the HQ, a House Idald representative arrives with information about a sensitive venture in the free territory of Proust. This venture is to find the location of Rawhide, the creature that attacked Balcorran a couple of years ago. When we arrive at the Idald estate, we are to ask for Farragut.

The secretary to print out flyers for a chili cook-off and the top prize is to be the Head Chief of Islay’s new chili shop.

On our way the Idald estate, we passed the carriages of lesser houses as Farragut lets us in…and by the look of things, the estate was opened about a day ago. As Farragut leads us to the main hall, there is a large table with chairs around it, in no real order. The task before us is to find the origins of Rawhide. Emmit will travel with us to be head of security. We asked Farragut…but he declined.

After leaving the Idald estate, we made our way to Fortroy estate to bring him up to speed on our new mission. And after requesting, Andholm wrote a blank check to be cashed at the Bank of Hammerstrike.

Our travels to Jobrack went without incident and as we approached the Tower, there is a large amount of foot traffic in and out of the city. After paying 3gp/day for a berth the Untied Merchant’s Guild (UMG) has guides to show us around the city.

Looking for a place to stay, the guide leads us to the Grey Naga and we book most of the fourth floor.

Raul heads to the southern part of the city where the temples are, and after about an hour, he comes up to the Fharlanghn temple…which looks very well maintained. At the Cuthbertian temple, there are two justicators outside and only clerics and lay-people inside. There’s also no archivist, but there is one that is contracted to fill the role. There is a political coup in the north by Axion in the town of Madunk where there are signs of Vanderscaled returning.

Sprocket went out to investigate on it’s own and found a group of Warforged and was pointed in the direction of Vegreb, the last place that was destroyed by Rawhide.

When the rest of the party returns to the Grey Naga, we hired a local teen, Figit as guide to Vegreb.

Arriving at Vegreb, the guard at the gate, Billin, points us about a mile and a half to the northwest where the last time Rawhide was seen.

After getting to the area, the path into the woods ends at a large crater. It looks like there has been a large forest fire…perhaps due to the impact and a number of corpses on the ground. There are two amulets in a clenched fist of a skullard with a tree growing over it.

A goblin emerges from the tree line, and Islay throws a rock, killing the creature.

Arrows begin to fly.


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