Sundered Schemes

25 June 2017 Session Narrative

25 June 2017 Session Narrative

After the fight with the Lizardfolk..the sphere from the beach arrives and deposits Raul. He is very calm and relaxed from his time with the sphere.

On the outside of the temple, appears to be covered in religious iconography of mostly of water elements, but some fire. There are also features that look like rain gutters, but instead of directing water away from, they look like they direct the rainwater into the temple.

At the front door to the temple, it is trapped…and locked. But the key looks like to be in the shape of the Water Stone.

After placing the Water Stone in the keyhole, the door unlocks and, slowly, began to open. As the door opens wide enough, the blast of moist, compost-smelling air come out of the temple.

Vera collapses to the ground.

To the south and west, there is the war canoe that was used by the other Lizardfolk, who looked like they were to use the canoe, but ran into the jungle to be away from Rasp’s drums.

The war canoe looks like it was designed to hide things and it was seen some action. Inside the hidie-holes there are three potions of cure light wounds, arrows and Masterwork longbow. Maxon, Islay and Bilarro have taken to disabling the canoe by removing the oars, sails and rudder.

As the group enters the temple, there are obvious pressure-plate traps in the floor. The traps, once tripped, spray a stream on acid. Bilarro attempted to wedge something in the gap between the pressure plate and the surrounding stone, and was unsuccessful due to the gap being too tight. After noticing how obvious the traps are, they were designed to keep something in, instead of keeping others out.

At the end of the hallway, there is a large cistern at the center of a ~40’ diameter shaft. The shaft looks like it runs the whole height of the center of the temple and it quite far down into the earth.

After a stone that light was cast on it was dropped and lost in the darkness, Sprocket detaches it’s quadrupedal scout to scout down the cistern.

After about a two hour round trip, the scout returned. What it recorded was mostly it’s trip down the cistern. After fast-forwarding through the recorded, it saw a large basin with sconces on the wall, unlit and passageways going east and west.

At this point, it is getting dark out and the group sets up camp.

Rasp knowing he is out of his element states he will stay back and keep an eye on the camp. He was only tasked to return the Water Stone…not partake in the trials to determine if we are worthy in holding the Stone.

Over the night, nothing happens except for another storm approaches.

Entering the temple, as the rain run into the cistern, there is a distinct sound of screech coming up front he bottom.

By dawn, the rain stops.

The plan for getting down the cistern is to have Sprocket and Raul enter the Bag Of Holding to carried by one of the others who can Feather Fall or Fly to the bottom…before Raul suffocates.

It took about seven minutes to get to the bottom of the ~1000’ cistern shaft.

Once at the bottom, for the lack of a better way to go, the group heads east.

After walking about three miles, there is another cistern shaft in the ceiling and the water is much shallower.

Another mile, another cistern shaft. This time Maxon and Vera walk up cistern walls and Islay flies to the top. Once up there, the only thing to notice there is only a large metal grate covering over the cistern opening.

It starts to rain and on the way down, Islay informs Maxon and Vera there isn’t anything up there and it started raining.

Islay, Maxon and Vera makes it to the bottom before the walls become to difficult to climb.

Without being able to go any further east, the group returns to our starting point.

After getting there, the group heads down the west passageway to the next cistern shaft and then rests.

About few hours into the rest, three Chuuls attack.

After the fight, the group walks another mile, or so to a very large cavern, ~600 yds wide. The water is very deep and has a steep drop off and it looks like this is the point of collection for the rain water.

The plan is to have everyone get into the bag Of Holding and Islay can fly to the other side where there is a platform and a door.

When everyone extracted themselves out of the Bag, the door looks similar to the one at the entrance to the temple…but the key is different. It looks like the Water Stone, but the facets are different. It does look like the gem used to detect a mind leech. After…modifying the gem, it fits and opens the door.

Inside, their are lit balefire torches and, what looks like, 6 dozen sarcophagus lining each side of the hallway ending at a balefire brazier.


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