Sundered Schemes

12 November 2017 Session Narrative.

12 November 2017 Session Narrative.

In the morning, everyone arrive at the Blades headquarters just as Venchiea arrives with coffee for everyone.

About an hour later there is a knock on the front door. As the door opens, there is a guy holding an employment flyer for H.I.L.T. He introduces himself as Marcus Shelm. Islay, after a bit, recognizes him. Marcus apparently ran with Islay and someone named Darr in the past.

Once we interviewed Marcus, he accepted the job. As he left Andholm arrived and made our way to Low Port. On the way, something seems a bit off with Andholm but we couldn’t put our finger on it.

Arriving in Low Port, Sprocket, Maxon and Andholm enter the Custom’s House. The explosion onboard the ship docked might have been committed by a gang associated with the Red Queen. Looking at the Bill of Lading for the Capstan, it shows she was carrying cannon castings.

Vera and Raul make their way to the Salty Lichen, the place where the remainder of the crew of the Capstan was last seen. After asking around, the sole survivor was taken to the Fharlanghn temple.

Bilarro and Islay at the docks, Islay helped in righting the ship that was moored next to the Capstan and Bilarro was talking to a Tiefling, both ended up with no new information on what happened. But, nobles have access to custom records, but something about House Vortal and Deluc Ventures was mentioned.

At the Fharlanghn temple, the last thing the survivor remembers is Lord Hugo to out crew before the voyage and about a dozen half orcs attacking the ship.

Isaly, searching the castings, he found some burial instructions that this casting is to be buried at the Citadel. Inside the casting, there is a body that should be more decomposed than it is. We decided to have the body delivered to Entertainment District Customs House from Blackstone Prison, and tagged as ‘Case Study, Ent-Dist.’

The next day, Haymich received the delivery from Blackstone.

The party made their way to House Vortal. Asking for an audience with Lord Hugo Vortal, the Chamberlain, James Vortal greets us. James speculated the body might be of Camille Deluc.

Andholm and Islay went to a restaurant, and, come to find out the Green Lady was possessing Andholm and now is free in Lanterum.


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